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Restores 150 MP. The effect decreases if used in the field.
Found: Alexandria, Alexandria Castle (0-49 Amusement Reward), Evil Forest, Ice Cavern, Dali, Lindblum, Burmecia, Quan's Dwelling, Treno, Cleyra Trunk, Cleyra Settlement, Lindblum (Disc 2), Fossil Roo, Black Mage Village, Iifa Tree, Alexandria (Disc 3), Mt. Gulug, Conde Petie, Stiltzkin (Cleyra Settlement), Stiltzkin (Fossil Roo), Stiltzkin (Conde Petie), Stiltzkin (Bran Bal),
Synthesize From: Memoria (Hades', Disc 4)
Win from: Various Enemies
Steal From: Various Enemies
Synthesis Price: 500 + δEcho Screen + δVaccine
Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IX
Version 6
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