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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

Edited by  Tiddles
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1.14: Shinra Building, Floor 61 and up

Written by  Elena99
Former Writer & Fanfiction Editor
Enemies: Grenade Combatant, Sword Dance, Brain Pod, Moth Slasher, Hammer Blaster, Vargid Police, Warning Board, Zenene

Talk to everyone. When someone asks you who you are, and there's an option to mention Aeris. Don't, and you can get a Keycard to the next level. Head back to the stairs, and go up.

You're now in a library in floor 62; go inside and click on the books in the different coloured bookshelves to hear titles and descriptions; there’s talk of Ancients, and construction, and Jenova. Mayor Domino , the Mayor of Midgar, is also here, and you need to talk to him. Talk to the guy outside his office first, though, the Deputy Mayor.

The Mayor is bitter over being a librarian, more or less, and so offers you the keycard to the 65th floor if you guess his password. You can guess, or ask the Deputy for help.

The answer lies in the library. Read all the plaques, then look in the library itself for the book that doesn't fit. Each library has one, and once you figure out what those books are about, you should be able to guess the password. If you get it right the first time, you get an OElemental materia as well as the keycard. (The password changes each time.)

Head up to floor 63, and here you can get prizes by crawling through vents and opening doors. There are three coupons in the maze, and you can get all three. First, go around the top and open two doors so you can enter the room with the first coupon. After that, climb through the vent that's in the room with that coupon and head north on the intersection. Grab the coupon there, and then exit that room. From there, simply open the door that is blocking the path to the final coupon, and return to the computer to collect your prizes, a δStar Pendant, OAll materia, and a δFour Slots. The computer tells you what is what.

64 is the gym, you can walk around and talk to people. There's also a save point here, and in the room with treadmills, you can get a Shinra Gym Special Drink. The lockers in the back have items, if you click on them. The first row has a δPhoenix Down, second row has an δEther, the third row has a Megaphone, but Cloud doesn't take it.

Go up to floor 65, and there are enemies here, so watch out. This basically is a puzzle; you need to get the items in the chests, and put them in order on the model in the middle room. Only one chest opens at a time, though. Click all around on the model to get dialogue, and then go check for chests that are unlocked. Bring pieces back to the model and put them in before opening another. Once that's done, go back to the stairs and open the chest to get Keycard 66.

Click for Full ImageGo up, and there are no more enemies here; unless you count the Shinra management, who don't see you. Talk to people, then head to the bathroom. Go into the stall and climb up. Go to the grate, and spy.

Get out and go up and around, then catch up with Hojo, up to floor 67. Keep following, and he examines an orange, cat-like creature. Hojo leaves, then you look at the animal. Cloud notices the dome with the pink glow, and says Jenova. Look inside. Keep moving forward through the boxes, then you'll find a save point and OPoison materia in a chest.

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