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Final Fantasy IX Characters

Biographies by  Neal
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Garnet Til Alexandros XVII

Vital Statistics

January 1784
Princess / White Mage / Summoner
Eidolon / White Magic


Princess Garnet, who often uses the name "Dagger" while she is trying to not be identified, is the deuteragonist of Final Fantasy IX and sometimes takes the place of Zidane as the player character. Garnet is introspective and kind, sometimes quiet, and extremely curious about the world that exists outside of Alexandria. Garnet is very much loved by the people of Alexandria, which makes her treatment by her mother, Queen Brahne, very suspicious. Garnet is very easy to get along with, as noted by her relationships with characters like Zidane and Steiner, who are vastly different. At the beginning of the game, she is attempting to slip away from her guards to ask the Theater Troupe Tantalus if they could take her away from the castle. This is extremely convenient, as the entire reason that Tantalus is in Alexandria is to kidnap her. The escape from Alexandria is successful, though imperfect - the crash of the theatre ship in the Evil Forest leaves Garnet once again needing rescue.

Garnet is a magical character in battle and takes on the role of both White Mage and Summoner, the same as Eiko. She can use rods and racquets in battle and equip robes, light armor, and light headgear. Garnet has access to both the White Magic and Summon commands in battle. Her White Magic is weaker than that of Eiko, but she makes up for it by being able to summon more powerful Eidolons.

There's more! But you need to turn on spoilers to see it.

Garnet Trance


When Garnet enters Trance, her skin turns pink, her hair turns white, and her clothes are replaced by a white, flickering leotard. Her White Magic commands remains the same, but her Summon command changes to Eidolon. This upgraded command allows for a greater chance of a stronger attack by the Eidolon that she summons, and also allows the same Eidolon to be repeatedly summoned throughout the battle at no cost to her MP as long as she does not deplete her Trance gauge entirely.

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