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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

Edited by  Tiddles
Site Developer

1.39: Mt. Nibel, Present Time

Written by  Elena99
Former Writer & Fanfiction Editor
Enemies: Sonic Speed, Kyuvilduns, Zuu, Twin Brain, Screamer, Dragon (Enemy Skill: ★Flame Thrower), Materia Keeper (Enemy Skill: ★Trine)

The paths of Mt. Nibel are twisting and long, and sometimes hard to distinguish from the background. The enemies here are also a step harder, so be cautious. You should also keep in mind that once you encounter a Dragon, you can steal a δGold Armlet from it.

Once you've gone around the first path, you can see a fork that goes either up, or to the left. Take the path up to get a δRune Blade (you have to run around behind the mountain, then back up.) Head back down, and resume the leftward path. There's another spot after the jump, just before the rock, where you can take the path and head up and right. Once you get up onto that mountain, you need to take the lower path, and get to the other side. See that glistening speck? That's a chest, your goal. It takes a lot of maneuvering up and to the right again, and it's a δPlus Barette. Once you manage to get back down to the rock, keep going left around to that bridge and cross it.

After the bridge, go down the two ladders and you'll see a path down, then a path to the left. If you head to the left, you can get to the reactor and go in, but there's really nothing interesting in there. There's a path down that takes you further into the mountains, and it loops around back to where you just were.

If you go down that ladder instead of through the door, you'll see a chest that's tricky to get to. Here's what you need to do: Push down the folding ladder on the middle platform first so you can back to where you started. Jumping down the chutes at the top lets you get at certain places and items. Their numbers are listed on the barrels themselves, ascending from right to left.

Chute 1: Drops you off right in front of the Materia Keeper.

Chute 2: Opens up over the rock with the shiny object, hereafter known as the δPowersoul.

Chute 3: Drops you on the second level.

Chute 4: Leads down to the isolated chest with an OAll materia. Getting back is as easy as a hop, skip, n' jump back to the right.

Chute 5: Also drops you on the second level.

In all, you only need to take chutes two and four.

To the right of the ladders, you'll see Materia Keeper moving around, you'll need to fight him to leave the mountain. First, though, go in the pathway before him, jump down, and go in that cave. Go around the side and up again, and you'll see a chest in a cave of stalactites. You need to go around to the other end, then head down through the rock on the ground, go in that little cavern, around to the side, then out to get the δElixir. Head back up and out the north end of the cave.

In the mako pool just outside, there is an OElemental materia. From here, head up into another cavern. You can take a path to the right that turns to the left at the top, and get the δSniper CR from the chest. Head to the right, then down; note that from here, if you go to the left, you can get back up to the reactor mentioned earlier. Heading right takes you to a dead end.

Head back to the area where you see the save point and the ladders. Save, and then you can go fight the enemy below. He's challenging, so it's best to use your fighters with the highest HP that don't have fire-based limits.

Materia Keeper
Big Horn, Hell Combo, ★Trine, ★Cure2
Strong Against
Weak Against
Win Item
Enemy Skill
Nibelheim Mts
Immune to Status
Sleep, Return, Confusion, Silence, Transform, Berserk, Stone, Slowly Stone, Manipulate, Death
OOdin is very useful on this enemy, but don't use any of your fire attacks, like OIfrit and OFire magic. Keep your healer at the ready, and cast OTime on that character if you get a chance. ★Bio2 works on this enemy, but don't even bother with OGravity; as with most bosses, it won't work.

When you finish, pick up the OCounter Attack materia that he drops. Head down the path he was guarding, around, and then you're out on the grasslands again.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VII
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