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Final Fantasy IX Characters

Biographies by  Neal
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Quina Quen

Vital Statistics

Sometime in 1710
Blue Mage
Eat / Blue Magic


Quina is one of the main playable characters of Final Fantasy IX and acts as the main comic relief for the game. Quina is a Qu, which is a race of gourmands who dedicate their lives to eating only the finest "yummy-yummies." Nobody knows whether Quina is a male or female, and characters often refer to Quina as "s/he," but that doesn't happen too often because the group is mostly oblivious to what Quina is doing at any given moment. Quina's love of food often helps move the party forward unintentionally, such as breaking the gate to Fossil Roo while chasing a frog that Quina is trying to eat. The group can first encounter Quina in Alexandria Castle, working as a chef, but it isn't until the group enters a Qu's Marsh that Quina will interact with the group.

Quina is a magical character and acts as a sort of Blue Mage for the party. Quina uses forks as weapons, which do random, unreliable damage, and s/he can equip light armor and headgear. Quina is less useful as a physical fighter and more useful with the unique Eat and Blue Magic commands. Eat allows Quina to instantly kill any enemy whose current HP is at 25% or less of its max. If the enemy has the ability to use a specific spell, Quina will learn it and it will be immediately available to cast via Quina's Blue Magic command. Some of the best spells in the game are classified as Blue Magic, and they include healing, positive status effects, negative status effects, and outright damage.

There's more! But you need to turn on spoilers to see it.

Quina Trance


When Quina enters trance, his/her outfit turns into a bizarre amalgamation of a chef's uniform and soldier's armor. The Eat command is replaced by Cook, which allows Quina to perform the Eat command on any enemy with current HP at 50% or less of its max, rather than the normal 25%. This is a powerful way to easily learn unknown Blue Magic spells, but as the game progresses and Quina knows more and more spells already, it simply becomes a way for Quina to instantly kill enemies in an easier fashion.





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