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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Written by  Shotgunnova

1.1: The Prima Vista Visits Alexandria

Enemies: Masked Man

Treasures: δPotion x7, δEther, δEye Drops, δTent, δPhoenix Pinion, δRemedy, ♥Flan, ♥Ironite, ♥Bomb, ♥Fang x3, ♥Lizard Man, ♥Goblin x2, ♥Skeleton, ♥Zombie, ♥Sahagin, 341 Gil

Once the opening credits have passed, a character aboard a huge ship sailing a sea of mist will go belowdecks and into a dark room. When you can move him around, search the northern confines of the room for 47 gil and a δPotion. Light the candle after the looting's done to name the prehensile-tailed man. A small boss fight ensues when Zidane's colleagues emerge from behind a door.

Masked Man
Masked Man
Boss Monster
Can't Flee
Magic Atk.
Mag. Def.
Mag. Evade
Eaten Magic
Stolen Items
Dropped Items
Dropped Card
Slot 1: δPotion
Slot 2: δWrist
Slot 3: δMage Masher
Elemental Absorb
Elemental Immunities
Elemental Resistence
Elemental Weakness
Status Immunity
Petrify, Venom, Virus, Silence, Blind, Trouble, Zombie, Confuse, Berserk, Stop, Auto-Life, Trance, Defend, Poison, Sleep, Regen, Haste, Slow, Float, Shell, Protect, Heat, Freeze, Vanish, Doom, Mini, Reflect, Gradual Petrify

Afterwards, everyone rushes into the next room while the un-Masked Man Baku, who is the ringleader for the thieves, goes over the plan. Answer "That's when I kidnap Princess Garnet, right?" to change the view over to a new character, only addressed as "??????" at the moment. Right off the bat, there's a ton of items to search out.

After the mysterious "??????" kid is given his ticket back, head south from the side-street into a statue's screen. Move the kid towards you (the player) and look by the green object in the southwest corner - it's a ♥Zombie card. Take a look behind the statue as well, to find a δPotion. Now, head as far away from you (the player) so that the mysterious boy is obscured by the statue. There's a ♥Lizard Man card to find on some doorstep, and the ♥Sahagin card by another doorstep nearby. You can't leave town, so return to the previous street.

Get the δPotion left of where you enter, under the house's eaves, and enter the house on the right where an old woman is using a spindle. Check the ground floor for another δPotion, then, climb up the ladder. A ♥Fang card can be found in the bureau up there, and 9 gil near the bed on the ground floor. Exit onto the street again.

A "Rat Kid" will bump into you and leave again - follow him north, getting another δPotion by a barrel of apples. Watch the nobles advance down the street and check the foreground's grass for 33 gil and a ♥Goblin card. Enter the bar when done. Check around the stools for another δPotion, a ♥Flan card, and 27 gil. Down the street, there's a shop still open if you want to check it out. Even if you don't want to buy anything, there's a 38 gil deposit on the floor. Back on the street, enter the main square.

To the east is two doors, where the synthesis shop is closed now - there's a nice δEther on the floorboards, and a δRemedy next door in the weapons shop (also closed) counter-side. Exit back outside, and go to the top of the screen (north) and find the δPhoenix Pinion by the wagon wheel. You can do a Ironite, ♥Fang, and ♥Goblin cards (poor hippo-face!). While you're here, raid Ilia's house next door where there are δEye Drops and 3 gil - she can't be in the house to get for the latter one, though.

Also, in the church, there is a δTent and δPotion by the fence; be sure to get those. Talk to the NPC Tom by the church to learn his cat's gone missing; you can find it in the statue entrance to town. Return to him and he will fork over a ♥Bomb card for your altruism.

Finally, when you're done walking around, go to the ticketmaster booth in the town square. Show him your ticket and he will give you a ♥Goblin, ♥Fang, and ♥Skeleton card. Enter the alleyway by the church to find the rat kid again; agree to be his slave to see the night's play. He will ask "??????" to stand guard - say it's all clear and Ratty will steal the signmaker's ladder. A four-armed man walks into the alley at this point. As he moves through the alley, he will bump into Ratty and simultaneously steal gil from you. If you talk to him, however, ask him if he's Alleyway Jack; you can then learn the Tetra Master tutorial from him in the bar. When done, follow the rat kid to the church.

Try to climb up to the belltower and a moogle named Kupo will fall on the mysterious kid. Moogles can save the game and will ask you to deliver mail if you inquire about the 'Mognet' option, which you should do. Accept the invitation to deliver the first letter from Kupo to Monty and climb up the ladder, giving access to the Alexandrian rooftops.

After crossing the second rooftop, get the 29 gil in the chimney nearby and follow north to where ratso is. He will ask the kid's name, and you can dub this character at last; he will also give his own name, which is Puck.

Once Puck scoots out of the way, enter the open-roofed house and follow the walkways to another chimney with 63 gil within. North of that open-roofed house is a 92 gil-stuffed chimney. Follow to Puck and the view will change to the play. Whew, that long stretch is out of the way.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IX
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