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Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

2.42: Kefka's Tower

Party 1 (Imperial Castle)
Party 1 (Facility Rooms)

Enemies: Yojimbo, Dark Force, Muud Suud, Fiend Dragon, Mover, Cherry, Vector Lythos, Primeval Dragon, Landworm, Gamma, Great Malboro, Outsider, Demon Knight, Duel Armor, Great Behemoth, Vector Chimera, Fortis, Junk, InnoSent, Daedalus, Ahriman, Death Machine, Metal Hitman, Prometheus, Inferno, Rahu, Ketu, Gold Dragon, Skull Dragon

Lore: ODoom, ORoulette, OTsunami, OAero, O1000 Needles, OMighty Guard, ORevenge Blast, OWhite Wind, OLv. 5 Death, OLv. 4 Flare, OLv. 3 Confuse, OReflect ???, OLv. ? Holy, OTraveler, ODischord, OBad Breath, OTransfusion, ORippler, OQuasar, OSelf-Destruct

Party: Optional: Terra, Locke, Cyan, Shadow, Edgar, Sabin, Celes, Relm, Strago, Setzer, Mog, Gau, Gogo, Umaro

Since Kefka's Tower is so incredibly large and sports such an incredible variety of monster formations, monsters and areas, I'm going to describe the monsters as you reach the room where they can be found.

Let's get this baby cracking. Naturally, since you're in the final dungeon and all, you're probably assuming that these cretins are going to be very, very tough on you. This would be semi-right. They can be mean if you let them, but, as that went for quite a few other monsters out there, there's really nothing special to really worry about. If you've made it this far, I'm sure you're capable.

Vector Lythos like to attack physically (this includes !Bite, which is just a tad stronger than Battle) and use Fire Ball. They're weak to Ice-elemental attacks, like all lizards, but also to Water, so a OTsunami attack isn't a half-bad idea if you like using obscure moves to target elemental weaknesses. They're immune to instant death attacks, and you can Sketch (75%) and Control them for OWhite Wind attacks, which may help you.

Great Malboro is spunky and nasty. These nasty plants attack with physicals only under normal circumstances. When hit by a Magic spell, they have a 1/3 chance of attacking with a !Infernal Kiss attack, which sets Death. When alone, they will use OBad Breath, just like their brethren. They absorb every element except Fire, to which they are weak like any good little plant should be. They are vulnerable to every status ailment too (including Death), so use that to your advantage. Note that while Magic is usually a big no-no against these guys, they obviously can't counter once they are dead, so fatal Magic spells are okay. If you're sure you're going to do more than 7000 HP of damage or plan to cast OBreak, ODeath, or OBanish, there's nothing to worry about.

Great Behemoths like to think of themselves as bigger, better versions of Behemoths, possibly because they are. They attack physically and with the OMeteor spell (shaves off about 1500 HP, which is quite painful), and they counter any damage done with !Haymaker (Battle * 4). They're weak to Ice like normal Behemoths, but they have instant death protection, which certainly makes their omni-counter all the more annoying. Thankfully, they are vulnerable to OSleep and OStop. It's a good idea to set one of these before attacking, as !Haymaker is pretty painful. I should add a final note about the fact you can't run from them. Oh yeah, and you can steal a rare ClawTigerfang from them. ClawTigerfang is fairly pointless on Sabin by this point, especially if you already have one, but you might appreciate the novelty behind having more than one: If you're one of those Sabin + RelicGenji Glove + RelicMaster's Scroll + dual ClawTigerfang crazies, be my guest.

Yojimbos may very well be familiar faces to you as you could've brawled with them in the Colosseum. They're not quite as annoying in 'real life', but they come bloody close and that's bad enough. They attack physically, often two times every turn. Every fourth turn, a Wind Slash attack may make an appearance, sometimes even two in a row. The kicker, as always, is that it pulls a !Tradeoff attack out of thin air every time you kill it. The strategy to use here is the Imp status; set Imp and kill them. The Imp status will transform their physicals into automatic criticals, but it's worth it. They have the KnifeMasamune Knife as a rare steal; you shouldn't need any at this stage of the game, but you can change them into KnifeMurakumo Knives at the Colosseum, which are stronger weapons for Shadow to Throw than ShurikenPinwheels.

Dark Force is generally hailed as the ultimate Lore resource, and for a good reason too. Dark Force uses all the Lores available to Strago except for OMighty Guard, OForce Field, OGrand Delta, and OTransfusion. OTsunami can only be accessed by Dark Force when they are Confused or Controlled, however. Since this means that Dark Force can throw a wide array of nasty attacks your way, you'll want to kill them as quickly as possible. Instant death attacks work well, especially OLv. 5 Death. Lacking this, OBanish and OBreak spells are your best options. If Strago lacks Lores at this stage, here's Dark Force's AI script for the ultimate learning experience. Each possible outcome has an equal chance of being randomly selected each turn:

The two Lores that you are likely to not know at this stage are OReflect ??? and OQuasar; the former is a ridiculously horrible attack that sets Dark, Mute, and Slow on every Reflective opponent on the battlefield (which would have been mildly useful one hundred years ago, while scouting the Ancient Castle, a place you have no business returning to), while OQuasar is just a non-elemental, barrier-piercing attack that would have been extremely fine had it not been for the fact that OGrand Delta is better in every relevant category other than MP cost.

Cherry is a tough opponent, and as she often appears with two Outsiders, things are looking even more grim. I'd say that any battle with a Cherry/double Outsider formation is more dangerous than most of the boss battles you have to engage in this dungeon. Cherry is difficult to describe, as what she basically does is throw powerful spells around in a manner loosely related to her current situation. Any time she is damaged, she may cast either OCura on herself/her party, the OMeteor spell on your party, or both. When all monsters are Reflective, she'll cast OCuraga on your party, which makes no sense whatsoever. Getting the enemy party Reflective, though, takes a lot of effort in a situation where you otherwise achieve nothing, so that scenario shouldn't present itself. In no particular order, the spells she can cast are (all on the targets you'd naturally assume): OCura, OCuraga, OEsuna,OReraise, the level 3 spells, OFlare, OHoly, OProtect, OShell, ORegen, and OHaste. Oh yes, and she occasionally throws in a completely useless !Blinding Touch attack to blind a character. All in all, you want to stop those spells. OImp, OBerserk, and OStop are all ways to do just that. Make this a priority when facing that dreaded Cherry/Outsider/ Outsider combo, as a OBerserk spell never fails.

Outsiders are the most universally damaging opponents in this game. Not the most dangerous, mind you, as they are easily dispatched, but with inherent Haste, the ability to use the Throw command every turn, and a Throw counter to every non-fatal attack you perform, they're more than likely to sneak at least one blade down your throat. Every turn, they either Throw a ninja blade or a katana in this order:
  1. DirkKunai or KnifeAshura
  2. DirkKodachi or KnifeKotetsu
  3. DirkSakura or KnifeKiku-ichimonji
  4. DirkSasuke or KnifeKazekiri
  5. DirkIchigeki or KnifeMurasame

When damaged by the Fight command, any Outsider will respond with a ShurikenShuriken; in response to every damaging attack that's not a Fight command, they will throw either a ShurikenFuma Shuriken or a ShurikenPinwheel. Funnily enough, Outsiders appear to have a strong yet bizarre sense of honor; if they have not succeeded in killing your entire party by the time they Throw either a DirkIchigeki or KnifeMurasame, they will kill themselves with their !Ruin attack. Whenever you meet Outsiders, you will want to stop their actions immediately. You may Confuse them with the of the OLv. 3 Confuse Lore to divert their attention for a moment before attempting to kill them using OBanish or OBreak. They have a rare SwordStoneblade Steal. If, for some unthinkable reason, you want to risk it and go for the item, cast OStop to make your life a lot easier.

Metal Hitman's sprite doesn't intimidate. And, with 2000 Hit Points, physical attacks and the ODischord Lore there's no reason to fear these tiny metallic soldiers. They're weak to Lightning. Consequently, they succumb easily to a multi-target OThundaga spell, a EsperValigarmanda summon, a SkeanLightning Scroll, or something along those lines.

Junk is scrap metal with just enough self-conscience to explode when you come near. That's basically what they do; at the slightest hint of danger, they sacrifice themselves by using OSelf-Destruct or OTransfusion. There's also a chance that, on the first turn, the AI script will have them do nothing; if this is the case, there's a small chance they will use !Parallout on themselves on the second turn, which sets Clear. Regardless, act fast when you meet them. 2000 HP of damage to a character isn't something you were really looking for, so make sure you take them out ASAP. They're weak machines. OThundaga spells and SkeanLightning Scrolls galore will finish the job.

Fortis attacks with Fire Ball, Snowball, and Missile. Fire Ball is entirely too weak to worry about, especially since most of your characters will either absorb or take reduced damage from the attack. Missile is annoying when it hits, but Snowball is what stands out, as it's unblockable and unlikely you have characters running around with RelicSafety Bits or RelicMemento Rings. When struck by a Lightning-elemental attack, Fortis will respond with a !Double Arm (Battle * 1.5) and Battle attack. Obviously, the Battle attack is supposed to be part of the whole !Double Arm ordeal there.

Where do these armors come from? Who makes them anymore? Who'd be demented enough to ride around in one to protect a guy like Kefka all day? Senseless as they may be, Duel Armors can be a real pain. They have the ability to cast OLv. 4 Flare and OLv. 5 Death, and, since you can't really prepare for them, you may suddenly find two of your characters facedown before you blink twice. Whenever damaged, a Duel Armor may counter with a Shrapnel attack, which is nasty enough too. The Mute status followed up with instant death spells is the way to go. Duel Armor has a ToolsChainsaw as a rare steal, so you can try your luck here if you never bothered to grab the thing in Zozo.

Now for some directions. You'll start out with Party #1, which is good enough. Walk down to come across two conveyor belts: the left one goes down, the right one goes up. If you attempt to go up a conveyor belt not going in your direction, you'll just be set back a tile. With the RelicMolulu's Charm, this could potentially catch you in an endless loop that builds your OTraveler damage output all the way up to 9999, but seriously considering this is a sign of mental illness, so I won't mention it again. In these slopes of the garbage tower, you'll see a chest; it contains a HelmetHypno Crown. By now, it's rather outdated when it comes to defenses. It boosts the chances of Control working, but I'd say the HelmetCat-Ear Hood is better suited to that end.

Next room: More slopes, more conveyor belts. Enter the door with the flashing yellow triangle above it.

This is recognizable! It's a part of the former Imperial Palace. It seems Kefka formed his garbage fortress around the former seat of Emperor Gestahl. How deliciously ironic. You'll meet several new enemies here (Yojimbo, Dark Force, Demon Knight) and a chest containing the GamblerFixed Dice. If you haven't gotten them before, Setzer must have sucked throughout the entire World of Ruin; if not, this is his shot at redemption.

The GamblerFixed Dice are Dice, but better because they allow three dice with which to multiply. Upon the situation of three equal rolls (1-1-1, 2-2-2, etc.) the outcome is once again multiplied by the number rolled. Finally, the damage output of the GamblerFixed Dice isn't cut down by the RelicMaster's Scroll, so Setzer can deal four of these attacks at full power from the Back Row with the relic equipped. Much better.

When you leave the room, you'll be outside again. Not for long though, as you quickly dive back in a door. There's more Imperial design here (and more new enemies: Junk, Metal Hitman, Duel Armor, and Fortis), but you won't have the chance to recognize this. It seems you've been halted in your progress; you can see a switch on the other side, but there's nobody to press it. Let's wait this one out, gang. Switch to party #2!

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
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