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Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.42: The Burning Mansion

Wandering Flame
Trap Door

Enemies: Grenade, Balloon, Flame Eater

Treasures: RodFlame Rod, RodIce Rod

Lore: OSelf-Destruct

The mansion is on fire, and somewhere is a scared little 10-year-old waiting to be rescued by you. Her adoptive grandfather, despite the fact IT'S NOT POSSIBLE, has magical powers. This turns out to be an odd night indeed.

Preparation: You have a new party member: Strago. He's a mage, but in this dungeon, he'd do well to preserve MP, as his magical skills are grossly overkill. I suggest you equip him with an RodIce Rod, ShieldMythril Shield, HelmetPriest's Miter or HelmetMagus Hat, and some ArmorGaia Gear. As far as Espers go, EsperShiva is a brilliant pick, as she teaches five spells that are all very useful in this dungeon and for Strago in general. Also, equip Locke and Terra with SwordIcebrand blades (Hawk Eye with a RelicGigas Glove is sufficient).

A bit of tactical information regarding your future use of Strago. Strago is the FF VI Blue Mage. His special skill is called Lore, with which he can use several monster attacks. Right now, he knows OAqua Breath, a powerful multi-target Water/Wind-elemental attack, OStone, an inaccurate attack that deals non-elemental damage and does 7.5 times as much damage if the attacker and target have the same level (remember Gau during the Narshe Raid?), and ORevenge Blast, which has a damage output equal to [caster's maximum HP] – [caster's current HP], aka dealing the damage the caster currently has on him.

All the roaming flames here indicate flame monsters: Balloon. Letting them touch you means either a battle with three Balloons, or a battle with six Balloons. Balloons rarely use OSelf-Destruct and attack physically otherwise, so I suggest summoning EsperPhantom or casting OVanish during the first battle. Use a multi-target attack to finish off the six Balloons (multi-target OBlizzara spell, OAqua Breath, EsperShiva's Diamond Dust) and use physical attacks for the three.

You can either use the Confuse spell, EsperCait Sith's Cat Rain attack, or the OStone Lore to confuse Balloon monsters, in which case they're likely to use OSelf-Destruct on each other. This will make Strago learn OSelf-Destruct, an attack he will hopefully never, ever have to use, as it's horrid; it kills the caster, and all it does is damage equal to the caster's current HP to a single target.

The first two rooms are straightforward. The third room has two doors standing next to each other. The left one opens to expose four flames leaping out, catching you in a four- headed Balloon monster formation that is a fixed Pincer attack. This happens every time you try to enter the door. The right one allows you to continue. In this room, two more doors: The right door takes you to a room with a chest in it containing a RodFlame Rod. The left one allows you to continue. In this room, two more doors: The right one takes you to a room with a chest in it containing an RodIce Rod. The left one allows you to continue.

The next room is simply a hallway. It opens into the largest room of the house, where the source of the blaze is located. If you take one step into the room, it will attack you. Equipping EsperZona Seeker helps for the battle, as does EsperKirin (as usual). Try to equip as many RelicReflect Rings as possible; you're bound to have two from treasures. You can circumvent the RelicReflect Rings by equipping EsperCarbuncle, but while that doesn't take any Relic slots, it's not what a sane man would call permanent.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
Version 6
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