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Chrono Trigger Characters

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Introduction by  Laszlow

In Chrono Trigger, your party meets a wide variety of men, women, and machines throughout the different time streams. Some might give the group useful items or advice, some are mere acquaintances of your party members, and some are villains that find Crono mutely objecting to their own dark agendas. But no matter who they are, where they're from, or when they're from, they all make up Chrono Trigger's colorful cast of characters. Here they are, organized more or less by time period:


Vital Statistics

Home Time Period
1000 AD
Crono: Image


Written by  Laszlow & footbigmike
Contributor / Former Staff Writer
Crono is a youth living in Truce Village in 1000 A.D. An adventurous and courageous boy, Crono is the party’s de facto leader for most of the game, and has the respect of all of his comrades. Similar to the protagonists of the Dragon Quest and Baldur’s Gate series, Crono never has any direct dialogue in the game, conveying information only through gestures, facial expressions, and simple yes/no questions answered by the player. For the most part, Crono’s personality is in the eye of the beholder.

For most of the game Crono is a mandatory one-third of your three active characters, but this is hardly a chore as Crono is easily one of the more useful and powerful characters in the game. His Power, Stamina, and Speed are all excellent, and his Magic and Magic Defense get the job done. As a Lightning-element character, Crono receives less damage from Lightning attacks. Crono’s Techs are a mix of physical and Lightning damage, with the useful OLife spell filling out his list of skills. Crono takes part in ten of the game’s fifteen Triple Techs and has an incredible variety of Dual Techs and Triple Techs available to him, making him perhaps the game’s most party-friendly character. By the end of the game Crono is most useful as a character able to perform many Dual Techs and Triple Techs and as a powerful damage dealer, both physically and magically.

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