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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.5: The Wind Shrine

Enemies: Black Goblin, White Serpent, Moldwynd, Mani Wizard, Wing Raptor

Treasures: Broadsword, HelmetLeather Cap, Potion x5, StaffStaff

Blue Magic: OAero, OGoblin Punch

The Wind Shrine is to the far north, surrounded by a nice little forest. Yeah, the cute critters in it might attack you, but compared to the entities that will be attacking you in the future it all seems harmless enough. Inside the shrine a delegation of Tycoon citizens is awaiting help. The scholar to the left of the vial containing water from a recovery spring will give Lenna 5 Potions, which is nice enough of him. The vial itself will completely restore your party when you drink from it. Upstairs, monsters have infested the rooms and ol' Alex Tycoon's doesn't seem to be coming back, so it's time to see if he's okay up there.

Black Goblins attack with OGoblin Punch and Attack, of which the former has been mentioned before. I'll explain how it works exactly when you master the move yourself. They rarely drop AccessoryLeather Shoes, so you might want to stick around fighting them until you've obtained two (more).

White Serpents have three attacks; Attack, !Tail (Attack x 1.5) and Entangle which sets Paralyze for about two turns. They're weak to Ice-elemental attacks, which might aid you in the future.

Moldwynd are demons of wind. They are able to cast OAero on a single target, a Wind-elemental attack that deals around 70 damage. They can only use OAero once without your aid (they lack the MP for more). They may also attack physically with Attack and !Critical attack (Attack x 1.5). They're rarely drop Elixirs.

Mani Wizards attack physically with Attack and !Magic Stick, but will cast either a OFire, OBlizzard or OThunder spell on the entire party every third turn, hurting for about 20 HP on all characters. They'll have depleted all of their MP after a single go, though. They rarely drop RodRods. They are the only creature in the game, aside from the solo-Bartz Goblins of the very first fight, that are entirely incapable of dodging any physical attack; physical attacks will always hit them, regardless of their hit rate.

On the second floor, there's a Tent in a chest and a door leading to a Save Point. Save at the Save Point if you want and continue. It's a consecrated circle, see? In this new room, there's a chest containing a HelmetLeather Cap to the right and some stairs allowing you to continue to the left. Equip the Leather Cap if you must and press on.

On the third floor, you can either walk all the way around or know that there's a secret passage here; you can walk through the thin wall to get to the door on the other side. This left door leads to a chest containing a SwordBroadsword; the door to the right leads nowhere. Give this SwordBroadsword to someone if it upgrades their physical power; the KnifeDagger is about as powerful as a SwordBroadsword when the wielder is level 4 and surpasses it on higher levels.

The bird guarding the stairs? Yeah, it needs to go. He'll attack you as soon as you stand in front of it, but be sure you're fully healed as Wing Raptor is fully capable of delivering big ouchies if you're not careful. I kinda suggest reaching level 5 before tackling the feathered fiend as you get a nice damage boost when you reach it and you can find AccessoryLeather Shoes and Elixirs in the meantime if luck is on your side.

Wing Raptor
Wing Raptor
Bestiary #243
Attack Mult.
Magic Atk.
Mag. Def.
Mag. Evade
Stolen Items
Dropped Items
Common: Potion
Common: Phoenix Down
Command Immunities
Elemental Immunities
Catch, Control
Elemental Absorb
Elemental Weakness
Blue Magic
Status Immunities
Every third turn, Wing Raptor will close his wings around him. Don't attack during this time! When his wings are open, attack, and keep healed in case of Breath Wing. Leveling past level 4 will make this battle easier.

You have no way of exploiting those status ailments, which is sad. You'll just have to rely on physical violence, then.

Wing Raptor's signature move is Breath Wing, a Wind-elemental attack that deals (25% target's maximum HP) damage. Wing Raptor will either use Attack (33%) or Breath Wing (66%) for two turns, after which it'll fold its wings over its beak and stop attacking. It gains 20 Defense and 40% Evasion in doing so, making any physical attack useless. Rods and Staves have the power to damage Wing Raptor in this form, but you shouldn't attack him now, as he'll counter any violence done to him by !Claw, as he clearly indicates:

"A fierce talon swipe will meet those who attack when its wings are closed!"

After it takes two turns, it'll revert back to normal and use a Breath Wing attack to say hello.

At 250 HP, Wing Raptor takes nine attacks with a level 4 party before going down. Sadly, that means it'll be able to take three rounds, during which he'll close itself down. If your party if fully healed it is entirely capable of taking in the worst case scenario of three Breath Wings. As long as you don't attack during his defensive phase, you're good to go. If you leveled beyond level 4, your SwordBroadsword and especially your KnifeKnife will do more damage and Wing Raptor should go down before going defensive at all.

And you get another Phoenix Down. For that price, you'd expect them to be a little more rare, no?

On the third floor, there's a hidden passageway to a chest containing a StaffStaff. It's in the lower-right corner. Staves deal weak magical damage which remains equally powerful from the Back Row. Useless for your Freelancers right now. The fourth floor contains the Wind Crystal.

Which is broken.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
Version 6
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