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Chrono Trigger Button Names

Written by  Rangers51
CoN Webmaster

Thanks to the various releases of Chrono Trigger on a multitude of systems, the controller button functionality varies from version to version, even between the SNES and PSX (which are otherwise so similar that we don't feel a need to fork our coverage between those versions). This game makes it more difficult than most, as in a couple places you are given clues to password input that simply won't make sense if you've never used an SNES controller.

As such, we've tried to label buttons with their function names wherever possible rather than specific button labels. This should help out considerably, but you might well run into cases where either the game, our guides, or both just don't give you enough information for it to be completely clear (for instance, if you're a dirty ROM player). To help you out with this, we've provided a list of the default mappings for the buttons on SNES, PSX, and NDS alike. Refer to this if you're confused by button names in a guide.

Function Name Default SNES/NDS Mapping Default PSX Mapping
Action A
Run on "Location" Map
B ×
Change/Organize Party Y
Open Menu
Land While Flying
View Map Select
Pause Game Start
Change Epoch Time Dial L or R L1 or R1
Run from Battle L+R L1+R1

Some minigames and puzzles give instructions that might or might not be translated for your particular version. This shouldn't be a problem, and indeed will not be if you're playing the Nintendo DS version (which uses identical keys to the original); however, if the keys don't seem to line up, simply reference the above table. If your PSX game asks you to push "A", you will always need to push instead.

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