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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.7: Preparing for the Torna Canal

Enemies: Steel Bat, Devil Crab, Stroper, Gattling, Big Horn, Bandersnatch

Treasures: 300 Gil, Ether, Tent

Blue Magic: OAero, OGoblin Punch, OVampire

Instead of taking the Warp Stone behind the altar, why not just walk on down? You'll earn some of those ABPs now, and it'll be fun. If you have a Blue Mage installed in your team, be sure to learn the OAero spell from Moldwynd enemies (uses randomly every second turn, only has the MP to cast it once) and OGoblin Punch from the Black Goblins which they'll use whenever wherever for unlimited amounts of time since OGoblin Punch doesn't cost any MP. Flex your new Jobs a little. All the way down, the Wind Shrine refugees will ponder the reason behind the broken Wind Crystal; could it be that the machine that amplified the Crystal's power was the cause?

On your new Blue Magic spells: OAero is a slightly stronger and Wind-elemental version of your Black Magic spells. OGoblin Punch is kind of odd. It basically takes the weapon(s) the caster has, applies the normal sword damage parameter and is non-elemental and unblockable. Also, when the 'caster' and the target share a level, OGoblin Punch's power is multiplied by 8 and becomes barrier-piercing. In most cases it's just equivalent to a physical attack, but without a damage penalty from the Back Row.

Using the pirate ship, you can sail to Tule. On the little peninsulas near the gates of the Torna Canal you can fight Gattling, Big Horn and Bandersnatch monsters. Three Bandersnatch monsters give 300 Gil, 45 Experience Points and 3 ABP, so that's all right. They're kinda powerful though, so watch your step.

In Tule, Faris will leave you again to go sulk in his room or whatever. The lovey-dovey scene can still be accessed if you didn't earlier. You can now go find the Weapon Shop if you wish to buy a RodRod for your Black Mage(s) and go buy all the spells in the Magic Store. They're all very easy to understand.

OLibra checks a monster's Level, HP, Weakness and currently inflicted Status Effects while OPoisona removes the Poison status from a target. OFire, OBlizzard and OThunder are all similar except for their respective element. Buy them all; you'll utilize them all if you carry a Black Mage around.

When you check back on Zok, he's home! Since the nearest Crystal is the Water Crystal in the country of Walse, and the only route there is through the Torna Canal, we need to get the Canal Key. Never mind that there have been rumors of a monster that has been long-sealed by the now rapidly weakening non-existant power of the Wind Crystal, we gots us some Water Crystal protection to do. Zok seems hesitant to give you the key up to the point he claims he's lost the keys. A likely story.

In the night, it seems that Bartz' father has some Crystal-related backstory as well. Zok's watching Lenna sleep in the meantime, but we can hardly blame an old man's who is living alone. Zok slips Bartz the keys to the Torna Canal, as to not let Lenna know for some reason or another. Time to go, regardless; hope Faris is ready to say goodbye to his pirate buddies. It seems so.

After walking from the Overworld Map onto the pirate ship, there's a cutscene to once again press the fact that shattering crystals is not a good thing. Before we make haste in saving the world, it's time to visit some buddies of ours; Boko's still waiting for us near the Pirate Hideout.

Have Syldra pull the pirate ship all the way to the south-east, where you'll be able to touch land eventually. Walk up to the entrance of the cave, where Boko is nowhere to be found. Chasing after him will net you more encounters with some Steel Bats, which wouldn't have been too interesting hadn't it been for your Blue Mage(s), who can learn OVampire here.

I've already explained the damage formula of OVampire: (max HP - current HP). When your Blue Mage is severely damaged, he or she can restore him- or herself quite nicely with a OVampire attack, and by its very nature the attack will be relatively useful throughout the entire game so keep in mind the !Blue ability has this power. OVampire deals (max HP - current HP) damage, thus always restoring your Blue Mage to full health. This is a bug, but since since it's not our fault and it'd be silly to ignore the attack, never mind.

When you find the pirate hideout, there's a skull button to the left of the entrance which opens a door to three chests containing a Tent, an Ether and 300 Gil. From one of the pirates walking around in the main room Faris obtains 8 Potions too. This guy wouldn't have been here if you came here before sending the Tule pirates home. Boko is having his wounds treated too; have Bartz say hello and leave the cave.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
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