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Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough

Written by  Shotgunnova

1.9: At the Bohden Arch

Treasures: δGate Pass, δMultina Racket, δPotion

You will soon see some party changes coming, so turn on spoilers to help re-equip.

Equip Steiner with new items and approach the gate guards. After admittance, it's time to clear the alley from anyone who may see the knight's suspicious actions. Talk to the demi-human cleaning a gate, then talk to the man wearing overalls; talk to Jobless Jeff, then Part-time Worker Mary. This will clear the alley of any prying eyes. There's a chest on top of a (Conestoga?) wagon but cannot be obtained at the moment. Try to enter the alley and a guard will ask you to pick up the key item δGate Pass on the ground. Now, you can enter the alley at last. Get the δMultina Racket in the lower-left area before the 'changing area'.

Once Dagger emerges, she reminds Steiner that they're going to Treno. Equip Dagger with some good items (recommended: δRod, δMagus Hat, δGlass Armlet, δCotton Robe, δDesert Boots) and get the δPotion chest near the cable car's base. Grimo has a delivery to Nazna to give you as well, so don't forget to grab it! Buy items if you want and board the lift, bound for the summit. Pick the back seat to sit in and the view will change back to Zidane's crew! It's back to the world map. Burmecia is already marked on the map, along the northern section of wall, north-north-east from the Grotto's back door. Anyway, off to Burmecia. Bring an umbrella!

Optional: North Gate

From the Grotto's exit, hug the eastern cliff wall to arrive at the gate. Ah, the Burmecian Arch! Some commentary on what occurred on the other side takes place, and the chests with a δHi-Potion and δTent be raided. No other reason to be here, now. More

Optional: Blue Magic Update

Enemy to Eat
Blue Magic Learned
Near the eastern whirlwind's grassy areas.
Night (inflicts 'Sleep' on all allies/enemies)

Optional: Chocographs Update

The following chocographs can be done now, in this recommended order: Healing Shore, Bird's-Eye Lagoon, Small Beach. You can upgrade the chocobo's abilities now, so, you can get these other chocographs over in Lindblum territory (travel back through the Grotto). Choco can also dig up the first δChocograph Piece key item, even before he upgrades to Reef ability, mind you. More

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IX
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