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Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.25: From the Shores to the Town of Istory

Enemies: Black Flame, Stone Golem

Blue Magic: ODark Spark

Features: OToad, Romeo's Ballad

Black Flames have a 50% Evasion rating and a fairly high Magic Defense. Pair that with their absorption of Wind, Earth, Holy and Poison (meaning !Gaia is useless against them) and you've got some resistant cretins. They also wield ODark Spark, a !Blue spell that halves the targets level when successful. Next to normal level-based Hit Rate checks, it can't be blocked by any means so it works on any target once you get around to a possible horrible Hit Rate. The way to go, if possible, is multi-target magical attacks that don't suffer in power when multi-targeted. Black Flames can't avoid the effects of !Sing, so Romeo's Ballad is quite effective in Stopping them. RodFlame Rod Hellfire performed by Ifrit is a good one, OAqua Breath is expensive but successful, and especially the Ninja's scrolls work like a charm (while Black Flame is weak to Water- elemental attacks, you'll probably only have Lightning Scrolls in mass). Learn ODark Spark!

ODark Spark halves the target's level, rounds down when the result isn't a whole number. ODark Spark has a poor hit rate, but nothing is immune to it! ODark Spark cuts down offense of the affected target, obviously, but the target's level is also affected when levels are checked for various attacks, such as OGoblin Punch, OLevel 5 Death, the works. Since OLevel 5 Death ignores Death immunity as well as the Heavy nature, smart application of a ODark Spark spell can net you a two-turn instant defeat. In addition, if you didn't learn OLevel 5 Death earlier because your level wasn't right at the time, know that you can also affect your own level with ODark Spark, learning is now an option if you can take your level to something that can be divided by 5.

Stone Golems are the opposite. They won't evade anything, but their Magic Defense is through the roof (50) and their Defense is fairly solid as well, but the real kicker is their inherent Protect status that halves all physical damage done to them, even those that would normally ignore Defense. They're weak versus Lightning-elemental attacks, meaning RodThunder Rod, OThundara spells, LgtningSkills, Two-Handed SwordCoral Swords and things like that work really well. Like all stone monsters, Stone Golem will die automatically when a Gold Needle item is used on it, which is also an option. They make quite potent lackeys as well; when Released, they perform Earthquake, a multi-target Earth-elemental attack that deals around 600 damage.

Welcome now to the one-Starbucks town called Istory. There are a few sights to behold, so let's scout around.

Armor Shop: If you're having horrible flashbacks to endless Gil-hoarding games such as the original Final Fantasy, don't worry. You are not expected to buy any of these at this time; if you've been leveling you may have enough Gil to buy one, but you shouldn't as it will seriously cut your financial supplies you'll need in other times. Fluctuation-buffers are the basis of any responsible financial plan, I dare say! Just for kicks (or if you do decide to buy one of these right now or in the near future, which wouldn't be unthinkable per se):

The Flame and AccessoryCoral Rings concern themselves with elemental properties. The AccessoryFlame Ring allows you to absorb Fire-elemental attacks and nullify the effects of Ice-elemental attacks. Water-elemental attacks will deal double damage, however. Also, it grants 5 Defense, 5 Magic Defense and 5% extra Magic Block.

The AccessoryCoral Ring is the opposite of the AccessoryFlame Ring, kinda. It absorbs Water- elemental attacks, nullifies Fire-elemental attacks and takes double damage from Lightning-elemental attacks. Also, 5 Defense, 5 Magic Defense and 5% extra Magic Block.

The AccessoryAngel Ring has no elemental properties. Instead, it gives 10 (!) Magic Defense, 5 Defense, 10% extra Magic Block and protects against the Old and Zombie status ailments. If you were to buy anything, I'd suggest this one; while the status immunities probably aren't as useful as the elemental properties, the sheer defensive properties of the AccessoryAngel Ring as incredibly useful in this stage of the game.

A hint: with a AccessoryFlame Ring equipped any character with access to a BowFlame Bow or a self-targetable Fire-elemental spell can now heal itself/any target with a AccessoryFlame Ring equipped. This is useful information in single Job challenges. Black Mages will want them for a far easier time, and Archers can do it as well. Flame Rings are a staple of a lot of challenges, as a lot of Single Class Challenges are such can only be completed by getting four AccessoryFlame Rings here.

Magic Shop: Yeah, whatever. You should be able to cast any of the above anyway. If you haven't, here's where you can buy them again.

ScreenshotA little girl tips you off on a small surprise regarding the flowerbed. If you touch all the flower squares, the middle one will open up, a frog will come leaping out and give you the Black OToad spell. Sweet! Too bad it's not a Spellblade spell, be more accurate, the exact requirements for obtaining the OToad spell are that you touch all of the corners, starting from the bottom left and working clockwise; you needn't do them in order as long as the bottom right corner is the last touched.

The big happening of the town is the sheep pen. Seems even duller than where I was born. The sheep in the bottom-right corner isn't a sheep at all, rather a girl in a Beastmaster costume. The sheep in the top-left corner is angry with the world and what it gives him, and rather than resorting to such gems as 'One Step Closer' by Linkin Park, he decides to kick you over the fence... but only if you talk to it from behind. Here, you'll meet a bard who teaches you Romeo's Ballad if you answer his question with 'Yes'. You're not lying, after all.

"Romeo" is obviously in reference to Shakespeare's play. What's in a name, you may ask? Well, a whole lot of additional work for us here at Caves of Narshe, but that's neither here nor there. Romeo was in love with some girl called Rosaline, but promptly forgot her upon meeting thirteen-year old Julia at some fancy dress party. He sneaks out and calls to his Julia on the balcony. Long story short, everybody dies and it's all Cupid's fault. Best to stay indoors and play video games instead, so, go. There was an old man in the forest who can conjure up lightning. If this mere fact doesn't infuriate you enough to seek him out and beat him up, you haven't been taking your steroids. For preparation, equip AccessorySilver Specs on every physical fighter and remove any SwordCoral Sword or SpearTrident you might have equipped as they will heal the super-random encounter we're going to hunt down.

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