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Final Fantasy V

Final Fantasy V
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An RPG praised for its complex job class system, Final Fantasy V also has entertaining characters and a solid storyline to carry it through. And it's crystals to protect. What would a Final Fantasy game be without its crystals to protect? Probably something like Final Fantasy VIII, and nobody wants that. Within this section, you'll find information on everything you'd want to know about Final Fantasy V, from what armor you can equip on ButzBartz when he's a fly Dancer, to what sort of magic Lenna can cast as a Summoner, and where to get it all to boot. You've probably stumbled across the most complete single trove of Final Fantasy V data on the internet, so enjoy it, and use it to help you out on this underappreciated game. Now we've even added our own version of the best walkthrough we've ever seen for this game, written by our very own staff emeritus Djibriel. (Hey, did you know we even host his site?)

As is the way of the CoN, of course, we now also cover multiple versions of the game - both of them released outside of Japan. Adding to our previous coverage of the PlayStation game, we now have the Game Boy Advance version as well, with all of the new features and different translations contained therein. As usual, you can swap between them at any time, and you can choose to hide or show most spoilers, too. Hey, we even added brand-new enemy sprites, and for my money the monster design here is the best of any of the SNES-era Final Fantasy games.

That Game Boy Advance version... hard to imagine that those of us in the West didn't see this game for years after it was first made. Did you know that the US almost got this game over fifteen years ago, several before we finally did? Square was going to release it after Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III in its Super Nintendo form), but pulled the plug to work on PlayStation games. The result was Final Fantasy VII, so I guess they can be forgiven. By any token, they've more than made up for it by releasing the redux on Game Boy Advance, don't you think?

Welcome to the Caves of Narshe Final Fantasy V section. Please use the links provided to the side of the screen to view information and other FF5 related pages.

Final Fantasy V Release Dates
Japan 6 December 1992
Japan 19 March 1998Usa 30 September 1999
Europe 17 May 2002
Japan 12 October 2006Usa 6 November 2006
Europe 13 April 2007
Japan 6 April 2011Usa 22 November 2011
Europe 13 April 2011Australia 4 May 2011
Global 28 March 2013
Global 25 September 2013
Global 24 September 2015
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