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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.18: The Fire-Powered Ship

Enemies: Crew Dust, Poltergeist, Defeater, Motor Trap,
Liquid Flame

Treasures: Cottage, Elixir x3, HelmetGreen Beret, BoomerangMoonring Blade, AccessoryMythril Gloves, Phoenix Down, AccessoryThief's Gloves

Blue Magic: OFlash, OSelf-Destruct

It seems the Fire-Powered Ship is sucking away the power of the Fire Crystal.

Stop the cause, and the Fire Crystal may yet be saved. It's time to quickly dive into the Fire-Powered Ship and shut down the engine. Let's do it! You'd think that with all the destructive technological genius of Cid, they simply could have set off a bomb on the ship, but I digress...

NOTE: All formations with two Motor Traps will lack the Motor Trap enemies when you encounter them. They will appear only when you have killed a sole Defeater on the battlefield. When you kill one together with other enemies (including other Defeaters), Motor Traps won't appear. If you kill the last Defeater with a Counter attack, Motor Traps won't appear.

An NPC in Karnak talked about the Crew Dust and its tendency to cast OFlash when alone. 'Tis true. If you didn't manage to extract OFlash from the Headstones, here's where you'll definitely want to learn the attack. Crew Dust are weak to Ice-elemental attacks so multi-targeted OBlizzara spells and Shiva clean major house. Crew Dust are also weak versus Wind-elemental attacks, but it's just that you don't have any truly powerful Wind-elemental attacks right now. Two OAero spells will take them down. They'll normally attack with physicals only, with the occasional !Sap thrown in (causes the Sap status). Another fun thing about Crew Dust is how they can't avoid Blue spells; they'll always hit. So OFlash and OVampire will never miss or something, OAera is unblockable anyway.

Poltergeist absorbs Ice-elemental attacks but is weak to Wind. Its !Lick attack, which sets Confuse, is really annoying so dispatch them quickly.

Motor Trap only appears when a sole Defeater is killed. Motor Trap has several interesting attacks. First, there's Gamma Ray, a single-target attack that sets Stop on a target. When hit by a Lightning-elemental attack such as the Black OThunder spell, they'll cast OSelf-Destruct which deals the caster's current HP worth of damage while killing the caster.

Defeaters only attack physically. They're weak to Ice-elemental attacks. They may drop Speed Shakes, items that can only be used by the !Drink command you can't have yet.

Walk down the wooden interior of the Fire-Powered Ship until you suddenly encounter the mechanical rooms. Here's where the monsters start appearing. When you enter, you can see a white door; it leads to a chest containing AccessoryMythril Gloves. Now, ascend the stairs and get up the stairs to the far left. It'll eventually net you an Elixir. Now, get back down. In this room you can still find a chest with a Cottage, and the only stairs you haven't used up to that point gets you another Elixir. Now, leave through the other white door to find an elevator. See the red switch?

On this new weird metal ramp, there's a Phoenix Down to the right. If you haven't picked up the World Map in the Ship Graveyard you can find it here as well. Also, another elevator.

Now, this is just getting needlessly complex! There's a pipe to the left of you. Seriously, who designed this thing? Cid, obviously, but why did he go bonkers during the process? A completely useless conveyor belt keeps you from opening a chest, too.

Follow the pipe, white door, elevator, and then there are multiple options. Starting from the left, the first takes you back to a point you've already been. Useless. The second, well, you'll want to take this one last, as it continues the dungeon. The third nets you the chest you couldn't obtain earlier. It's a pair of AccessoryThief's Gloves! Finally, the right side leads to new sub-area where you eventually find a HelmetGreen Beret. Nice.

Get the AccessoryThief's Gloves first. Only Thieves (aside from Freelancers) can equip these lightweight gloves; they add more Defense than the AccessorySilver Armlet and double your chances of successfully obtaining an item with !Steal and !Mug. They make sure that the Thief itself will forever be the superior robber, even if !Steal or !Mug is set on another Job. Get the HelmetGreen Beret by entering pipe #4 (counting from the left as before), then proceed to the right (for your Thief/Monk/Red Mage/Blue Mage) and throw yourself down #2. Before going through the white door, follow the stairs, flip the red switch and find a spiffy new weapon for the Thief. The BoomerangMoonring Blade deals the same amount of damage from the Back Row and is powerful enough to remove the need for Barehanded, so stick another ability on your Thief and put him or her in the Back Row.

Continue down the logical path. Don't step on the conveyor belt, you don't want to go that way. The other white door takes you to a Save Point: use it!

This room is a final last switch puzzle before the boss, so have fun before it gets too serious. The puzzle is easy; just flip every switch you can reach once when you reach them, except for the very bottom one which takes care of you wanting to return. Now, enter the white door to finally find the engine in the Power Room.

Oh, so there's Queen Karnak! And she's not nice to you now! Gosh, after doing stuff to King Tycoon and possessing Garula, that malevolent force we're trying to stop sure likes to find itself some high-profile lackeys. At any rate, by some logic I have yet to grasp, fire comes out of the engine and attacks you.

Yeah, there's no telling what happened here. Maybe Queen Karnak has awesome Fire-manipulating skills and that's why she's being controlled, in turn causing the flames from the engine to attack you. Maybe she was just a guard here and the power from far beyond controls the fire, who knows. At any rate, there's a flame monster to cope with now.
Liquid Flame
Liquid Flame
Bestiary #251
Attack Mult.
Magic Atk.
Mag. Def.
Mag. Evade
Stolen Items
Dropped Items
Common: Flame Scroll
Command Immunities
Elemental Immunities
Physical, Slow, Haste, Stop, Shell, Catch, Control
Elemental Absorb
Elemental Weakness
Blue Magic
Status Immunities
Do as much damage as possible each time you hit Liquid Flame, as each strike will cause it to counter with something strong and then change form. The least expensive way to accomplish this is to use OBlizzara with characters who also have RodFrost Rods, and to use OGravity.

Here's the deal, and it's a very simple one. There are three basic forms to this enemy: Human, Hand and Whirlwind. Each form will randomly use one or two attacks and will perform an especially nasty attack when you damage it, after which it'll revert to another form. Here we go:
Normal Attacks
Human Form
Attack, !Rush, Blaze
Attack, !Ray
OFira (single target)
OFira (on self)

I don't believe we've been over the Magnet attack before; odd as it may seem on an opponent such as this one, all that Magnet does is set the affected party member in the Front Row. If it already was in the Front Row, no effect will occur. Flame is like a Fire-elemental Breath Wing; it deals 25% maximum HP damage. The human form has 20% evade, the Hand has 10% evade and is immune to Ice attacks, and is Heavy. The Whirlwind has 30% evade.

Liquid Flame starts off in its human form. The entire point of this battle is that every single time you damage Liquid Flame it deals an especially nasty attack and changes form. Thus, you'll want to have as few hits as possible, with as much damage output as possible. The Big Four when it comes to damage are RodFrost Rod-boosted OBlizzara spells, RodFrost Rod-boosted Shiva summons, Two-Handed OBlizzara swords and...OGravity! OGravity cuts the amount of current HP of Liquid Flame in half, dealing up to 1500 damage when Liquid Flame is undamaged. Note that OGravity doesn't work on the Hand form, as it is Heavy.

Note: Obviously there's the option of breaking RodFrost Rods versus the Liquid Flame; while released OBlizzaga spells do enough damage to utterly destroy Liquid Flame in two hits, I don't think it's necessary in a normal game and it's just going to cost you items/money which other strategies don't. If you find yourself playing a single class challenge or something, it's a win ticket; you can also simply change to a Time Mage, have it cast OGravity, absorbs the first Blaze attack that will never kill anybody, then shatter an RodFrost Rod to kill the flame.

Start the battle off with a OGravity spell, and heal up from the Blaze attack that is its counter. Mystic Knights are faster than Time Mages, so you should probably already have cast an OBlizzara spell on any swords you may have wanted to imbue. If the Hand was called (that bloody thing!), have a neutral physical attack change it again (hey, is your Clothes class character good for something too!) and attack whatever the result is with a heavy Ice-elemental nuking. It should be close to defeat now, so heal up from whatever damage you may have taken and deliver the final blow.

There is no good reason to not have either OBlizzara or OGravity, and that's basically all you need (Two-Handed OBlizzara swords and Shiva are variations, really) so this pretty much the strategy you should follow. Double !White or !Red casters are supremely useful to be able to restore HP as quickly as possible.

Of course, you could simply rough it out without carefully planning your violence; as long as you have the OCura spells to counter Blaze and OFira with, you shouldn't be in too much trouble. In this case, I should mention the fact that all parts are vulnerable to the !White OConfuse spell and that the Whirlwind form very easily runs out of MP, so you might want to sit there and wait for it to run out of MP the first time you see it so you definitely have a brief moment of rest when you encounter it in the future.

It's a toss-up what the best dropped item is; the RodFlame Rod is quickly usable but is for freaking sale already, the Flame Scroll is a 200 Gil item you'll be able to use in the near future one single time and it'll be a while before you'll be able to wield the BowFlame Bow within a Job, at which time you'll easily have the money to buy one. I'd pick the BowFlame Bow simply because the most expensive item, but it's entirely up to you.

After the fight, we're hurried to go see the Fire Crystal. Funnily, if you trace back your steps at this point and talk to Cid, he'll give no notion to the fact that you've stopped the engine and urge you to, in fact, go stop the engine. After having endless fun with the conveyor belts once tied to the engine, I suggest you walk into the pipe and save the world already. Go on!

I suggest you simply stand helplessly by while yet another crucial pillar on which this world is resting crumbles before your very eyes.

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