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Marle's Pendant

Guide by  Rangers51
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The pendant, as you will quickly learn, has eerie powers. You won't find out exactly why for quite a while through your first playthrough, and even now there's some debate as to what exactly the pendant is and where it came from; however, you might find that less important than simply finding out what exactly you can do with it.

Sealed Chests and Doors

The sealed chests and doors can be found in a wide variety of locations throughout the game, though you might not recognize them as such right away in your first playthrough. They are the same size and shape as regular chests, but look quite different, even magical, with their black construction and gold trim. These chests can't be opened right away, even though you will have the pendant from nearly the beginning of the game; you will have to take sidequests much later on in order to loot the treasure. Given that you can't do it right away, you'll imagine that the items in the chests are quite nice—and in fact they are.

The chests and doors can be found are below; note, however, that some elements are upgradeable. We'll explain upgradable chests and doors just after the list.

Middle Ages

  1. Guardia Forest, upper right corner; provides Speed Tab.
  2. Guardia Castle, on the way up to the King's Chamber; provides ArmorRed Vest. Upgradable in the Present.
  3. Magic Cave, near entrance; provides Magic Ring.
  4. Porre, Elder's house; provides ArmorWhite Vest. Upgradable in the Present.
  5. Porre, Elder's house; provides ArmorBlack Vest. Upgradable in the Present.
  6. Truce Inn; provides ArmorBlue Vest. Upgradable in the Present.
  7. Northern Ruins; provides ArmorNova Armor. Upgradable in the Present.
  8. Northern Ruins; provides BladeKali Blade. Upgradable in the Present.
  9. Northern Ruins; provides BowSiren. Upgradable in the Present.


  1. Heckran Cave; provides Wall Ring and Dash Ring.
  2. Guardia Forest, near time warp; provides Power Ring.
  3. Forest Ruins, with the Nu; provides a choice between a HelmetSafe Helm or a BladeSwallow.
  4. Northern Palace; provides ArmorMoon Armor. Upgraded item.
  5. Northern Palace; provides BladeShiva Edge. Upgraded item.
  6. Northern Palace; provides BowValkyrie. Upgraded item.
  7. Guardia Castle, on the way up to the King's Chamber; provides ArmorRed Mail. Upgraded item.
  8. Porre, Elder's house; provides ArmorWhite Mail. Upgraded item.
  9. Porre, Elder's house; provides ArmorBlack Mail. Upgraded item.
  10. Truce Inn; provides ArmorBlue Mail. Upgraded item.


  1. Bangor Dome; provides FullEther, Charm Top and Wallet.
  2. Trann Dome; provides FullEther, Magic Tab, Gold Stud.
  3. Arris Dome; provides Elixir, Power Tab, Gold Erng, Hit Ring, and ArmorLumin Robe.

Upgrading the chests is an easy process, with no enemies to fight and no real puzzles to solve; however, it does require a fair bit of travel. To upgrade any chest that will change over time, simply follow these steps:

  1. Find the chest in the Middle Ages.
  2. Inspect the chest in the Middle Ages - if you have the powered pendant, you will be prompted to open the chest. Do not open the chest.
  3. Travel to find the same chest in the Present.
  4. Open the chest and collect the now-upgraded item.
  5. Optionally return to the Middle Ages to get the weaker item.

Note that these steps must be followed exactly, especially step two. If you do not inspect and then decline to open, and then open the chest in the Present, you'll still get the original item and you'll not have another chance to upgrade the item without reverting to a prior savegame.

Other Uses

The pendant does plays other roles as well as reaping treasure, most notably in Crono's trial and in the events taking place in the Dark Ages. As we have other guides to give you more information about those roles, please check them out to learn more about the mysterious pendant.

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