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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Written by  Shotgunnova

4.1: Assorted Sidequesting

After some scenes, the party will be able to use the Invincible as their own airship, which navigates the same way as before. It can also land on any type of normal terrain (i.e. not forests, mountains, etc.). Now, before you go to the Iifa Tree, there's a bunch of optional stuff you can still do to give yourself an edge. Skip ahead to the next chapter if you don't care, but read on if you want endgame sidequests.

Upgraded Shops

The following shops will have upgraded wares for your perusal.
  • Black Mage Village (Weapons)
  • Black Mage Village (Synth Shop)
  • Black Mage Village (Item Shop)
  • Daguerreo (Weapons

Excalibur Sidequest

Now that it's disc four, you can get one of Steiner's swords (his third-best) that teaches the Climhazzard skill. Here's what you do:
  1. Jetset to Daguerreo and talk to the old man by the third-floor inn. He talks about wanting to see a "Magical Fingertip" item before he dies, and will give you something good in return.
  2. Go to Treno and buy δUne's Mirror, δDoga's Artifact, δRat Tail, and δGriffin's Heart. Sell them to the fat nobleman (by synth shop entrance), adventurer (by synth shop entrance), or scholar (in synth shop) for a profit, if you hold out.
  3. The δMagical Fingertip should now be available in the auction. Expect to pay about 55,000g for the thing.
  4. Take it to that old man and redeem it for an δExcalibur! Naturally, it isn't as good as the δRagnarok you get in the Chocobo Hot & Cold sidequest, but it's a lot easier to get.

Stellazio Coin Collecting

Now that it's disc four, this quest can finally be brought to a close. If you've been following along at home, there's only one more to find: δPisces, and it can be found aboard the Invincible, in a chest.

After delivering all twelve coins - see our miniguide to review the locations and rewards if you've missed any - talk to Queen Stella again and confirm her fears that there's a thirteenth coin. She will hand over the twelve you've given her and bid you to find the last. There aren't any clues to point to the final location, so turn on spoilers if you'd like to know. Haul all the stuff back to Queenie to get the δHammer as your final reward.

Zidane's Ultimate Weapon

Take an Ocean chocobo (or better) to where the Shimmering Island used to be, and use a δDead Pepper in the middle. You should bring up to the surface 10 δAquamarine, 1 δUltima Weapon, 1 δMaximillian, and 1 ♥Invincible card!

Beachcomber Restore

After finding all chocographs, digging up all mountain-crack treasures and digging up all underwater treasures (including δUltima Weapon), return to Chocobo's Paradise. Talk to Fat Chocobo and receive a ♥Fat Chocobo, and after some funny scenes with Mene, go back and challenge fatty to a card game. He will talk about visiting the world's beaches and how he will restore everyone if they visit them all. See the chocobo guide on how to do this.

Knight House Fight Club

This time around in Treno's equipment shop, there's a Behemoth to be had. The easy way out is to just use δSargatanas with the Soul Blade ability and petrify the dang thing - it does have the ability to counter with 'Meteor,' after all. For winning you obtain a δCirclet! Not sure what we're talking about here? Check out more information on Knight House.

Thanks for Everything!

After much traveling, Stiltzkin will finally return to Alexandria's church and stay. Buy his last δMoonstone / δRuby / δElixir package for 5555g and talk to him again. You will get a δRibbon if you've bought everything at every point.

Helping Mognet Central

An ocean chocobo is needed to finish this, too, by the way.

You will have noticed that this delivery organization has been in a big slump recently, to such a degree that no one's really giving you anything to take around. But, where is this place? It's actually on that talon-shaped island north of the Outer Continent… but that doesn't matter at the moment. Fly to Alexandria and talk to Kupo to start up a chain delivery system, which is detailed in our Moogle Guide.

Deliver Kupo's letter to learn that δSuperslick is needed to fix the Mognet Central machine, and that someone in Alexandria's got it! Talk to Ruby to get the key item δSuperslick. Now that you have it, take your ocean choco to that talon-shaped island I mentioned above and use a δDead Pepper to open the crack there. Talk to Artemecion and give him the stuff; everything will be made right again! A δProtect Ring is the final reward for this wandering quest.

The "Nero Brothers" Family Finding Fun Time

The most recently (re)discovered sidequest in Final Fantasy IX, you can now start digging around for Zenero and Benero's family. Check out their page for the full details.


The game's super-hard murdering tool of a boss. Ozma can be fought now, or rather has been available ever since Chocobo's Air Garden was opened, if you've done so. Ozma gets its own guide, you'll need it.

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