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Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

2.26: Back to Thamasa

Party: Optional: Terra, Cyan, Edgar, Sabin, Celes, Setzer, Mog, Gau, Umaro

Back in Thamasa, we will be helping the poor wounded character through a difficult dream. The dream varies based on who you found in the cave, of course; the character will now just lie in bed, recovering from the wounds, which is great. You're back in Thamasa now, but there really isn't anything new to do here since the last time you visited the place, so just leave. As soon as you leave Thamasa, the character you rescued will depart as well. Shadow will have departed for the Colosseum, as indicated by the guy who previously talked about Deathgaze: "If you're looking for the man dressed all in black, he left for the colosseum.".

If you saved Relm things will be ever so slightly more complicated. She can now be in Jidoor: "One day, a man working for an aristocrat in Jidoor came and took that young woman back with him!". However, it's not a fixed occurance. In order to make Relm appear in Jidoor, you need to step on one of three specific tiles and exit Thamasa, re-enter, step on one of those tiles again, and exit again (which is a given). This process sounds far more unnatural than it comes to most players; one of these tiles lie on the stone path leading out of Thamasa to the southern exit, so as long as you follow that one, you'll be fine.

It's time to go pick them up, I'd say. At the colosseum, perhaps, to start?

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
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