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Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

3.8: The Lord of Weapons

So, like, we don't even care about the Dragon's Den anymore. Right? They put all the powerful baddies in a row and we gobbled them down for dinner without even breaking a sweat. To amuse our friends, we tied our hands behind our back and dealt the finishing blow to the Kaiser Dragon with our tongue on the action button. But it's like Hollywood says: "Everything that has a beginning has an end", or "to every Alpha, there's an Omega".

Is it possible that it was not Kaiser Dragon that invited us to battle with him? Come to think of it, he certainly didn't seem too glad once we got there. Intrigue! Mystery! In Kaiser's Lair, a new resident has taken, y'know, residence. The creature is the most powerful opponent the game has to offer, even more dangerous than the god-king of dragons, Kaiser Dragon. Let's go and see if we can beat it, right? Fly over to the Dragon's Den for one final time.

Assuming your Soul Shrine team is the best team ever now, stuff them together in Team 1. We'll minimze the action the other two teams have to endure. Since we should've encountered everything here and we can plan which team will be the only to engage in a serious fight, you can make a Soul Shrine team, a team with the strongest four besides those, and a single Mog team with RelicMolulu's Charm. We'll be doing pretty much the same thing we did earlier minus the long detour through the Treasure Room, but here's the whole route explained quickly again.

Since we'll be able to pick any of the three teams in the end anyway, it doesn't matter which party you make Party 1. Walk Party 1 into the right entrance, up the stairway, into the Dragon Temple, across the turtle pond and straight to the darkened tile near the tombstone that once read THE KING OF DRAGONS and now can no longer be examined. Same deal for Party 2. Follow Party 1, but enter the door Party 1 created for you, straight into Kaiser's Breath. Must be quiet there now. One out of three parties are now in place! Good job!

Now, with the final party, follow Party 2 until you reach the turtle pond. Now, first call the turtle to the middle of the pond, then walk around to the right side and ride the turtle to the left side, where you can easily enter the Grand Cavern. Go south and left; otherwise it would bring us to the GAs (hey, remember them?!), whom we thankfully have no business with anymore ever. When you're past the bridges, go up to the Shrine of Serenity (you can Save if you want to) and enter the Inner Eye Labyrinth to the left. Walk to the right and go around the big rock to the four-ton weight and push it off. We have no business going north into the Holy Palace, so just walk back to the entrance, flip it the bird and walk past it, find the rock you can jump over and go stand on the button tile.

Now you can switch to Party 1. Get off the switch and join Party 3 in the Inner Eye Labyrinth. You'll basically be following Party 3 across the turtle pond and Grand Cavern. When you're in the Inner Eye Labyrinth, walk to the right, around the rock and eventually go down across the bridge. Walk to the left and up to find the rock Party 3 is holding up for you. Jump across the rock to find yourself on the lowest level. We've done all this before, but a Seal of Lightning impeded our progress to the north earlier. Go check it out: there's a Save Point and a new entrance to Kaiser's Breath. Go stand on the button tile: a new warp light should appear between Party 2 and Party 1.

However, Party 3 has a conundrum. Party 3 allowed the others to get into Kaiser's Breath, but both paths we took require other parties to open up; other parties we no longer have the luxury of using. No sweat; there's a way to get there with Party 3. First, exit the Inner Eye Labyrinth. The Shrine of Serenity you pass is the last in-game Save Point before the final fight of this game, so you might want to use it. Trace back your steps to the entrance of the Dragon Temple, but go past it and up the stairwell to where you fought Skull Dragon (Redux). Take the bridge to the right, blissfully ignoring the GAs we can see prancing about below us. Follow the path 'til you encounter the entrance previously blocked by the Seal of Lightning. Guess where it takes us?

Take note that the last party that stands on a button tile turned warp light will have a fight. Equip RelicRibbons across the board, cast OFloat on all characters and equip Espers that will help you survive. If you lack OMighty Guard, EsperZona Seeker is a suitable replacement. EsperGolem and EsperFenrir are not as important this time around as Omega Weapon will use very few physical attacks. EsperQuetzalli is nice for a one-time escape to a particulary nasty spell Omega Weapon sometimes announces.

Omega Weapon
Omega Weapon
Bestiary #384
Magic Atk.
Mag. Def.
Mag. Evade
Stolen Items
Dropped Items
Common: Megalixir
Common: KnifeMurakumo
Status Immunities
Elemental Immunities
Elemental Absorb
Elemental Weakness
Command Immunities
Omega Weapon's first life will use monster attacks. These include randomly (enemy) OMeteor, Flare Star, OQuake, OTornado, OAero, OTsunami, OLv. 3 Confuse, OLv. 4 Flare and OLv. 5 Death. Omega Weapon will stop using level-based spells once he dives below 32000 HP on his first life. Every 20 seconds, Omega Weapon will glow and will use Grand Delta on the subsequent turn. Grand Delta functions like OUltima, only it cannot be absorbed by Runic. Make sure that you have OReraise on all characters for this. Omega Weapon will counter-attack any atack you make use it with either Dischord (2/3 chance) or Freezing Dust (1/3) chance. When killed, Omega Weapon will glow without a message and use Vengeance to dispel all positive statuses, including OReraise.

Ideally, all characters are of suitable level to avoid OLv. 4 Flare and OLv. 5 Death, else they'll have a hard time surviving them. OLv. 3 Confuse shouldn't be a threat due to Ribbons. Since you used OFloat beforehand, the only attacks you'll need to worry about are OMeteor, Flare Star, OTornado and OTsunami, which shouldn't be able to kill you. Heal up with OCuraga whenever any of these moves slam a nasty dent in your HP. If Grand Delta is used, heal up and re-set OReraise ASAP.

The second life will be Omega Weapon in machine mode. It will randomly use any of the following attacks: Atomic Ray, Absolute Zero, Delta Attack, Blaster, Launcher, Wave Cannon, Magnitude 8, Gravity Bomb, Launcher and Metal Cutter. Every 20 seconds, Omega Weapon will glow and will use Mind Blast on the subsequent turn. When killed, Omega Weapon will use Heartless Angel to reduce all characters down to Critical status and move on to its third and final life. When struck by any kind of attack, Omega Weapon will counterattack twice; the first counter is either a physical (1/3) or Missile (2/3), the second is either Missile (2/3) or Blaster (2/3).

Delta Attack and Mind Blast, otherwise supreme nuisances, will have no effect due to your RelicRibbons. The biggest threats here are instant death attacks and Metal Cutter; should they hit, make sure to heal back up. Keep OReraise in place at all times, even without any attacks you know will kill you a surprise KO is right around the corner. Keep healing and damaging and you should have relatively little trouble with Omega Weapon's second life. When Omega Weapon uses Heartless Angel, I advise using a Megalixir to heal back up, as they require no casting time.

The last life of Omega Weapon is him combining the previous two AI scripts together, using two attacks (one from both lives) every turn. It will now counter twice: the first counter is either !Omega Drive or Freezing Dust, the second counter is either !Omega Drive or Blaster. The level-based Lores will make another appearance, by the way. Every 20 seconds, Omega Weapon will glow and use Forsaken the subsequent turn, which is quite powerful but managable. If not, there's always OReraise.

The trick during all three lives is to avoid Omega Weapon counterattacks, as they are often the most debilitating (Freezing Dust, Dischord, Blaster). Use OQuick for this. Within the time freeze that is caused by OQuick, no counter-attacks will ever be made. Make your first turn an offensive one; either a mass damage attack such as OGravija, OUltima, Tempest, RelicMaster's Scroll Attack or OOsmose, whichever you have and need. Never attack Omega Weapon on the second turn; just use a buff or healing spell or use the Defend command.

If the above strategy is well-played, Omega Weapon will be a very easy target. Without OQuick though, you'll spend a lot of time taking care of the victims of Omega Weapon's counterattacks, which will slow you down considerably, allowing for more attacks. Expand Full Strategy

When you come out a winner, you'll gain nothing. Yeah, a rare KnifeMurakumo drop, which is just a weapon you already had plenty of. If this enrages you, note that we do live in postmodern times. It could be worse; the game could lock itself, preventing New Game as an option. Alternatively, the cartridge could explode, shortcircuit your handheld or even become self-aware and start a reign of terror based on the collective murderous AI scripts of all the nasty creatures it contains.

So yeah, no fireworks. Feels odd, doesn't it? Feels a bit like a sentence without a

That's all, folks!

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
Version 6
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