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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Written by  Shotgunnova

2.4: Cleyra Trunk

Enemies: Sand Golem, Core, Zuu, Dragonfly, Carrion Worm, Sand Scorpion

Treasures: δPhoenix Down, δEther, δRemedy, δElixir, δPotion, δHi-Potion, δGysahl Greens, δKupo Nut, δMagician Shoes, δDesert Boots, δIce Staff, δNeedle Fork, δFlame Staff, δMythril Gloves, δMythril Vest, 900 Gil

Optional: Blue Magic

Enemy to Eat
Blue Magic Learned
White Wind (heals all allies)
Matra Magic (May reduce single enemy's HP to 1)
Auto-Life (revives user automatically upon KO status)
If you run into Sand Golems, cast Blizzara on the 'Core' to kill it easily; if you attack the main body, it will counter you!

At the first locked door, hit the stair-side lever to open it. Beyond, claim the δPhoenix Down chest and keep heading up to the spacious sand room. Open the half-hidden δMagician Shoes chest in the south; in the north, half-hidden by the tree, get the δIce Staff. Exit in the lit-up doorway to the east when done collecting.

On the trunk exterior, ignore the vine leading up and take the gnarled incline path. Pop open the δEther chest and inspect, then examine the hole at the trunk's base nearby. This allows sand to cascade below, generating a path to walk on but preventing that δIce Staff from being obtained. Go back to the vine from before and climb up to the floor's new elevation. You will also see two chests up on an overhang - you can't get those now, but it's possible through a few later events.

In the adjacent area, get the δNeedle Fork at the sandfall's base and go up to the path by Monev for a δTent. Deliver his letter to get a δKupo Nut, but he won't have anything outgoing. You are not able to go back and deliver this to Moguta currently, however. Don't worry, though - if you're following this guide you needn't worry about maxing out.

North of Monev's abode, get the δFlame Staff by the offshoot path and cross the bridge nearby that leads to a tunnel complex. A small path to the east contains a δRemedy. In that first room, there is a chest containing δDesert Boots hidden behind a root. In that same room, a bit northwest, there is a δMythril Vest to be found. Exit into the background when done.

This route leads to a δMythril Gloves chest, and even further past that, at the dead end, is a lever. Knock it loose to cut a sandflow's source nearby, leaving a chest ripe for reaping. Once you've done so, double back to the first room in the cave complex and take the left passage you've ignored thus far.

Rob the δPotion chest and go up the incline path to the chest you saved from drowning in the sand - an δElixir. Backtrack a room and enter the leftmost passage once again. There should be a room with a bunch of whirlpits; fall in one and be subjected to a mandatory battle against a Sand Scorpion (which is a poor enemy). Mash the button as directed to have Zidane jump out of the pits and onto the ledge nearest, on the pit's outer rim. The two chests contain 900 Gil and a δHi-Potion. You can ignore these for now if you want, because you can get them later once the sand whirlpools have stopped.

For now, exit west towards a ladder. Get the δGysahl Greens chest and climb up to reach…

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IX
Version 6
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