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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Written by  Shotgunnova

2.1: The South Gate

Enemies: Black Waltz 3 (2), Trick Sparrow, Carve Spider, Mandragora, Ghost

Treasures: δPhoenix Down, δKupo Nut, 1610 Gil

Optional: Village of Dali

Now that you have the 'Gate Pass' you can enter back to Nolrich Heights, and visit Observatory Mountain (cards with Morrid?) and also the Village of Dali. You can see Eve Hubbard's new card-game tips, get the δAries coin by the windmill's crankshaft, and get that δElixir in the pumpkin patch the old woman blocked before. The latter cannot be done past Disc 2, so now's the time to do it. More
After a nice joyride courtesy of the cable cars, everyone reaches the mountaintop station. Enter the resting area to find it fairly deserted.

Nazna the Moogle will want your letter and hand over a δKupo Nut if you went back to Gizamaluke's Grotto and traded Atla's gift in. Also take her letter addressed to Mochos at this time. Use a crowbar on that δPhoenix Down chest by the attendant's booth, and check out the shop stuffs that are for sale. I recommend purchasing a δMythril Rod and a δBarbut.

The get-rich-quick δCotton Robe Trick can be done here, by buying δSteepled Hats at the Summit Station, δWrists in Dali, then combining the two via Synth to make a δCotton Robe in the next town, Treno. Just a head's up. Afterwards, you may want to stock up on δWrists in Treno again, saving them for when δSteepled Hats are available in a town further along in Disc 2.

Anywho, talk to the attendant in the waiting-area booth to 'make' the car to Lindblum depart. Exit the waiting area, then re-enter to find a few familiar faces. Talk to a Tantalus member, then scold Steiner. Go down to the station and enter the Alexandria-bound cable car when possible. Marcus says he's on a journey to find a 'Supersoft' which can cure his Bro's petrification. Talk to Marcus when the conversation trails off and he will join up as something stalls the car…

Black Waltz 3 (2)
Black Waltz 3 (2)
Boss Monster
Can't Flee
Magic Atk.
Human, Flying
Mag. Def.
Mag. Evade
Eaten Magic
Stolen Items
Dropped Items
Dropped Card
Elemental Absorb
Elemental Immunities
Elemental Resistence
Elemental Weakness
Status Immunity
Petrify, Venom, Virus, Silence, Blind, Trouble, Zombie, Confuse, Berserk, Stop, Auto-Life, Trance, Defend, Poison, Sleep, Regen, Float, Heat, Freeze, Vanish, Doom, Gradual Petrify

Optional: Quan's Dwelling

Go right past Treno for now in order to come across Quan's Dwelling. In the cave portion, open the δEther chest and lower Dagger down to the hot springs level via the rope. There's another δEther, and if you look carefully, you can find a δScorpio coin on the southern rim. The springs can refresh HP/MP as well, so that's pleasant. Up at the disused kitchen, a third δEther can be found at the ladder-top's cupboard. Dagger should notice that foam surrounds the bottom of the cliff vantage point… this has a big use later on. Leave after looting the place. More

Optional: Friendly Creatures Sidequest

Around here is a friendly 'Ghost' enemy that appears in the flatlands by Treno (Bentini Heights). Give it some δOre to win 10 AP and a δHi-Potion! More

Optional: Ragtime Mouse True and False

Now that it's Disc 2, you can find the Ragtimer an additional six more times in the forests around the world! More

This time around, Black Waltz has gone crazy… but still won't bother to hit Dagger. It's got the same crappy attacks as last time, with the exception of the 'Freeze' status, the only thing you've never seen before. Should someone be inflicted and then hit afterwards, s/he will be 'crushed' and be KO'd instantly. If you outfitted Dagger at the summit, she should have access to the Life / Shell spells, which will make this battle even easier than normal. With this protection in place, prolong the battle to get Black Waltz' treasures; that's mostly what Marcus is good for here (can use the δTent 'snake' trick to inflict Darkness, too). If Dagger's the last one alive - by some cruel twist of fate - Black Waltz simply attacks himself on the subsequent turns, making this battle rather impossible to lose.

After the last Waltz is over, Marcus will join up as the third member for a while. For now, you can equip good stuff on him; I will tell you when the time is coming to take all the rarities off. He can't learn any abilities, so the need to be strategic isn't really there.

At the Alexandria side of the cable cars, visit the shop. Head down to the forked path. The right one leads to Treno, the left to Dali.

Take the right path. This leads to a rickety bridge with an offshoot containing a chest of 1610 gil. The gatekeeper nearby will let you through onto the world map again. Treno is known as the 'Eternal Night' city; you will know you're getting close when the sky starts to darken. No, this phenomenon is never given geological or astrological explanation. Enemies around here: Trick Sparrow, Carve Spider, Mandragora, Ghost.

If you choose to walk past Treno, you can take on some optional content below. Keep walking past Treno into the woods, and follow them into the niche in the mountains to find a cave.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IX
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