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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

Edited by  Tiddles
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2.8: Huge Materia at Corel

Written by  Max
Enemies: Bomb, Cokatolis, Search Crown, Needle Kiss, Bloatfloat, Bagnadrana, Attack Squad, Gas Ducter, Wolfmeister (Enemy Skill: ★Big Guard), Eagle Gun

Head to the town of North Corel. Make your way down the old reactor, which you must have seen your first time in the mountains. When you reach the reactor, there will be two soldiers standing guard. Proceed to the soldiers and you will have to fight them. After the fight, a train will depart with the huge materia. Cid will find another train and you will begin to chase it.

You will find yourself on the train with two levers. Cid will give you a brief explanation on how to catch up to the next train. By the pressing the Menu and directional up button one after the other, you should catch up to the train in less than 30 seconds. You will then jump on the other train. Each cart brings a battle, on the first cart you will fight a Gas Ducter. The second cart brings two of the previous enemy. The third cart will bring a Wolfmeister. The fourth cart will bring the Eagle Gun. And on the final cart where the engine is located, you will fight the train conductor which is an Attack Squad.

You now have full command of the train. The instructions can be found at the bottom of the screen on how to manipulate the levers. To do it right, press the Cancel and Directional Up button at the same time, then the Menu and Directional Down button at the same time. Repeat until you gain speed. Then keep doing it until you accelerate more. After the second time your timer will disappear and you will have saved the town of North Corel.

As a reward you will receive the Huge Materia. There will be short praise from the villagers, and you will receive the OUltima materia. You will be permited a free night at the inn to heal. Head down on the next town level and enter the hut closest to the left; talk to the girl in the green cap. She will give you the δCatastrophe, Barret's level 4 limit. Now head to Fort Condor for the next piece of Huge Materia.

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