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Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.4: Figaro Castle

Enemies: Magitek Armor

Treasures: Antidote, Gold Needle, Phoenix Down, Potion

You've reached Figaro Castle to find that everybody's mighty polite. There's not a whole lot to do here. Walk on. In the furthest room, Edgar Roni Figaro is casually lounging in his throne. Before you talk to Edgar, put Locke in the Front Row (if you hadn't already) and take his ShieldMythril Shield from him. Once you've spoken, Locke'll leave. Edgar hits on you! Oh my, I can't see that working out. After the failing of his charms, he too leaves, leaving Terra to question her... sexuality? More or less.

When controlling Terra, equip the ShieldMythril Shield on her and put her in the Front Row as well. There are two shops here, an Item shop and a Weapon shop. There's really not anything that you need to buy at the Item Shop. You could buy a Tent or two if you have the money, but you'll need 1250 Gil for the Weapon Shop. There, buy a ToolsNoiseblaster and a ToolsBioblaster; you have, however, already obtained an ToolsAuto Crossbow by talking to Edgar. One should wonder where Edgar keeps his hands if he has the power to sneak stuff in your inventory without you noticing, especially since he's the token pervert of this game. Make sure to find the Potion, Antidote, Gold Needle, and Phoenix Down in the castle. All of them are easy to find so I won't bother pointing them out to you.

You need to find the High Priestess of the castle; she is located in the left wing. She'll tell you all about the rather tragic past of the Figaro throne. Sabin Rene Figaro, Edgar's twin brother, ran away, leaving his brother as the sole monarch, as things should be. In the Japanese game, she also states here that Sabin was smaller and weaker than Edgar when they were children. When the High Priestess is done telling her story, you can find Edgar again, who has returned to his throne. In the hallway, you meet the second man of the Figaro army, the Chancellor. Have a chat, by all means. As soon as Edgar starts to make small talk again, he is disturbed by the gravest of messages; Kefka Palazzo, a big man of the Empire, is coming for a visit, and something tells you he won't be wanting any of your scones.

Once controlling Edgar, keep him in the Front Row and equip Mog's LanceMythril Spear on him. This is a good chance to do that equipping, as events are about to transpire that might make you forget. Specifically, Edgar defies the Empire! He blatantly lies to Kefka when he asks if he knows anything about Terra, the girl who 'stole something of minor importance'. The only thing she stole was the Empire's dignity! Zing! Edgar also calls Kefka Emperor Gestahl's court mage. Does that mean that Kefka knows Magic as well?

Now, when you're controlling Terra again, take hold of that SwordMythril Sword. What a switch-happy game it is. You can follow Locke now if you want to.

You'll notice that Terra is one level, if not two, behind Locke. Edgar will be even stronger. If you want to equal the situation out a little, you can choose to leave the castle and fight some solo-Terra battles outside. I advise you do the training in the forest, though, as the desert enemies might !Numb you and grant you a Game Over of Death. From the forest, you might opt to rent a Chocobo to return to Figaro Castle, too.

That night: Misfortune! Kefka has royally screwed Figaro's alliance with the Empire; for a moment, all seems hopeless, but Locke had a plan! Turns out Edgar and the Chancellor had taken this possibility into account. Anyway, you escape your castle while said castle is digging its way through the desert. No, I don't know either why they didn't do that right away, before the bad guys set it on fire. You're now being chased by a platoon of Magitek. We saw how powerful they are, remember? You are going to die a painful but mercifully quick death.

It turns out that Magitek Armors are about as laughably incompetent in combat as they were awesome out of it. For this battle, the main objective is to avoid being hit. The enemies are susceptible to confuse, so use that knowledge to your advantage. Have Edgar use the ToolsNoiseblaster as soon as possible and keep them confused during the rest of the battle.

Simply let him bide his time if both are still confused and it's his turn to move again. Locke should Steal; Potions and Hi-Potions are nothing to get excited about, but Attack removes the Confuse status. Terra should pump out single-target OFire spells. It'll get you a nice scene. Terra's Magic and their own self-destructive tendencies while confused will grant you victory. Bravo Figaro!

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
Version 6
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