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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

2.16: Our Brilliant Leader: The Great Sage Ghido

Enemies: Dark Aspic, Metamorph

Blue Magic: OPond's Chorus, OAeroga, OFlash, OVampire

Even though SpearTwin Lances are still way, way stronger than an KnifeAir Knife, equip them on your resident Ninja anyway, as the only enemy worth a damn is weak versus the element. Also, make sure you have enough Flame Scrolls, as the other enemy comes in groups and is weak to Fire-elemental attacks. Anything with !Blue and !Summon also helps; use RodFlame Rods where possible. Heavy Armor characters just do whatever it is they do, but not as good as normally.

Dark Aspic attacks physically and may use OVampire to restore lost HP. A Fire Skill or Ifrit's Inferno should take them all out. They're not that interesting.

Metamorph just sits there and takes abuse until he transforms into one of the three different forms that particular Metamorph you're facing can morph into. He'll use an attack based on his form and then revert. The attacks are these:

Metamorph won't keep his Wind-elemental weakness when morphed. It may rarely drop a StaffStaff of Light, but only when you kill him in his 'normal' form. Make sure to try and learn OAeroga from Metamorph's Enchanted Fan form; it's the 3rd tier Wind-elemental spell and the Blue Mage's most consistent means of powerful damage output in the game. Boosted with an KnifeAir Knife, OAeroga will rip Metamorphs to shreds. Be wary of the Zombie Dragon form; Zombie Breath can deal up to 950 damage and turns all that it kills into Zombies (unless the target is protected by AccessoryAngel Rings).

The StaffStaff of Light deals a little Holy-elemental damage and has the ability to cast the OHoly spell when used as an item. It breaks when releasing the light inside. The StaffStaff of Light is the best option for the White Mage easily, and has use on Time Mages and Chemists since it boosts Magic Power. I find myself going for physical evasion (KnifeMain Gauche) instead, but your experiences may differ.

Get a Ninja and have them Throw Fire Skills; you no longer worry about Dark Aspic encounters. Those who can summon Ifrit will also do. What's left is the Metamorph. The KnifeAir Knife, Wind Lance and the OAeroga spell are your ticket to Wind-elemental attacks. Note that strangely, the Samurai's KatanaWind Slash katana is, itself, not Wind-elemental. The random Gale Cut attack is, however.

Just walk on until you come in a room with one full chest, four empty ones and a lot of closed doors. Taking a heavy stone out of the middle chest closes the door you came through, but putting it any of the empty chests opens another one. For the purposes of this walkthrough, we'll number the top-left one as #1 and then continue clockwise; the center one will be #5.

Take the stone from #5 and deposit it in #1. Walk into the newly opened door, push the button to open a new path and return. Take the stone from #1 and put it in #3. Continue to find yourself in what appears to be a dead end. There's a hidden passage to the south which is none of the kind you do or do not see with Find Passages; you'll see the thing when you get near. It continues like this for a while until you see a turtle in a pond. Diving in will take you to see the great Sage Ghido, the old and wise leader of this world's resistance versus Exdeath.

"By the briny beard of Neptune!"

When you've taken the Guardian Branch with you, you can return to the submarine. If you have yet to obtain a StaffStaff of Light or have another reason to linger, do so. Else, you can cast OTeleport to find yourself in the submarine again.

The Forest of Moore, strangely, is near the town of Moore. I took you there earlier, so I won't discuss Moore again. If you feel the need to read up again, go back or something. If you go, it is a good time to purchase things you lacked the finances for earlier.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
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