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The Millenial Fair

Guide by  footbigmike
Former Staff Writer

The minigames at the Millennial Fair are a nice introduction to this game. They get you familiarized with the controls and battle system, and if you play them long enough, you can stock up on money or some nice equipment earlier than normal. The Fair has several free games which reward you in Silver Points, and some which cost you Silver Points to play, and can net you some interesting items. There is of course other stuff that takes place at the fair, but you might want to check the other guides for non-minigame-related goodies.

Hit the Bell

A short and low scoring game. When the party leader reaches the farthest point from the bell, press A to hit the bell. If you did it right, you get a whole Silver Point! Yeah. Not worth the effort.

Drinking Game

Not that kind—we're talking about SNES-era content restrictions here, right? In any event, rapidly press A until you've drunk eight cans of soda. If you don't do it in time, you get nothing. If you pull it off, you win 5 Silver Points. Turbo controllers make short and easy work of this game.

Fighting Gato

Lucca's large robot, ready to fight you, for the potential prize of 15 Silver Points! Gato isn't that strong, and even at the beginning of the game, gaining a few levels in Guardia Forest and then beating up Gato is an easy way to stack up Silver Points. To fight him multiple times, just leave and re-enter the area he is in. This, especially at the end of the game, is the quickest method to obtain Silver Points.

Magic Power
Lightning Def.
Shadow Def.
Water Def.
Fire Def.
Tech Points
Present / Leene Square
Enemy Techs
Enemy Counters
Punching Glove
Gato's Song Of Love

Guess the Winner

The highest prize for winning, and yet the game most based on luck. Choose a racer, and then wait until they've completed one circuit of the square. It's as simple as that. It is possible to influence the outcome of the race in the SNES version by standing over the racers you don't want to win, but if they're already in the lead, it can be difficult to make your racer take the lead. Practice makes perfect, but generally, luck plays a greater part.

The Games of Norstein Bekkler

The tent on the right of the first screen, the one with the skull above its entrance—yep, that's it. Inside you'll find a floating head and hands. (Note: This was clearly inspired by Andross from the Star Fox series.) Speak to him, and you'll be able to spend your accumulated Silver Points on playing more games.

Memory Game

Cost: 10 Silver Points

Witness! Yet another Star Wars reference in the flesh. Why, Ted Woolsey? Why? Or, why are two of the names misspelled, at the very least? Biggs, Wedge and Piette—three identical soldiers—will appear from the back of the tent. They'll introduce themselves, and then move at random for a few seconds before stopping. Your goal is to correctly pick out the specified soldier. Some find this game relatively easy, others impossibly difficult. Your reward for success in this game is a Poyozo Doll. There will be a doll available for each character to win, provided they are in lead position, and once won the dolls will appear in certain places relevant to each character. Once you've one a character's doll, that character can only win cat food.

The Art of Mimicry

Cost: 40 Silver Points

A clone of the lead character of your party will appear, and you have to correctly replicate its actions before time runs out. The four actions are L for raising the left hand, R for raising the right hand, A for being surprised, and Y to laugh (of course, this assumes you're not one of those folks playing on PSX. If you are, check out our button mapping guide). To begin with, you'll have plenty of time to press the correct button before the next action is given. However, by the end of the game, you'll have to be quick in order to keep up, and it is these quick actions which can lose you the game. Again, some find this game easy, and others difficult, but all it takes is a little practice. Prizes for success in this game are clones of the current lead character, and, like the Poyozo Dolls, are placed in certain locations associated with to said character, and cat food for every other try if the lead character has already had a clone made of them.

Damsel in Distress

Cost: 80 Silver Points

The object of this game is to save a fellow character from being dropped into fire while fending off three enemies. To complete it successfully, you'll need to have the run button held down pretty much permanently. Start with throwing the rocks from left to right, and then running back to do it again. With any luck, this will take out one enemy. By this time, a blue sparkle should have appeared on your left. Run and pick it up, as it gives the damsel more time before burning. Run back to the stones, and continue throwing alternately and picking up the sparkles. Taking out the first enemy before you pick up the first sparkle really helps win at this game, otherwise you could easily become swarmed and watch the damsel burn. A victory presents you with... a cat! Now you'll have two in your home! Also, subsequent wins give you—ohhhhhhhhh, yes—cat food.

... But Why Cats?

Once you have two cats in Crono's House, stocking up on enough cat food (you can see how much you have in the bucket beside Crono's table) will cause them to breed and produce more cats. Not having enough cat food may cause them to run away. Provided you have enough cat food at all times, you'll end up with eleven cats in your house. While this doesn't have much effect on gameplay, it has a minor but amusing effect on one of the endings.

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