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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Written by  Shotgunnova

3.10: Third Lindblum's A Charm

Treasures: δGarnet

Hilde wants Zidane to come to the meeting room the next morning. Get the letter from Mogki to Kumool before you go upstairs to said place, though. The lady tells of Kuja's plans, where he's from, and that his home is 'connected' to the Shimmering Island (that one icy isle by Esto Gaza). She also tells of an old castle on the Lost Continent that can help them get to Kuja's home… After a few scenes, Dagger will be in the party and she won't have that pesky concentration problem any longer. A δGarnet will also be in the inventory, which teaches her the Bahamut eidolon. The Hilde Garde 3 will also be ready to go… can I get a hooray for airship transportation? Talk to the crewman to change parties; Erin will steer the craft. Well, technically, you will be steering the craft. Controls are the same as they were for the Blue Narciss.

When you're ready to go, proceed to the castle on the northwest part of the Forgotten Continent. It's in a basin, but you can land right by it. If you aren't ready to advance the plot, there's a bunch of sideline stuff you can do, now. So, either read on, or move to the next chapter depending on your preference. These are all optional, of course, but as they are the focus of the chapter, you can have them all right here.

Secret Elixir

Enter Lindblum through the Falcon's Gate and dock; then, inspect it for the boarding options. Choose to go to the bridge instead of immediately taking off. There's a ladder on the outer deck leading to an δElixir! This can only be obtained while docked in Lindblum, oddly enough…

Return to Quan's Dwelling

Put Vivi and Quina in the party and visit the dwelling. A scene involving Quan and Quale takes place; when it's done, inspect the clock and receive a pair of δRunning Shoes

Final Chocographs Update

Now that the forest/lagoon can again be excavated, it's possible to dig up all the δChocograph Pieces as well. When six are collected, Mene will note to you that they form a new chocograph: the Mist Ocean. This will open up the path to the remaining locations: Mist Ocean, Outer Island, Outer Island 2, Fairy Island, and Forgotten Island.

Chocobo's Paradise

Once you've got a gold chocobo that can take off/land in forested areas, fly to the upper-left corner of the world map to find a lone island. Land and use a δDead Pepper on the crack to enter this heaven-sent place. Make your way up to the second level where Fat Chocobo is, watch a few scenes, and leave again (although the other chocos give hints to crack locations). After you've dug up all chocographs, the choco on Fatty's lefthand side will max out your δDead Peppers amount so you can find mountain cracks.

Chocobo's Air Garden

With the flight ability available, you can enter this place. All of the six δChocograph Pieces hint at a location this airborne station may be; a shadow is all you will see of it from the ground. However, when you do find that weird shadow, use a δDead Pepper underneath it to skyrocket up. There is a whole new place to dig up the rest of the chocographs, where your digging power is cut by two thirds:
There's also the secret Ozma optional boss here, but it's got its own miniguide. That's all for Chocobo Hot & Cold!

Knight House Fight Club

There's an Amdusias (Treno) up for slaughter this time. It's Aerial type, so Bird Killer works well… although there's really no reason to be fair when you don't get EXP/AP/Drops, yeah? It uses Bio mainly and has a 'Horn' attack (physical damage), but can be slapped with Darkness, Silence, and Poison - δTent trick, anyone? My favorite is slinging the Sargatanas' petrify effect through Soul Blade, instantly winning the battle. The item this time is the superlative δRunning Shoes item! If you don't want to do this now, I will remind you when the time's almost up on getting it…

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IX
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