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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Written by  Shotgunnova

3.4: A Salve for Cid

Treasures: δElixir x2, δRemedy x2, δBeautiful Potion, δStrange Potion, δUnusual Potion, δChimera Armlet, δEgoist's Armlet, δSagittarius, δLapis Lazuli, 1273 Gil, 4826 Gil, 970 Gil

When Zidane wakes up in the castle's guestroom, get the δEgoist's Armlet and δElixir nearby. Mogki is here, and he has a letter for Moodon, too. Talk to Blank and Zidane will leave. Take the elevator down to Dragon's Gate and find the hidden δRemedy by the station's blind spot; there's even a δChimera Armlet at the Serpent's Gate station. When ready, go to the upper-level telescope and see Dagger; then, it's off to the regent's chambers - talk to the door guard to gain entrance.

Cid gives a few details, a few ATEs play, and then it's back to the castle guestroom. Doctor Tot tells of an anodyne to change the regent back to his normal form… hopefully. It involves three potions, and Zidane volunteers to catch them all.

Beautiful Potion: The first is in the business district, we will say. Remember to give Moodon at the inn his letter, and in the pickle plaza, look on the left side of the reconstruction for a δSagittarius! In Card Freak Gon's house, go and get the δElixir and δRemedy chests. In the shop square, talk to Alice about the potion and she will donate the δBeautiful Potion to you!

Strange Potion: Enter the artist's studio and get the [addon]link::Lapis Lazuli[/item], then inquire about the potions. He's never heard of them, but he's got one just the same - check the corner by the stairbottom for the δStrange Potion. Get an δOre chest before leaving.

Unusual Potion: Down at the Tantalus Hideout, Cinna will automatically donate the δUnusual Potion to Zidane's good cause. Make sure to get the 1273 gil, 970 gil, and 4826 gil items in the hideout proper!

Return to Cid's throne room and see how the salve turns out. He will want his wife back to help him with his problem, so he will commission his shipwright to get a boat in order for everyone. Vivi suggests going to the black mages' village to check things out. Serpent's Gate, on the base level, is the new destination. Get on the boat (Blue Narciss) to be able to move around the map on your own. Before I forget, Lindblum's synth shop is upgraded to what it was in Alexandria and Dragoos' weapon shop, which has a few new hats and stuff, now carries items (including δMagic Tags).

Regent Cid will be on the deck and can change party lineups, so don't forget about it if you need to switch someone out. Besides that, the boat can only land at beaches and the occasional harbor, in Lindblum and Alexandria. If you need control tips, check the Buttons page.

Note: Dagger will get "can't concentrate" messages in battle from now on, meaning the commands she inputs will not reconcile. This doesn't always occur but I highly suggest using Eiko instead of her (which I'd do anyway, but this really makes it a better choice).

There's a whole bunch of sidequest stuff to do now, so I will just put it in a separate section. Skip ahead if you don't care, although I suggest reading it in case you get slighted later on… And there is a lot of stuff you can do, resulting in some nice equipment.

Next stop: Black Mage Village! Maybe! See next chapter for details!

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IX
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