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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Written by  Shotgunnova

3.5: The Open Seas

Avast, the waves are your highway and you've got a plethora of extraneous junk you can do now. This chapter is comprised entirely of optional quests, so read through and take your pick (or take no pick) before progressing with the story in the next walkthrough chapter. I will recap some of the previous things that are now available once again, as well as a few new stops.

Update: Blue Magic

There're a boatload of good blue magics you can get now. Here are the recommended ones:
Enemy to Eat
Blue Magic Learned
Lanar Island (where the third Qu's Marsh is)
Lanar Island (where the third Qu's Marsh is)
Lost Continent (Mitmakis Ice Field)
Lanar Island (where the third Qu's Marsh is)
Eastern beaches of the Outer Continent
Iifa Tree

Update: Qu's Marsh Frog Catching

There is one Qu's Marsh on the Mist Continent, one on the Outer Continent, and a third on an island far, far away. See the western continent you've never been to, and that long north/south stretching island on its southwest side? There's a little teardrop-shaped island a little south of there that has a black spot on it - that's Lanar Island, where the third Qu's Marsh is. All three places will have revitalized their frog populations, so reaping 'em now is a good idea. If you catch 33, you can at least get the δBistro Fork with its sixty-eight attack power.

New: Esto Gaza

On the Lost Continent (the large northwest island), land on the southern beach by the chocobo tracks and head south/west to the manmade spiral-shaped object. Just inside the terrace, take a right into the shop area. And, behind the counter, find the Throw-able δWing Edge item for Amarant. This is the last chance you will ever have to get a δMythril Sword for Steiner; it teaches Armor Break, remember?

New: Alexandria Revisited

To get back into the castle, go to the northeast side of the Mist Continent and disembark in the harbor (marked on map). Take the statue up to the dock and you will be able to re-enter town. By the castle gondola, get the δOpal and δPeridot by the left side and behind the fountain, respectively. There's a δSapphire near the rubble blocking the main entrance, too.

At the townside dock, you will find 4832 gil and a δTopaz are lying by the broken guard platforms. Go to the square, now. The equipment shop entrance has 365 gil laying on its doorstep, and a δRemedy's nestled near the southern gate. An δAmethyst is also by said gate, on the left side. Both the equipment shop and synthesis shop are dust, now; however, the synthesist can still be found in the mini-theater's alley. South of there, between the church and Ilia's house, there is a δTent to be found. A little girl running around the town square will also give an ♥Alexandria to you. South of there, in the area with a cook banging nails with a pan, there's an δEther near the blocked-out door entrance.

In the alley south of the ex-item shop, pick up a δSapphire near where Ilia's grandma used to live. Nothing else here, as the entrance plaza's been made into gravel. Exit at leisure! Remember that the δLeo can still be obtained in the castle-side Neptune Room!

Update: Chocobo Hot & Cold

If you enter the forest, Mene will say he found another place to dig up some chocographs - in fact, this is the place you will have to go if you've dug up all the ones on the first disc. The island he's talking about is 'Palmnell,' in the southern sea - you will need the reef ability granted by the Healing Shore chocograph before you can get to it, however. Luckily, speaking with Mene marks the location on the map. Land on the island just west of it, though: it's got the tracks. Follow the reef north to the western continent, then back down to the lagoon. Whew.

You will need the Ocean ability to play the entire map, so Mene only charges 30 gil for a half-minute. Points and bonuses are double their worth in the forest, but the 'damage' you do to the ground is divided by two (rounded up). So, at level 26, you will be doing 13 per peck. Here are the chocographs that can be dug up at this location at the current point in time:Once those four are dug up, Mene suggests going to dig up chocographs or returning to the forest. If you depleted the forest supply, it will stay that way until you get the mountain ability, at which time the following can be dug up (as well as δDead Peppers, now):Once the Ocean ability is obtained (from Green Plains), the following can be obtained from the lagoon:

Update: Chocograph Locations

As described above, there are some new treasures to be found at locations that were previously not accessible. Here they are!

New: Chocobo Dive Spots

Once you get the Ocean ability, the entire world (besides Forgotten Cont.) is your oyster! You may have noticed clusters of bubbles around in a few select locations. Well, with the mountain ability, δDead Peppers can be dug up in the forest/lagoon and these let Choco dive under the water and, guess what? There are treasure chests down there, too!

New: Cracks in the Mountain

Those δDead Peppers have different uses, you know - they can also blast open a few holes in mountainsides. There are only a few of these, and you can't do all of them currently, unlike with the dive spots.

New: Various Gates

With a mountain chocobo, you can have access to every point on the Mist Continent. There are a few 'gates' you can get to and loot for some items. Don't put it off, because they won't be available on the last disc. First, there is South Gate - Bohden Gate (mountainside by Chocobo's Forest). Inside, get the δMultina Racket and the ♥Elixir on top of a wagon. Then, South Gate - lower elevation one by Evil Forest. Here, there are two δElixirs to be found and 3206 gil. Mosco's here, now, too.

Update: Treno Auction House

If you return on a mountain chocobo, you will find that two new items are up for grabs: the δPromist Ring and the δThief Gloves. The former teaches Restore HP, Absorb MP, and Mag Elem Null; the latter teaches Zidane Master Thief, which lets him steal an enemy's best items first. You will be glad you got that one.

Bryan Rootrunner's Card

If you caught a mountain oglop on the Conde Petie mountain path, and didn't add it into the soup (not sure about this part), talk to Bryan back in the dwarf village - he's by the shop - and exchange it for an ♥Oglop.

Mognet Central

With an ocean chocobo in tow, head to the talon-shaped island north of the Outer Continent (Cazedil Plains). There's a mountain crack there, and this place is behind it. There's nothing to do there right now, but I thought I'd mention it. To learn more about Mognet Central and its sidequest, you can see our All About Moogles page.

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