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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Written by  Shotgunnova

3.14: Terra

Enemies: Mover, Hecteyes, Ring Leader

Treasures: δElixir x3, δRemedy, δCoronet, δMinerva's Plate, δMythril Racket, δDemon's Vest, δDragon Wrist, δFlash Hat, δWing Edge, δAngel Earrings

After organizing the party, head down the hilltop. Take the left stairs down to a fractured stepping-stone path, leading to a δCoronet. Further up the way is a δDragon Wrist. Return to the main road.

Up the path, get the δElixir and follow the girl. When you get to some ledges with spiderweb-like ladders, climb down twice for a δRemedy. Then, climb back up and jump to the δMythril Racket chest. Climb down to where the girl's standing and get a δDemon's Vest. Continue following the girl to a blue bridge spanning north.

You will notice a chest tucked below a natural formation with no way to access, seemingly. When you go up the first stair, keep running left and you can wind down to the item, which is a δMinerva's Plate.

Note: You will not have a chance to equip everyone before the next set of boss fights, which are consecutive. Specifics on how to avert some of the danger ahead are in our spoiler page, so turn them on to learn more.

Continue up the stairway to see a few more scenes, and then the party will change again for a bit. Reformat the party to suit. That weird green light/door at the top of the stairs can't be opened currently, either - we will come back for it later.

Descend to the left and take the hidden path beneath the stairs, leading to a δFlash Hat. Backtrack two screens and take the northern door to find a bunch of monkey-tails gazing at a crystalline object. There's a downward path that leads to a lab where an δElixir can be found. Upstairs, exit southeast to the street and take the only door nearby. Open the δWing Edge chest and help Moorock out of the wicker basket. Collect a letter from Moorock for Mozme and look at the nice mogshop.

Optional: Stiltzkin's Steals

It's a δDiamond, δEther, and δElixir for 2222 Gil this time. If he has not shown up by Moorock, re-enter the room. More

To continue with the story, enter the inn on the west end to let Dagger get some shuteye. When Eiko tells Zidane about the girl who wants to meet him in the laboratory nearby, re-enter the inn for the δElixir chest. Freya will let him rest, too. Outside the inn, make sure to get an δAngel Earrings equip by the waterfront (is that water?).

Enter the downstairs lab north of the inn to find the girl, then visit the crystal room to make the point of view switch to Eiko. You can watch the ATEs in order and collect party members in the places shown, or you can simply go up to the green light by the town entrance. Either way, find the strange girl beyond the light to shift the scenes to Zidane.

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