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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Written by  Shotgunnova

2.11: Black Mage Village

Treasures: δDiamond, δElixir, δBlack Belt, δGysahl Greens, δVirgo, 843 Gil, 2000 Gil

The letter that Mogyro has for Mocchi can be missed so make sure to get it as soon as possible! Check by the stables (right of entrance) to find Mogyro. He will also get a letter from Stiltzkin after the mandatory rest (see below).

Watch the 'Different Language' by approaching the path near the synth shop, then enter to find Dagger. Enter the inn to find Vivi, and when prompted, agree to rest. The next day, a mage directs the party to go past the Conde Petie Sanctuary, where the source of the Mist allegedly lies. You can leave, but don't forget to visit the weapon shop, item shop - which carries δHi-Potions and δRemedys - and, last, the synth shop which has a bunch of good equipment to be made.

  • An δEther is inside item shop, near left entrance.
  • By the weapon shop's entrance, get the δElixir.
  • In the inn's bedroom, pick up the δVirgo.
  • In the synth shop interior, rob a chest of [2000 Gil].
  • Climb the synth shop's ladder to the roof, and get the [843 Gil].
  • δGysahl Greens can be found in chocobo stable.
  • Tell the item shop mage to get the "usual," then use the ladder behind the counter to get the δBlack Belt. This option may not appear until Zidane eavesdrops on the two mages from the synth shop's roof platforms.
When done return to Conde Petie. Talk to either the gatekeeper on the upper floor or the two guards near the equipment shop only to be turned away and told to find "His Holiness." This person turns out to be David Heavenguard, walking around the hallway by the inn. Some funny "hitching" occurs. Afterwards, if you want to see another scene in the same vein, tell Vivi/Quina to get married and view the 'Nuptial Joy' ATE.

Either way, a "thief" appears somewhere and runs off to the mountain path. Before you leave, board the Kirkboat from the left side and get the δDiamond on its top, if it wasn't gotten earlier. Save and enter the mountain path.

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