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Ending Guide

Guide by  footbigmike
Former Staff Writer
Videos by  footbigmike & Rangers51
Former Staff Writer / CoN Webmaster

Chrono Trigger has an extensive amount of side quests to do before the end of the game, and even if you spend a few hours going through all the time periods finding every last charmable boss, every tab and sealed chest, even the best weapons and armor for each character... you're still missing something. Chances are, if you played through Chrono Trigger normally, after beating the final form of Lavos, you'll be treated to a good ending of a midnight stroll of the Millennial Fair, culminating in Crono's mother jumping into the final time portal and being stranded, forcing the characters to take the Epoch through time once more. That's the ending you got, right? Well, if it was, you've only seen one out of 12 possible endings for Chrono Trigger. That's right; depending on the decisions that you made during your play through, and the point during the story at which you fight Lavos Core, you can see various conclusions to the game. This guide will give detailed descriptions on the requirements to see each ending, and what they contain.

Note: any ending that requires taking the path to Lavos via the telepod in the Millennial Fair can only be achieved in a New Game +, since the sparkle will only appear once you have already completed. Imagine playing it for the first time and fighting Lavos with a level 2 Crono equipped with a Wooden Sword. And that's why it's NG+ only. And, as a final note, this entire page is nothing but spoilers. We didn't mark them, because if you can't figure out that a page about the endings of the game has spoilers, we can't help you.

Seen these endings already? Maybe go back to page one?

The Unknown Past

As soon as you get the Hero Medal from Tata, go and fight Lavos. It's as simple as that to get this ending.

It begins with the credits and music, and soon enough you're taken through a portal to Medina village in the Present. Seemingly amused by this fact, Crono, Marle and Lucca run out of the house, shortly followed by the two mystics. The next thing we see (after more credits, of course) is Kino and some villagers chasing after some reptites, but they end up being chased off by a horde of them, outnumbered. Fortunately, Ayla saves the day by chasing the horde off by herself. Following is a brief scene of Magus looking out to the horizon, before returning to his minions. There's also a short scene of King Guardia and Queen Leene standing before a group of soldiers, followed by Frog leaving the area. Finally, we see Robo run across the blank screen, placing upon it "The End".

People of the Times

Once you get the Gate Key back from Azala in the Prehistoric time, fight Lavos and you'll get this ending.

Similar to "Good Night", the credits will roll throughout the ending, and they will be accompanied by the various characters that saw and aided you throughout your journey. Although since you fought Lavos earlier than usual, I guess some of them you won't have seen. Unless it's a New Game +, which it probably is. After the credits finish, Marle's pendant will appear briefly before being replaced by "The End".

The Oath

After Melchior has repaired the SwordMasamune and Frog has joined your party, guess what? You're going to fight Lavos again!

It starts with a few robotic noises, followed by a fade-in of Lucca's house, where she will be working on a headless Robo, with Crono sleeping in the background, and Frog merely observing. She wants Crono to help with the repairs, but Marle enters and insists that he be left alone. Frog gets up to leave, claiming that he's "gotta take care of some business". He exits, but not before tripping over a pile of Lucca's books. Marle and Lucca laugh, which causes Crono to wake up, and we all know he's giving the "Something funny just happened but I'm not sure what..." face.

The humorous intro to this ending fades out, and is replaced by a dark look at Magus' castle. We see Slash and Flea mock an unseen assailant, before scaling the castle's walls once more. From the doorway, a dark silhouette emerges, before the screen fades. Next, Ozzie is seen startled by this figure, before falling to it in one fell strike. Yes, it's Frog! He bounds down the stairs, avoiding enemies before squaring off against the fiendlord himself, Magus. After some brief dialogue, Frog charges, but the screen fades to more credits. Various magic and technique noises can be heard in the background while the credits pass by (just close your eyes and imagine the action). A shot of the entrance to Magus' castle is shown, which scrolls up to the roof, on top of which a silhouette stands. "The End" appears, but no fade out. Just witness the victor stand strong.

Dino Age

Fight Lavos after defeating Magus in 600A.D, and you will see this ending.

To begin with, the credits roll over a familiar dialogue and background noise. As the screen fades in, you'll recognise the scene, but something is very noticeably wrong. Why is your mother a reptite? Why is Crono a reptite, for that matter? What is going on? You'll watch as reptite-Crono leaves the house, followed by a few around-the-town views of everyone having become a reptite. The only human you'll see is during the race around the Millennial Fair square. You'll see reptite-Crono bump into what would seem to be reptite-Marle, although they look exactly the same. The credits will finish and Azala will land on the screen, laughing. But then "The End" falls on her head and knocks her out. Victory!

What the Prophet Seeks...

This ending can be seen once you defeat Azala and the BlackTyrano in the castle. Go and see Lavos, and you're good to go.

Credits roll straight away, once again, but it won't be long before you see Frog in a Chapel approach a large statue of Magus. Shortly after, you're shown Schala, Queen Zeal and the Prophet standing before an idle Gate. The next scene is Frog and Tata in a bar, while Frog is showing off his strength. Another few scenes showing Schala, Janus and the Prophet, the Prophet transporting to the Underwater Palace, the main characters performing various antics at the Millennial Fair, Magus jumping down an elevator shaft (I don't think that's wise), Lucca almost setting fire to Crono's house, and finally, the Prophet approaching Lavos, determined to fight to the death. The screen fades to black, and "The End" appears in a brief blue tint, before reverting to white. Crono and Marle's theme plays repeatedly.

A Slide Show?

Ahh, yet another sought after ending. Why? Well, you'll see, just as soon as you see Schala use her pendant to go through a sealed door. But don't power up Marle's just yet.

What, "The End" appears immediately? Apparently Marle feels the same way. Lucca appears, and they agree to make their own ending. The credits roll, while Marle and Lucca present their slide show reminiscing of all the events that happened during the course of the game, and commenting on various characters that appeared and the things that they said. (Pick out the "The Shining" reference. Brilliant.) Mostly it consists of the two girls nitpicking at all the male characters from past, present and future. It's pretty funny, to say the least.

And then, shocker of all endings, the reason that everyone WANTS to see this ending - Crono appears! Well, that happens all the time, but this time he says something. That's right, protagonist that is mute for the entire game, decides to open his mouth during one of twelve endings – the last listed one, at that! Well, at least he speaks like a main character, and doesn't say something like "Let's mosey". Anyway, the three run off into the distance, and "The End" appears on the screen – for real this time.

Congratulations, you've now seen all twelve endings! Time for number thirteen! Yes, I know that there are only twelve endings, but that's in the SNES and Playstation versions, right? Yeah. Bet you didn't think that this guide would have info on the brand new super-secret special ending in Chrono Trigger DS, eh? Well, it does. Here goes... assuming you are viewing the Nintendo DS version of our coverage. If you're not, you can switch now to do so.

Well, that's it, ladies and gentlemen. You came here for twelve, and you got a chance at one extra. Aren't you lucky? In addition, if you're playing on any version except the SNES, after completing each ending, you'll have unlocked an "Ending Log", which will take note of endings that you have seen.

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