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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Written by  Shotgunnova

2.8: Lindblum Revisited

Treasures: ♥Lindblum, δPhoenix Pinion, δEther, δWorld Map, δBandana, 3000 Gil, 340 Gil, 993 Gil, 262 Gil

Vivi will be out of the party and hiding for the moment, so it's just Zidane and Dagger. Head to the shop plaza to run into Artania, who will commence some scenes with the regent. He dispenses some wisdom: the weaponry provided to Brahne is being supplied by someone on the Outer Continent. Apparently the only way is through a disused, clandestine tunnel by a nearby swamp… obviously. Cid hands over 3000 gil for expenses and sends everyone on their way.

The item shop now sells δAnnoyntments, while Dragoos' shop has stocked every new item up to this point, so you can play catchup. The synthesis shop is where you should head, however, since it's got the best equipment… if you can spare some of your old stuff. Buy the δBarette since it teaches Dagger Cura, and the δExploda for Zidane. And don't forget to shop for Vivi, too!

Here's what can be obtained now that Lindblum's been changed:

Business District
  • In the inn, get a new letter, from Moodon to Moonte.
  • By the blocked-off entrance to the church alley, a ♥Lindblum lies.
  • Card Freak Gon's house has an δEther and δPhoenix Pinion.
Theater District
  • Talk to Lowell about working in Ruby's theater. You may have to talk to Moodon in the Business District inn to do this!
  • Get the 340 gil, 993 gil, and 262 Gil chests from the Tantalus hideout.
  • There's an δOre chest in the artist's studio. I only make a note of it since so many people think it's "new" when it's available on Disc 1.
When you're ready to leave, talk to the man near the B. District's fountain plaza to continue with the story. At the base-level station, Vivi joins up and Cid gives everyone a δWorld Map key item. Once at Dragon's Gate, deliver the letter you just got. The pirate-looking merchant's stuck around, too, and sells some items and equipment. They're really coddling the player… Anyway, search in the background's corner near the end of the rail for a δBandana.

Exit onto the world map, pronto.

Optional: Chocobo Hot & Cold

There are no new ones to dig up, if you dug up the max on the previous disc, but since you're going to a new continent soon, it's recommended to go and find any chocographs leftover on this one before you hit the road. More

Optional: Moguta the Kupo Nut Fiend

You should still have a Kupo Nut you got from Monev way back when (or perhaps another from a different delivery?), so it's time to deliver the junk to Moguta. The reward this time around is another random item. More

Put your sights on Qu's Marsh after taking care of business outside the area, and find Quina again at the pond. If you haven't gotten Quina now, for some weird reason, his/her optional status has been voided - time to collect! S/he will have all the equipment from before, if you had him/her while at Cleyra. As with the chocographs, do some frog-catching here if you haven't yet maxed it out, since there will be a whole new marsh later with more munchies.

Talk of a hidden road doesn't arouse any memories in Quale, although he does say that the tall brush could be hiding something (NOTE: it's not mandatory to talk to him) in its depths. Exit right of his house with Quina in your party to see a scene where s/he uncovers the site.

Go deeper inside…

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IX
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