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Final Fantasy IX Characters

Biographies by  Neal
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Amarant Coral

Vital Statistics

November 1773
Throw / Flair


Amarant is one of the main eight characters of Final Fantasy IX and the only character that cannot be controlled as the "player character" through any circumstances in the game. He is a gruff, rude loner who doesn't like to make personal connections with other people and disregards such connections as useless. Amarant first appears to the party as an antagonist, as he is a bounty hunter hired by Queen Brahne to bring Princess Garnet back to Alexandria. Zidane eventually bests him in combat and spares Amarant rather instead of delivering a killing blow, confusing Amarant, who joins the group in order to try to figure Zidane out a bit more. There are also some not-so-subtle undertones of Amarant having some kind of a run-in with Zidane in his past, though Zidane doesn't seem to have any recollection of it.

Amarant is a physical character by nature and is a strong attacker with many useful status- and damage-based abilities to help the party in battle. He fights with claws and wears light armor and headgear. His physical attacks are often sufficient enough to kill enemies in regular combat. He comes with two unique commands in battle: Throw and Flair. Throw allows Amarant to throw weapons and throwing items at enemies for damage. Flair is a skillset most reminiscent of a Monk in the Final Fantasy series, including series staples for the Monk such as Chakra, for HP and MP restoration, and Revive. It also has some status-based skills, as well as a powerful physical attack called No Mercy.

There's more! But you need to turn on spoilers to see it.

Amarant Trance


When Amarant enters trance, his clothes disappear and his hair and skin turn purple and black. His Flair command is replaced with Elan, which makes all of Amarant's Flair abilities multi-target. This can be extremely useful in the right circumstances, as it grants the ability to cast Auto-Life and Regen on the entire party in a single turn, revive multiple KOed targets in one turn, or hit all enemies with a powerful multi-targeted No Mercy.





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