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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.14: The Golden Warrior and the Tower of Walse

Enemies: Elf Toad, Ice Soldier, Ricard Mage, Wyvern,
Pas De Seul, Garula

Treasures: Maiden's Kiss, ArmorSilk Robe, AccessorySilver Armlet

Blue Magic: OPond's Chorus

Elf Toads are weak to Ice-elemental attacks, so any Black Mage with the RodFrost Rod should be taking them out easily. Multi-targeted, the OBlizzard spell isn't powerful enough to kill them, not even with the RodFrost Rod. When an Elf Toad is alone, it will randomly (33%) start to use OPond's Chorus, which sets the Toad status. Once your Blue Mage has been hit by the attack, you can kill it and you'll have learned the Blue spell OPond's Chorus. OToad completely disables the enemy; it stops special attacks, and physical attack and physical defense drops to 0. It's nice enough, especially versus the boss we're about to face.

Ice Soldiers attack physically and randomly cast the OBlizzard spell, but that's nothing too threatening. What's really important here is Ice Soldier's affinity for all things sword; not only will it rarely drop a SwordLong Sword (lame), it has common SwordMythril Swords (awesome) for you to steal, which are superior to your current blades. You'll note the difference, especially with Two-Handed, so make sure to get one for every potential sword-wielder in your party.

Ricard Mages are arcane as jerks. Here's what they do:
They are vulnerable to OSilence, but casting OSilence on them all just won't do all the time so flat-out killing them before they get to the ODrain spell is a better strategy. The interesting thing about them is the fact they rarely (the same old 1/16) drop a RodFlame Rod, which is simply the Fire-elemental Rod of the RodFrost Rod you found in Carwen. They upgrade your Fire-elemental attacks by 50%, so stick to OFire when you've got it equipped. Note that Ricard is a French alcoholic beverage, so you can picture these guys drunk if you want to. "Zut alors! Dormez! Canalisation!" *hiccup*

Wyvern will just use Attack whenever, but not when they're alone. Oh, no. When alone, they'll get all freaky and whatnot. In fact, they'll use Breath Wing, of which the damage like with Wing Raptor will simply be 25% of your maximum HP. Is that a good thing? No. Kill them as soon as possible, but not before you Steal one or more of those sweet common KnifeMythril Knife(ves!) they carry around. You want those for your Thieves.

Pas De Seul is annoying. They have the most HP out of any creature here, and their !Fin attack adds Poison. They're weak to Lightning-elemental attacks, so Black OThunder spells work just fine. In keeping with the French Ricard Mages, Pas De Seul means something like 'dance for one person'. You can e-mail me the hidden symbolic meaning here if you have any ideas.

Mount that Wind Drake of yours and go check out the meteor. Nobody's here and there's nothing interesting going on. There seems to be a weird discoloration on the very front of the meteorite however, which could indicate a hidden door of some sorts; there's nothing you can do to open it now, however. Let's check out Walse Tower, check out the entire militia of Walse surrounding it and all, that'd be kinda impressive.

The entire militia of Walse consists out of two wounded soldiers eating dust. It seems only three made it up there; holy beast-baby Garula who went berserk and knocked the guards down, King Walse and an unknown warrior. Strangely enough, should you fly the Wind Drake back to Walse now, Garula will be happily prancing around with the little girl as always. It's a glitch in the Matrix!

The path is entirely straight-forward and without features until you cross the body of King Walse. Still alive, but barely. He urges you to continue and stop Garula. It slowly becomes more and more apparent some force is consciously pushing for the destruction of the crystals, but who could possibly care for the death of this world? Next to King Walse is a pillar in the water overgrown with vines. This pillar can be climbed to reach a chest containing a ArmorSilk Robe, a nice new piece of equipment for your mages.

The next floor houses a Save Point and a chest containing a Maiden's Kiss, an item used for removing the Toad status ailment. It's not until the eighth floor that I get to mention something interesting again: these water-covered floors house three patches of overgrown structure. Climb the left one to find a Silver Armlet. Everybody but the Knight can equip it, but it seems to me that the Thieves and Monks of your party need it the most (especially the Thieves). Fall down the hole and climb the right patch. There's a chest with an Ether here. Climb the stairs here to reach the Water Crystal.

Both anomalies wait for you near the - thank the gods - intact Water Crystal. Garula is battling the mysterious golden warrior...and winning. In a few words, it's explained that a being is controlling Garula, and that it by these means seeks to destroy the Water Crystal. We MUST stop the beast before it can accomplish this.

Garula always was a common sight around the Water Tower, as being one of the few monsters pure-hearted enough to stand the purified water. It's not this creature's fault that it was the target of manipulation, but we can't stand by and let the Water Crystal be destroyed.
Bestiary #250
Magic Beast
Attack Mult.
Magic Atk.
Mag. Def.
Mag. Evade
Stolen Items
Dropped Items
Common: Potion
Rare: Hi-Potion
Common: Hi-Potion
Command Immunities
Elemental Immunities
Catch, Control
Elemental Absorb
Elemental Weakness
Blue Magic
Status Immunities
Garula attacks physically, and counters physically. Therefore, OFlash and OPond's Chorus help significantly, though Garula can remove his Toad status unless silenced. !Guard and Cover work well in combination.

Garula attacks physically, and he hits hard and fast. He may counter any damage done on him by up to two physical attacks after he has reached 800 HP or less, and his special attack !Rush adds the Sap status as well, which is a bad thing. Garula has four weaknesses you can exploit:
  • Being only physical in nature and never using anything else unless it's countering an attack makes it a sitting duck for any character who combines !Guard with the Counter support ability. With this combination, you can't lose.
  • The Whip you won from Magissa may Paralyze the creature, so if you're willing to have a character lose out on 5 ABP you can really cripple Garula.
  • OFlash, the !Blue spell you may have learned from the Headstone on North Mountain. Setting Darkness on Garula will make all of his attacks miss 75% of the time, which is a sweet deal. If you have OFlash at your disposal, make sure to utilize it.
  • OPond's Chorus, the insane new hype spell for every Blue Mage teenager works against Garula. Sure, the creature may cast OToad on itself to remove the status, but that's a turn he could've spent attacking, and it misses on occasion. Physicals from Toads do no damage, but sadly !Rush still inflicts the Sap status. To be extremely mean to baby Garula, cast OSilence on him before casting OPond's Chorus; OSilence stops the OToad spell from Garula so he'll be stuck as a harmless Toad.

Any combination of the above works like a charm. Remember that Garula is an opponent that is most dangerous when attacked head-on; if you could use a OCure spell, stop attacking him and the barrage of attacks Garula seems to deliver will suddenly decrease dramatically in number. Take advantage of this. Garula can catch you off-guard, but you shouldn't let that happen. Any character with the Cover support ability works great as meatshield for unexpected near-death characters, especially when paired with (you guessed it) !Guard.

To be short, keep the initial damage to a minimum, !Steal, cast OFlash and OSilence, whack him a little, cast OPond's Chorus and go all-out. There's little to worry about if you follow this strategy.

After Garula has been dispatched (you'll learn later that Garula is still alive...are we actually going to kill a boss one of these days?) the Water Crystal will shatter. Gods, all this work for nothing, that's just grand. The heavily wounded golden warrior will stumble to the exit in a vain attempt to see the light of day before dying, and just before he collapses he makes it known that he knows ol' Galuf. He proceeds to die, inconveniently blocking the exit, thus constituting a fire hazard.

The Water Crystal shards shine a mysterious light. That's "Sparkle" for 'please use me'. There are six shards, but one of them is blocked from your path. When you pick up the five shards you can pick up at this point, Walse Castle starts rumbling beneath your feet. There's a door, but before you can properly escape, the entire peninsula sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Great, we'll be the Chosen Corpses in no time at all. A last-second save from an old friend changes fate, though, and the party is again off.

And, we've got new Jobs! Awesome!

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
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