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Final Fantasy IX Characters

Biographies by  Neal
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Marcus is a main member of the Tantalus Theatre Troupe, a good friend to Zidane, and a travelling partner for a decent amount of time in the early game. Marcus is one of the main players in the kidnapping plot at the start of the game, serving as the lead actor in the diversion play. Marcus is Blank's best friend and is very reliable, always coming to the aid of others who need it, whether it's trying to find a cure for Blank's petrification or helping Princess Garnet while she's separated from Zidane. Despite Steiner protesting every bit of the way at having to share space with a thief, Marcus's helpful attitude toward Garnet and soft-spoken nature eventually win Steiner over.

Marcus, like all members of the Theatre Troupe, can use the Steal command in battle, which attempts to steal an item away from an enemy. When the parties split early in the game, he acts as the thief for the party instead of Zidane. When Marcus takes part in battles as part of a theatrical performance, he also has access to the SFX command, which are flashy looking attacks that deal no damage.

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