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Guide by  Rangers51
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Tabs are a quick way to bump up the stats of a particular character. They work in a similar way to Final Fantasy VII's Source items or Final Fantasy IV's Apples, in the sense that they permanently raise one of a character's statistics outside of the level-up system, and can be used only outside of battle. Chrono Trigger's Tabs are found most often in chests or sparkling on the ground, and come in three varieties:

  • Magic, which adds one point to the user's magic power statistic;
  • Power, which adds one point to the user's power;
  • and Speed, which adds one point to the user's speed statistic.

Of the three, you will find that Power is the most rare, while Magic is the most plentiful, so plan accordingly. Note, however, that it is indeed possible to get unlimited Power Tabs if you're patient and charm lots of Tubsters, so this analysis assumes you're not going to go too crazy in grinding out charms.

Exploration Locations

These locations are found during the course of the game plot, and not in battle. Some you'll find obvious, and some a bit more hidden, and still others will simply be handed to you as you talk to NPCs.


  1. Guardia Forest, towards the lower-right corner: Power Tab
  2. Elder's House in Medina, available after returning from the End of Time: Magic Tab and Speed Tab
  3. Behind Toma's Grave after getting Epoch: Speed Tab
  4. Near Cyrus' Grave after getting Epoch: Power Tab and Magic Tab

Middle Ages

  1. Guardia Forest, towards the lower-right corner: Power Tab
  2. Cathedral, in an upper-left-hand room: Power Tab
  3. Guardia Castle, from the cook after speaking to the Captain on Zenan Bridge: Power Tab
  4. Porre Market, near the girl: Power Tab
  5. Residence - Dorino, in exchange for the Naga-ette Bromide: Magic Tab
  6. Denadoro Mountains, repeatedly talk to the Kilwala: Magic Tab
  7. Denadoro Mountains, near the save point: Speed Tab
  8. Magus' Lair, after defeating Flea: Magic Tab
  9. Magus' Lair, in the lower-right of the room with the moving save point: Magic Tab
  10. Sunken Desert, after beating Retinite: Power Tab
  11. Sun Keep, after getting Epoch: Power Tab
  12. Ozzie's Fort, in a secret passage also containing equipment for Magus: Magic Tab


  1. Jetbike Race, after getting the Race Log: one Power Tab available to win
  2. Arris Dome, unlocked with Marle's Pendant: Power Tab
  3. Trann Dome, unlocked with Marle's Pendant: Magic Tab
  4. Keeper's Dome, unlocked with Marle's Pendant: Magic Tab
  5. Geno Dome, near the first Poyozo Doll: Speed Tab
  6. Geno Dome, in the red room past the save point: Power Tab
  7. Geno Dome, past the laser door after Atropos XR: Magic Tab
  8. Geno Dome, in the secret passage at the end of the conveyor: Magic Tab
  9. Death Peak, near the first tree: Power Tab

Dark Ages

  1. Enhasa, fighting the group of Nu after the Water/Wind/Fire puzzle: Magic Tab and Speed Tab
  2. Kajar, upper right area: Speed Tab
  3. Zeal, scratching the Nu in Kajar and then the one in Zeal: Magic Tab
  4. Beast's Nest, lower-right corner: Power Tab
  5. Mt. Woe, near the chain at the top of the climb: Magic Tab
  6. Ocean Palace, riding the elevator twice (first down, then up): Magic Tab
  7. Last Village, behind the Nu: Magic Tab
  8. Blackbird, after getting all equipment and items back: Magic Tab

The Black Omen

  1. In a chest in a room with Flyclops, Cybot, Martello, and Tubster: Speed Tab
  2. Next room after #1: Speed Tab
  3. Room with Alien and Blob: Speed Tab
  4. Room with Panel and TerraMutant: Speed Tab

The End of Time

A variety of tabs will come your way by defeating each form of Spekkio.

Charmable Enemies

A handful of enemies can be charmed to receive tabs as well. Here is a list:

  1. Alien
  2. Azala
  3. BlackTyrano
  4. Giga Gaia
  5. Golem
  6. Mud Imp
  7. Panel
  8. Retinite (Bottom)
  9. Retinite (Core)
  10. Retinite (Top)
  11. Tubster
Caves of Narshe: Chrono Trigger
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