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Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.45: Airship Exploitation II: More Airship, More Exploitation

Treasures: Elixir, Hi-Ether, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down, RelicPrayer Beads, X-Potion

Lore: ODoom, ODischord, OLv. 3 Confuse, OLv. 4 Flare, OLv. 5 Death, OTransfusion, ORoulette, OTraveler

As soon as you find yourself outside of Thamasa, you'll want to board the Blackjack. A cutscene in which bad things happen is triggered. Gestahl and Kefka have reached the Warring Triad, and have apparently used them to set afloat the continent of the Cave to the Sealed Gate, creating a massive airborne weapon from which Gestahl can probably wreak havoc without fearing any kind of retribution. This is bad.

Change to a party without Strago in it, and head back into Thamasa. You can find Gungho, an old acquaintance of Strago, near the Inn. The man does little but call Strago a 'monumental coward'. Ouch. The dialogue expands if you go back in with Strago. Anyhow, you're back airborne now and I'm sure you're simply dying to stop the Emperor from doing nasty things with the Warring Triad, but there's no rush (he'll wait!), and there are quite a few things to do first.

The world is now barren of Imperial activity. Vector and the Imperial Palace are completely deserted, and there are no soldiers in Albrook anymore. Albrook is rather overshadowed at the moment, as the Floating Continent is right above it. I don't see why they would want to linger there; if I had a floating landmass the size of Belgium floating over my head, I think I'd high-tail it to Germany before long.


For now, how about a few Lores? I'll explain how to get as many Lores as you can at this point of the game:
Rummage around on the Veldt until Gau encounters and Leaps a Zombie Dragon. When you get Gau back, have him Rage Zombie Dragon. His special attack is ODoom, and Strago will learn it if he's paying attention.

ODoom sets a timer over the target's head and uses an automatic unblockable ODeath spell if the timer runs out. Monsters can be immune to both ODoom and (Instant) Death, mind. Rather useless.
Meet either a Chaser or a Satellite on the Veldt. Satellite will *always* use ODischord after he's taken nine turns, Chaser will use it randomly.

ODischord is an attack that halves the target's level. If the target is immune to one-hit KO, ODischord will fail. The best use of ODischord lies in stealing; lowering an opponent's level increases your chances of stealing.
OLv. 3 Confuse
Try to meet up with a Trapper (the hanging robots from the IMRF, remember). They will randomly and happily use OLv. 3 Confuse. If Gau already learned the Trapper Rage, Strago can learn it from the feisty kid.
OLv. 4 Flare
It's like with OLv. 3 Confuse, only you need to make sure that OLv. 4 Flare doesn't kill your entire party.
OLv. 5 Death
Trappers, Trappers, Trappers, Trappers. And waiting.
Make sure you have encountered at least one Intangir, and go Rage-hunting on the Veldt. When Gau learns the Intangir Rage, he can execute it to use OTransfusion. Strago will learn it, although I can't see a use for it whatsoever.
Make sure you have Relm in your party for this one. Try to find Onion Knight enemies on the Veldt. If you Sketch one, there's a 75% chance it will cast ORoulette. Strago can watch and learn.

ORoulette's animation causes the cursor to spin around. You know, as if you had a broken controller. If you hit the action button, it'll slow down and deliver an unblockable ODeath spell (though targets immune to one-hit KO still survive the attack). I'm sure you could get ORoulette targeting down to a science, but it's not really worth it.
Fly over to South Figaro. You can take a walk there and enjoy the freedom of the town for a moment, but the real treat lies just outside of its borders. Unseelie, when confused, will somehow while drooling and flailing their arms around and being generally amusing to look at use the OTraveler attack. OTraveler is a brilliant attack with fixed damage. It's non-elemental, barrier-piercing, and the direct output of a simple mathematical formula. The damage you deal is created by the number of steps your party has taken divided by 32; the MP it costs is calculated by the number of minutes you've played divided by 30.

In case you were wondering, whenever monsters use this attack they use your party's amount of steps for it. That's hardly fair. It's like tax money, only they use it to spy on you rather than help your poor family members through the winter. Er, wait, I suppose tax money does both of those things now. Rewrite: It's like tax money!

New Rages!

New monsters you'll want to Leap include Antares and Outcast. Below is the old list of monsters you're still interested in.
Status Changes
Inherent Float
Absorbs Water
!Numb (Stop)
Absorbs Lightning, Inherent Float, Undead
Will o' the Wisp
Absorbs Poison, Undead
!Cat Scratch
Wind Slash
Inherent Float
Inherent Protect
One-Hit KO protection
Sonic Boom
Inherent Float, One-Hit KO Protection
Absorbs Fire, Inherent Float
OAqua Breath
Inherent Darkness
Inherent Float
!Sleep Stinger
Inherent Float
Magnitude 8
OAqua Breath
lots of status immunities, one-hit KO protection
Inherent Protect
Inherent Haste
Inherent Protect, one-hit KO protection
Inherent Invisible, Protect, Shell, Haste, Regen and Float*
Magnitude 8
Absorbs Fire
Absorbs Fire and Poison, Inherent Float, Undead

*You'll have to prevent the casting of the self-destructive Transfusion attack with Silence before Gau initializes the Rage.


Off to Doma Castle! Doma Castle was occupied all this time, but Gestahl opened it up to you back when he was pretending to play nicely. Doma Castle has generally little and valueless treasure for you. You can find a Hi-Ether, an Elixir in the alarm clock in a bedroom, an X-Potion in the room Cyan found his dead wife and son in, and, when you go outside on one of the walls, you can find a little room with a Phoenix Down and some RelicPrayer Beads. RelicPrayer Beads are broken in all versions but the Advance one, so allow me to talk about them a bit.

RelicPrayer Beads give the character +20% Evasion, which is a nice effect by itself. However, it goes on. When a physical attack is performed on a character with RelicPrayer Beads, the hit rate of that attack is halved. Attacks which always hit due to a perfect hit rate or another circumstance will still always hit. Not too shabby – so long as you're playing the Advance version, which is the only one in which the Beads work.

That'll do for now. Back to our regularly-scheduled heroism.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
Version 6
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