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Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX

"World only have two things: Things you can eat and things you no can eat."

Introduced by  Death Penalty & Rangers51
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Final Fantasy IX moves into the CoN roster as the newest game we cover (in terms of its original release, at least!), bumping out Final Fantasy Tactics from that spot. It is perhaps fitting that here at CoN "newest" is something of an irony, for Final Fantasy IX itself has always been recognized as a convalescence of old and new, pushing boundaries for the series' future while reaching back to become one of the truest successors to the original feel of a Final Fantasy. This is, no doubt, why it remains a favorite with many of us here.

Final Fantasy IX, as it has been called many times over the years, is a loving homage to the Final Fantasy games of yore in its characterizations, settings, and in fact explicit winks back to its predecessors. The game was far from a passive retrospective, however. It was the last Final Fantasy with static backgrounds, yet with level of visual detail hitherto unprecedented in the series; it was the last Final Fantasy without voice acting, yet it expanded the palette of character emotions and narrative tone. It calls back to the melodrama of previous Final Fantasy games, never taking itself too seriously with its sometimes-odd minigames or quests and its self-aware construction as theatre within its own theatre. It's a realized world that turns outside the purview of its main characters while still keeping the focus where it must be: on you, the player. It's a game whose hold on your emotions builds stealthily as you progress.

The Caves of Narshe Final Fantasy IX section is full of character, weapon, and armor information; walkthroughs and miniguides; fanart and more. Our guides cover the original PlayStation release, mobile releases, and the newest Steam port. Thanks be to Square Enix for keeping the changes between versions quite small this time around, eh?

Now, that said, if you're coming to us with your mobile device in hand or with the game running on your PC, you might find one thing a little confusing - discs! You see, Compact Discs, also called "CDs," are little round plastic doohickeys that once went into your gaming machines to show you wondrous games. The original Final Fantasy IX came on four CDs and at certain points in the game you'd need to switch them out to continue the story. We've kept that "disc" nomenclature around both for the gamers on the original platform, but also to help divide up the game a bit more into sections. You can see it most obviously in the walkthrough, but if you're looking for a particular item or event and you can't find it, the odds are good that you'll be returning to that location later in the game and can look for it then. If you're ever confused, refer back to the walkthrough to see exactly where you can do what you're looking for.

In sum, we hope you will find in your experience of our Final Fantasy IX section, much like in the game itself, a mix of the old and the innovative; the well-remembered and the newly-discovered; the memories of past playthroughs and the excitement of setting out again. Thanks!

Final Fantasy IX Release Dates
Japan 7 July 2000Usa 13 November 2000
Europe 16 February 2001
Japan 20 May 2010Usa 15 June 2010
Europe 26 May 2010Australia 26 May 2010
Global 10 February 2016
Global 10 February 2016
Global 14 April 2016
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