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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.31: Ancient Ronka Ruins under Crescent Island

Enemies: Prototype, Cray Claw

Treasures: Shuriken, OMini

Blue Magic: OFlame Thrower, OMissile

Action sequence! Mid and Cid fly the Black Chocobo to Crescent Island (no, you daft scientists, not in the middle of the forest!) while you escape with your lives intact from the broken teleporter room. When you can move again, you'll eventually reach a door. Don't mess with it yet, but go down instead, around the staircase. There's a bedroom where you can rest a while (do so, there's a boss fight coming up). Through the left door, you can see three chests and a button. Pushing the button won't remove the wall, though. What the hell? Buttons always remove walls, it's RPG tradition. This button, though, gives you a mission. Complete the following tasks in this order, as indicated by every mission statement:
  1. Enter the bedroom and decline the option to rest up.
  2. The right-most flowerbed holds a new step: Take a look at the right-most notes on the table.
  3. There are two pots in the left room. Examining the left one will reveal a frog who will stomp out a book.
  4. Damned lever again! Pull it to have the wall removed.

Actually, you could've just declined the offer of Pushing the button to open up the option of Pulling the lever right there, but that was more fun.

The chests contain two Shuriken and the OMini spell. Now, go back to where you emerged on this level, push the button to open the door (back in the forest, Cid and Mid will fall through a hole in the floor). Continue to find a Save Point, your old Fire-Powered Ship (yes, you can enter the machine room and fight the monsters there if you want to), and a brand new ship. Cid and Mid will join you, get excited over the ship since it has propellers and make it fly. Talk to Cid for some trouble.

Cray Claw
Cray Claw
Bestiary #257
Magic Beast
Attack Mult.
Magic Atk.
Mag. Def.
Mag. Evade
Stolen Items
Dropped Items
Common: SwordCoral Sword
Common: BowFrost Bow
Command Immunities
Elemental Immunities
Catch, Control
Elemental Absorb
Elemental Weakness
Blue Magic
Status Immunities
A wide variety of attacks and status ailments can hurt this monster. Lightning-elemental attacks will hurt the most, and it can also be Paralyzed, Stopped, put to sleep, or even killed by the AxeDeath Sickle. Use these methods, as its defense against standard attacks is strong.

Cray Claw is pathetic. He's got a glaring weakness to Lightning-elemental attacks, so Lightning Scrolls, Two-Handed OThundara swords, Two-Handed SwordCoral Swords, RodThunder Rod, Ramuh and simple OThundara spells take him out in two or three shots. He is vulnerable to the AxeDeath Sickle's random ODeath spell, can be put to Sleep, can be Paralyzed by the WhipWhip, can be Stopped by Romeo's Ballad, Latch On and !Calm, you name it. Screw this thing over in any fashion you desire. You might want to steal his SwordCoral Sword before killing him, for selling purposes or something. Free Gil, anyway.

Note that when you don't exploit his weakness(es), it will suddenly become painfully obvious that Cray Claw's defenses are fairly harsh.

With cheese biscuits ...and mashed potatoes?

After all's said and done, Cid and Mid are geniuses and you have an airship!

If you were too lazy to visit Jachol, Istory and Lix with the Fire-Powered Ship or the Black Chocobo, now's the time. You're not getting any more reason to do so than you have now. Also, let's take a look at Prototype now, an enemy that's of great interest to you if you like to work with some of the more funky attacks. You need to have !Control to successfully defeat the thing without really going out of your way, though.

Prototype lives on the islands that lie between Crescent Island and the Jachol region, on the ones with forest (among others). He's the only encounter here, so you're bound to run into one. Prototype has 5000 HP, both Defense and Magic Defense are 100, is Heavy, and is only vulnerable to Petrify, Darkness, OSilence and OBerserk, all of which are either very hard to set or pretty worthless. He has no elemental weaknesses to pierce those defenses either.

Why is he interesting and still defeatable? In addition to some physical attacks, he may use OMissile (cuts current HP by 75% unless the target is Heavy), Mustard Bomb (barrier-piercing non-elemental attack that also sets Sap), Blaster (sets either Paralyze or Death) and OFlame Thrower (an single-target Fire-elemental attack as strong as OAera). Your Blue Mage can learn both OMissile and OFlame Thrower. He'll use both randomly, so just wait. Aside from his incredible HP and defenses and level, his attacks aren't particularly lethal (though Blaster may one-hit kill a character).

He also drops a Dark Matter every time he is defeated. The !Mix ability of a Job you'll get in the future can use these items, otherwise very rare, to create a Death Potion, an unblockable attack that sets Death. Since exactly 6 bosses are vulnerable to this attack and the Death Potion is far and away the best way to exploit it, I suggest you slay five Prototypes (you'll get one after a boss battle).

The key to defeat is to !Control him and have him use OSelf-Destruct on himself. OFlame Thrower on a Blue caster with a RodFlame Rod is the most powerful spell a Blue caster has, and OMissile is just a better OGravity spell. They're both good additions.

He makes for a good !Catch as well, using Mega Flare to deal around 1000 damage to all enemies on-screen. Getting one is probably more effort than it's worth, though. If you must, you'll have to resort to fixed HP damage attacks to get him weak enough. Get one or more Zu monsters !Released for 1250 damage for every bird you set free. Whittle down the rest with OSelf-Destruct, O???? and/or OVampire spells.

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy V
Version 6
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