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Tales of the Thamasans

by Casey Gilman

The Final Chapters: Mechanical Magic

Journey Across the Veldt

"I AM AQUOOR!!!" bellowed the giant human-shaped creature, made entirely of water,"YOU HUMANS HAVE CROSSED MY PATH!!!"

The water began to calm down. Strago and Relm had managed to stay on the raft. Aquoor was huge; he had to be at least twenty feet tall. He had no feet though - his waist met with the surface of the ocean.

"We're sorry, great Aquoor," replied Strago,"we meant you no harm."


"I'm afraid you'll have to realize," said Strago,"That these two humans aren't so easy to kill!"
He pulled his staff out from underneath his red outfit, and held it in the air, ready to attack.


Aquoor stretched out his arm, and aimed his right fist at Strago and Relm. Then his arm began to stretch, and his watery fist flew at them at a frightening speed.

"Jump!!" cried Relm.

Just as the two jumped off in different directions, the fist splintered the raft. The water began churning again, and both of them had trouble staying afloat. All Strago could see was water all around him. He thought he could here Aquoor cackling, but he wasn't sure. If he were still young, he might have had a chance at that thing, but now, he feared for his and Relm's safety.
He was underwater now, about five feet he guessed. He was having trouble breathing, and couldn't reach the surface. He kept choking and gagging, as water was forced into his mouth.

'Take me,' he thought,'Just please don't let anything happen to Relm!'

Strago must've been at least ten feet under now, and he was starting to lose consciousness. His old arms were tired from trying to stay afloat. He thought he could see a small, dark figure in front of him, then all he saw was blackness.

* * *

Strago awoke, and saw only the blue sky above him. He felt like he had been sleeping for awhile. He sat up, then remembered what had happened. He quickly glanced around, and saw Relm and Interceptor sitting beside him. He was relieved.

"It's about time you woke up!" declared Relm,"You've been laying there for hours!"

"Sorry," Strago apologized,"What's Interceptor doing here? I thought we left him with Gungho."

"Interceptor saved us," answered Relm, petting him, "I guess he missed us, and came after us."

Strago stood up, but was still woozy, and had trouble keeping his balance. The ocean was just a short distance away. It looked as calm as when they had first set out on the raft, and there was no sign of Aquoor.

"What were you thinking anyway?" asked Relm,"You couldn't have fought that demon! You're way too old!"

"I guess I am starting to show my years," replied Strago,"But there wasn't much else we could've done. Which side are we on, anyway?"

"I'm not sure," answered Relm,"But I don't think it's the side we left on."
Strago looked around, and other than the ocean to one side, there was nothing but flat, grass-covered land.

"This must be the Veldt," decided Strago,"This is where we were headed. We had better be careful, there are a lot of monsters here."

"Interceptor will scare them off," said Relm,"Won't you, boy?"

Interceptor barked in reply.

* * *

"Where are we going, Grandpa?" asked Relm, as they were walking the next day.

"We must make our way across the Veldt," Strago replied,"Then we'll have to cross some mountains, to reach Doma. At Doma, we'll take a ship to Nikeah, which isn't very far from where we're going."

"That's going to take awhile," replied Relm.

"I'm guessing it'll take a couple more days," said Strago.

A few more minutes passed.

"Ick!" Strago heard Relm say from behind him.

"What is it?" replied Strago.

"I'm stuck!" answered Relm.

Strago turned around, and looked down at her foot, which was covered in mud. In fact, the whole area was muddy. Relm was having trouble getting her foot out of the mud, but she wasn't in any real danger. Strago chuckled.

"I'll help you," he said, laughing a little at the same time.

"Think it's funny, Gramps?!" Relm was getting a little mad. She scooped up a ball of mud in her hand, and scaled it at him. It hit him in the face, and Relm started laughing. In fact, she laughed so hard, she fell over, and her foot came free of the mud.

"Relm Arrowny!" Strago yelled at her,"How dare you?!" He picked up some mud, and pelted it at his giggling granddaughter.

Relm threw one back, and before long the two of them were in the middle of a full fledged mud fight. Interceptor started barking at them, but they didn't care, they were having fun.

After about five minutes, they were tired out. They sat down in the mud, which they were both covered in, and leaned against each other.

"That was fun, Grandpa," said Relm.

"Yes it was, Relm," said Strago,"I haven't done anything like that in quite some time. But, now we need to find a place to wash off."

"Here Interceptor!" Relm called. Interceptor, who was rolling around in the mud, got up and followed the two brown figures.

It only took a few minutes to find a river, and they washed themselves off. It was warm out, so it didn't matter that they were wet afterwards.

"This river should lead us to Baren Falls," explained Strago,"Since we don't have a raft anymore, we'll have to make our way through the mountains behind the falls."

* * *

After an hour or so, they had made their way to the base of the mountain range. The sun was close to setting.

"This is it," said Strago,"This mountain range can take us behind Baren Falls, and then to Doma.

"Well let's go," said Relm.

"Not tonight," replied Strago,"The sun will be setting soon. We'll camp here."

They were starving, because most of their food had been lost in the ocean. They did manage to find quite a helping of berries to eat, though. By the time they found the berries and ate, it was dark. It didn't take them long to fall asleep.

Relm had been sleeping peacefully for a few hours, when a small noise woke her up. "Is that you, Grandpa?" she asked groggily.

Strago was out like a light, beside her. Then she heard Interceptor barking at something, beyond Strago.

Relm got up, and walked to the base of the mountain, where Interceptor was. She looked up the gradual slope of the mountain, but she didn't see anything. Interceptor still barked.
"What is it, boy," she asked, in a soft whisper. Then, she thought she heard something from up the mountain. It was almost like movement. Then she saw many giant objects coming toward her at an alarming speed. It was hard to see in the dark, but she soon realized that they were boulders.

"ROCKSLIDE!!!" she cried.
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