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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.13: Kingdom of Walse

Enemies: Jackanapes

Treasures: AccessorySilver Specs, 490 Gil, 1000 Gil x2, AccessoryElven Mantle, Phoenix Down, Tent, OSpeed (Time spell)

Blue Magic: OMoon Flute (in theory)

Walse is a thriving town blessed by water so pure monsters won't come near it. This doesn't go for the creature Garula though, friendly big tusked teddybear that it is. If you descend the stairs into the moat and enter the house in the south-west corner of the town of Walse, you'll find AccessorySilver Specs in the grey pot.

One of the frogs in the pond throws a sweet Muppets reference at you; maybe this is just a town dude who is under the influence of the OToad spell? Before debates start raging, let me assure you that the game proves you don't have to possess a crystal shard to be able to cast magic (else the Magic Shops'd be really, really hard-pressed to find customers).

Magic Shop: Speaking of the Magic Shop, they're selling a brand new brand of Magic you are at this point unable to wield. The first four belong to the Time Mage, the last three to the Summoner. Man, this doesn't bode well for the continued existence of the Water any rate, there's no reason to buy them at this point so don't waste your Gil just yet.

Weapon Shop: The only new feature is the AxeBattle Axe, of which the average damage output is similar to that of the SwordLong Sword on a Freelancer classed character and inferior to one using a Whip. Regardless, you need to switch to the Freelancer class when you want to use it, and it's not particularly grand, so don't.

Armor Shop: Buy as you see fit. Don't forget that you found a HelmetMythril Helm back at North Mountain so buying a HelmetIron Helm may be pointless. The ArmorKenpo Gi is your first piece of equipment with a stat boost: + 1 on Strength.

Item Shop: Make sure to dive into the Item Shop and buy a few Maiden's Kisses. There'll be Toad status ailments soon. It's a funny thing you can buy kisses as an item to carry with you; it could prove THE solution to that one well-meaning but unlucky in love friend everybody seems to have.

There's nothing else to do here, so let's talk to King Walse and have this stupid, stupid using the Water Crystal for the nation's welfare stopped. It'd be like telling Mister President of about every freaking country in the world that using gasoline is a big bad no-no, but whatever.

When you enter the castle, there's a double wooden door and some stairs going down. Pass through the double wooden doors and in the next room, go around the stairs going up to the stairs going down. There are hidden treasures here, containing a Phoenix Down, a Tent and 490 Gil. Track back to the main hall.

There's an invisible timer ticking here, people! No, not really, I mean plot-wise. So let's say we forget about minor things for now and waltz right into King Walse' throne room, slam our fist on the table and demand discontinuation of the amplifying process of the Water Crystal. This aggression will not stand, we will stop this (possibly) destructive process!

King Walse: No.

As a male writer, I'm obviously not allowed to say this, but there's something undeniably cute about King Walse. Maybe it's the fact he has no mouth, maybe it's the fact he's literally draped in colorful, partly purple robes, maybe it's that pink ball on his head or maybe it's just the way he raises his right hand in his Hey Ho Let's Go stance, but to me he is just precious! He's like a fluffy little pimp in that get-up.

At any rate, there's a new meteor now, and here's hoping the falling meteors have no causal relation to the shattering crystals. King Walse moves out with some guards to check up on Walse Tower.

To recap: King Walse, king of the country of Walse whose only mentionable city is called Walse, has left Walse Castle to check up on the Tower of Walse.

Enough with the Walse! Let's follow the King out. Since the three notable features of Walse Castle are best left for a later time you can just walk out of the castle, climb on the Wind Drake and fly to the meteor. I talk about the meteor in the next chapter. If you must know about Jackanapes, the Summoned Monster Shiva that is sealed in the purified water by the Water Crystal and Lone Wolf the pickpocket, read on.

When you enter the castle, you can continue on, enter the double wooden door or descend the stairs. For all three features, we must descend the stairs.

Going even further down will get us to the cells. To the far right is a sinister old man, but on the left is where the action is happening. Lone Wolf the famous thief asks you if you want to release him. You could do so, but there are no upsides and only downsides to this. Once released, Lone Wolf will roam the world again, causing a few items to be removed from chests when you get there. These items include: a WhipBlitz Whip and four Cottages, spread throughout the lands. Especially the WhipBlitz Whip is annoying to lose as the only other way to obtain one is as a rare steal late in the game (as in: the WhipBlitz Whip will be long useless by then).

So don't. If you do, however, you can enter his cell and check the grey pot, which contains...nothing! In addition, the door will close behind you, forcing you to wait in the locked cell for a while before the door opens again (by itself, no less). Tight security these guys are running here. Hilarity ensues. The blue-haired guy on the far left also asks you if you want to release him, but when you say "Yes" he'll get so excited he runs into the wall and passes out (which really is funny to watch a couple of hundred times on a rainy day).

Get back up and find the other stairs going down in the upper-right corner. Let me tell you something about the dreaded demon Jackanapes.

Bestiary #30
Attack Mult.
Magic Atk.
Mag. Def.
Mag. Evade
Stolen Items
Dropped Items
Common: Iron Draft
Rare: Elixir
Common: Phoenix Down
Command Immunities
Elemental Immunities
Elemental Absorb
Elemental Weakness
Blue Magic
Status Immunities

Jackanapes always attacks from behind, so unless you have a Thief in your party at the time (or somebody with the Vigilance support ability) you'll feel the effects of that. The boss will attack physically and with !Critical Attack (normal damage) and counter any damage done to him with a OMoon Flute attack, a multi-target attack that sets Berserk on your characters. Your Blue Mage(s) can learn this move, but since you very likely won't be able to end this battle by a means other than escaping, there's no way to learn it at this point.

Jackanapes, while not unbeatable in the full sense of the word, presents so much of a hindrance that defeating it at this point would require incredible amounts of leveling and luck. Jackanapes absorbs all elements, and since your only non-elemental spell is the physical OGoblin Punch, you'll have to rely on physical attacks only to be able to damage this guy. Its 50% Evade rating is bad enough, but with 50 Defense any monster buys itself an insurance policy that unless the attack in question is barrier-piercing, it's not going to leave an actual mark. The only way to hurt Jackanapes at this point is by means of a Critical Hit; the Fists have an 8% chance (for God's sake, use Barehanded) and the KatanaAshura has a 12% CH ratio, but that's all you have. And you just don't have the HP and power at this point to rely on this. You'll be able to defeat this guy later, but for now I suggest leaving the treasures here alone, which contain the Time OSpeed spell for your future Time Mage(s), 1000 Gil, another 1000 Gil and an AccessoryElven Mantle.

Note: if you know this game and know damn sure you want the KnifeChicken Knife later, there's no downside to equip a Thief with the !Flee ability and run from every battle, thus obtaining the treasures easily. Normal running is not as effective; Jackanapes will likely kill at least one character before you manage to escape, and using a Phoenix Down for every encounter gets pricey very fast.

The AccessoryElven Mantle is a nice Relic which gives some nifty Elf-like stat boosts, including a 5% Magic Evade you won't see in the menu. Its real power, however, is the fact that any character wearing the AccessoryElven Mantle will have an extra hit determination check where a rough 33% of any blockable physical attack sent his or her way is stopped (with a spiffy cape animation, no less). It's really sweet and in my eyes superior to current and most future Defense/Magic Defense raising Relics.

The final feature is the road leading to Shiva. You could prepare for Walse Tower by learning the Blue spell OPond's Chorus here from the Elf Toads and Stealing common SwordMythril Swords from the Ice Soldiers, but since you can do this preparation in the first few battles of Walse Tower itself I see no reason to go out of your way and do it here. Shiva herself is fairly hard to defeat at this point and you might as well do it later as she's hardly helpful to you without a character being able to summon her in battle. Let's get to that bloody tower already, thee punkster!

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
Version 6
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