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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.34: The Flying Ronka Ruins

Enemies: Ra Mage, Ronkan Knight, Stone Mask, Enchanted Fan, Lamia, Archeotoad, Hydra, Ghidra, Archeoaevis

Treasures: 2000 Gil, SwordAncient Sword, Cottage, Elixir, Ether, ArmorGolden Armor, ShieldGolden Shield, BoomerangMoonring Blade, AccessoryPower Armlet, Shuriken

Blue Magic: OFlash, OAera, OWhite Wind, O1000 Needles, OPond's Chorus, Potion, OLevel 4 Graviga

It's one of those typical break-point dungeons! There is nice and elusive equipment, some of the Blue spells are very nice (especially OWhite Wind...OWhite Wind, I love you) and the monsters are tougher than anything you've seen so far. As for strategies, it's nice to have the following. You can Steal two nice items, though they are a rare steal. !Gaia will often use either Wind Slash or Sonic Boom, both of which are very useful. Wind Slash especially has great offensive capacities versus everything but the Enchanted Fans and the Ghidra enemies. !Animals will have a decent (40%-ish) percent of summoning a Nightingale which heals a decent amount. The other results are also helpful. Having a character summoning Animals all the time will pretty much take care of the defensive aspect of the dungeon.

Ra Mages cast level 2 elemental spells: OFira, OBlizzara and OThundara, always on the entire party. They're quickly disposed of with physical attacks. They may rarely drop an Elixir, though their common Steal ArmorSage's Surplice is less than stellar.

Ronkan Knight are meatshields and fairly proficient at it as well. They'll often survive a single shot of even your most powerful attacks and while they don't cast any lethal spells their physical attacks, especially !Sling, hurt when absorbed in succession. A common Hi-Potion Steal is worth a shot, they're pretty good at this point of the game. They're vulnerable to Mini, which completely shuts them down; in addition, they have 20% Evasion but cannot evade Aerial attacks so Whips and Bows will never miss.

Stone Masks attack physically only and will never use OFlash normally, unlike their Headstone counterparts. They'll be able to cast the spell when Controlled though, so if you still haven't learned the attack this is another opportunity.

Enchanted Fan is a feast for your party. They're annoying to fight due to the fact they absorb what's pretty much your best attack at this point - !Gaia's Wind Slash - but they make up for it in resource potential. First off, they randomly drop BowDark Bows, which are stronger Bows for your Rangers which sets Darkness 2/3 of the time when possible. Second, they'll often use OAera, so if you didn't pick up the Blue spell from either Page 32 or Gigas, here's where you can hardly avoid it. Lastly but most importantly, Enchanted Fans wield the mighty OWhite Wind, a healing spell for your Blue Mage which heals the entire party for the amount of the caster's current HP. You'll need to OConfuse or Control them to have them cast it on your Learning character(s), though.

Lamia also has two fabulous prizes for you, though both are harder to obtain. There's the Blue spell O1000 Needles, which causes 1000 HP damage every casting. However, since it's an offensive spell there's only one way to learn it; by means of the Beastmaster's !Control. Have Lamia cast it on him/her, revive the Learning character and you're set. The second one is an awesome piece of headgear: the HelmetLamia's Tiara. It's got 1 more Defense than the HelmetPlumed Hat, 5 more Magic Defense and raises the character's Magic Power by 3. In addition, it can only be worn by Magic Jobs. It also boosts the success rate of Sword Dance coming out of the !Dance ability, but since you have no access to it yet it shouldn't matter at this point. It's but a rare Steal though, and if you take a moment to think back to the horror of obtaining ArmorGaia Gear and/or the SpearJavelin, this'll be just like it. Lamia, on the offense, will try to use Entice on your male characters (she'll see through Faris' deceptive clothing and never target her) to set OConfuse and may !Slap a person as well.

Quick note on O1000 Needles; not even regarding the fact that 1000 damage is quite decent at these levels, the spell will always work. This means that it's a great way of damaging those pesky unkillables; Skull Eaters, Prototypes, Jackanapes, you name it.

Archeotoad is pretty much an Elf Toad on steroids. Weak to Ice-elemental attacks like other lizards. It'll randomly use OPond's Chorus, so you can learn it if you haven't earlier; just make sure you've got some Maiden's Kisses lying around. An unassuming enemy.

Hydra is the light-greenish multi-headed dragon. It's more or less Lightning- elemental; it absorbs the element and may use Lightning every even turn. Remember Lightning, the max HP/4-damage dealer much like Blaze and Breath Wing? Hydra's are remarkably sturdy but pose little threat overall as their attacks aren't all too powerful. They can drop a rare Dragon Fang, but for your sanity's sake, don't try. OLevel 5 Death works nicely to take them out in a single shot.

I'm going to tackle Ghidra in a special way, because there are so many things notable about it. It's a very strong monster that holds treasure.
  • Ghidra absorbs all elements except for Fire and Holy. In addition, it is inherently Reflective. Damaging a Ghidra calls for physical attacks, Flame Thrower or O1000 Needles. Be careful with weapons that cast random spells (WhipBlitz Whip, SwordAncient Sword and most importantly the AxeDeath Sickle) as those spells will be Reflected onto your party. Also note that a Ghidra can not be Controlled. The Ghidra is Undead, so you can use Potions to damage it. This dragon is the worst nuisance on the beach!
  • Ghidra will use physical attacks, Lightning and Poison Breath, an multi-target Poison-elemental attack that may set the status ailment. It's power is more or less random as it can deliver between 10 and 100% of its full potential. - When a Ghidra dies, it'll cast OLevel 4 Graviga, a Blue spell which reduces the current HP of every struck target by 75%. However, it'll only hit targets whose level is divisible by 4, so if your Blue Mage wants to learn the attack it better have an appropriate level. The Ghidra will not use the attack if it is Paralyzed when it dies.
  • You can Steal a rare Killer Bow from Ghidra; it's an even better bow than the BowDark Bow which has an 8% chance of flat-out killing the target. Good luck on that one.
  • The Ghidra is vulnerable to Paralyze, so a Whip or the Remora spell can halt it while you're pounding on it. Make sure to keep track of its HP though, since if you want to learn OLevel 4 Graviga the Ghidra shouldn't be Paralyzed upon defeat. Darkness also works.
The Ghidra is difficult to deal with. Approach with caution.

If you manage to learn OLevel 4 Graviga, note that it works on Ronkan Knight, Enchanted Fans, Lamias as well as Stone Masks. Sweet!

Pass through the first room. On the second level, there are invisible stepping tiles. They're entirely logical as you can see where they start (where the grassy bits aren't there), but you can use the Thief's Passage ability to actually see them. There's also a chest containing a ArmorGolden Armor. Finally, we can get our Heavy Armor characters in actual Heavy Armor again!

On the third level there's a chest you can reach only by some less-than-logical stepping tiles. It contains an Elixir; I kinda recommend the Find Passages ability here. Cross to the other side of the room to see three exits here. Go to the far right (chest!) which takes you to a chest with a ShieldGolden Shield. Equip it if you can (30%'s almost as good as an AccessoryElven Mantle now!). Get back to the split. The one leading into the middle of a wall takes you to a Save Point, so that makes only the remaining one the one to take.

The path takes you quite easily to a new chest containing a Potion in the end. Another split now; there's a door and a stairway. The stairway takes you to treasure! The treasure room has trap holes in it, which are the center and center-right tiles in front of the inverted "v" shape of the chests.

The chests contain, from left to right, 2000 Gil, a Shuriken, an SwordAncient Sword, another BoomerangMoonring Blade and a AccessoryPower Armlet. The SwordAncient Sword has a 33% chance of casting OOld (sets the ailment) while the AccessoryPower Armlet simply raises Strength by 3. It's not really that noticeable (maybe a damage increase of 10%) but it has superior Defense to your current 'Light' Relics.

Get back and go through the door. It's all straight-forward for a while until - confound it all - another split. The stairs go to a Save Point, so follow the door. Eventually, there's another split. The stairs take you to two chests, one containing an Ether and one containing a Cottage (a superior version of the Tent).

Now, trace back and get into the only other lead you have, which'll take you to King Tycoon and some monster. A winged snake-monster. Those things don't go together at all in real life! Didn't really think this one through, really. So King Tycoon gives you an order and you readily comply; however, being a guardian of the Earth Crystal isn't Archeoaevis an ultimately positive force to you? Oh well, logic was never your strong suit. How's killing monsters with bells going for you lately?
Bestiary #262
Attack Mult.
Magic Atk.
Mag. Def.
Mag. Evade
Stolen Items
Dropped Items
Command Immunities
Elemental Immunities
Catch, Control, Scan
Elemental Absorb
Elemental Weakness
Blue Magic
Status Immunities
Fought four times at 1600HP, then revived with 2500HP.
Hasted Berserkers with Two-Handed can physically pierce Archeoaevis' strong defenses. Released monsters can also be potent, and magic can be effective as well if you keep track of Archeoaevis' shifting elemental absorptions. Once you get to the final form, stop using magic.

Archeoaevis is a monster which switches elemental properties. The only way Final Fantasy V is capable of performing this feat is by switching monsters altogether. You won't see it happen, but let me assure you you've killed five monsters by the time you've given Archeoaevis his face full of damage. Every subsequent incarnation has lower Defense but higher Magic Defense than the previous form. Archeoaevis changes forms in this order:
HP Cap
Breath Wing
!Wing Attack: Poison
!Tail: Darkness
!Claw: Paralyze
!Tusk: Confuse
Breath Wing, Frost, Blaze, Lightning, Maelstrom, Entangle

To simplify a little, you'll have to deal at least 8900 HP damage before you've destroyed the serpent altogether. And you'll find that Archeoaevis is a difficult guy to hurt...

First off, Archeoaevis has quite a lot of Defense and Magic Defense. You can keep track of its HP and know at all moments which elements aren't absorbed. By always boosting the spell cast, Summoners and Black Mages can deal around 800 HP damage with third-level elemental spells and elemental summons. Since the first form is weak to Wind-elemental attacks, OAera can be used for some decent damage, as can the !Gaia ability. After it loses its elemental edge, it becomes worthless.

The big damage dealers are Released monsters (Ronkan Knights attack for over 1500 damage, Mini Dragons cast OHoly for about 2000 damage), but these can only be used once and I'm not assuming you've got four powerful monsters stored just for the occasion. O1000 Needles is a great way of dealing damage as well. You'll be hard-pressed to reach this number with most other skillsets, it's unblockable and is never absorbed. The most useful tip I can give you, though, is the Berserker. Barrier-piercing properties, anyone? Normally, he'll deal anywhere between 300 and 800 damage with the AxeDeath Sickle and between 200 and 600 damage with the AxeOgre Killer. You can double that with the obvious Two-Handed support ability; were you considering anything else on a Berserker anyway? Support a Berserker with a AxeDeath Sickle held with both hands with a OHaste spell and it'll be able to take down Archeoaevis by itself. A thing of beauty, say true.

If you're able to let your party revolve around the aforementioned Berserkers, install one or two OCura (preferably also OEsuna) casters and you're set. Heal up Darkness should it hit your Berserker(s). OSlow isn't all that useful as it's dispelled every time you 'kill' an Archeoaevis, so just keep focused on healing your main offense. Clothes characters are best off throwing Water Scrolls; Archeoaevis will never absorb Water-elemental attacks and their physical attacks are useless anyway. Should your Clothes characters be able to use !Blue, O1000 Needles is by far the best attack option. The same goes for Mages; next to healing, O1000 Needles is the strongest attack you can use. If the spell isn't learned, or black elemental spells when you know they won't be absorbed help out. Any Heavy Armor charcter that misses both Two-Handed and a AxeDeath Sickle or AxeOgre Killer should bow his head in shame and revert to the Knight for damage output. It'll suck.

When the first four Archeoaevis' have been destroyed, the creature will appear to die off but revive in an instant. This is the final version; Defense is actually mediocre as opposed to high in this form, but Magic Defense is soaring so lay off any spells. He can use all four of the elemental multi-target spells the previous forms could use, but adds Maelstrom to the list. Maelstrom is an attack that reduces the target's HP to a single digit, much like Tail Screw. The problem is that it's multi-target. Be sure to heal up ASAP from Maelstrom. Entangle is annoying but not all that dangerous. The final form is vulnerable to OLevel 5 Death, so if your Blue Mages are sick of O1000 Needles, this spell will get the job done nicely.

For your troubles, you obtain no item worthy of mentioning.

Know that once you've followed King Tycoon into yonder room, you won't be able to come back to a lot of places for a long time with all four characters, some of them permanently. If you have any business left in this world, I suggest you attend to it now; take a quick peek at chapter 1.38 for more information.

Once you're in the next room, things go quite poorly indeed. Escape is of the essence.

The new Crystal shards contain Dragoon, Samurai, Chemist and Dancer. The Dragoon uses Lances, weapons that cannot be wielded with two hands (an oddity, if you ask me), but can do double damage with the !Jump ability, inherent to the Dragoon. It has the oddity of being the only meatshield Class that removes itself from the battlefield to attack, making it a rather poor damage sponge.

The Samurai right now equips Katanas, which is awesome. Katanas inflict critical hits like Barehanded punches sometimes do; the downside of Katanas over Swords is that !Spellblade cannot affect them. The Samurai's !Zeninage ability costs money, but deals sickening amounts of non-elemental and purely level-based damage.

The Chemist is an odd utility Job that cannot equip Rods and has trouble dealing damage; after 60 ABP it'll learn the !Mix ability, which grants you access to all kinds of powerful attacks, buffs, debuffs and other game-breaking techniques that break this game.

Since the Chemist can double its maximum and current HP with the Goliath Tonic, !Blue is a good action ability since O????, OWhite Wind and OSelf-Destruct use HP to calculate effect.

The Dancer has poor stats, and !Dance is random. However, the Dancer can equip the HelmetRibbon to compensate for its poor stats. The HelmetLamia's Tiara increases the chances of !Dance its most powerful outcome, Sword Dance, from 25% to 50%, but it's either the Tiara or the HelmetRibbon so choose wisely.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
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