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Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough

Written by  Djibriel

1.23: Zozo

Enemies: Iron Fist, Harvester, Hill Gigas, Gobbledygook, Veil Dancer, Dadaluma

Treasures: RelicBrigand's Glove, ClawBurning Fist, ToolsChainsaw, Ether x2, RelicHermes Sandals, Hi-Potion, Potion, X-Potion

Lore: OStone

Upon entering Zozo, the image you had of it will quickly abandon you. You expected poor people; you encounter pure madness. Staggering through the buildings are madmen mumbling about minutes, hours, and seconds. The exotic dancers wield arcane spells no human is to possess. Bulking giants attack you, shaking the ground with every twenty-ton step. Corpses rot on the street. Towering constructions reach into the sky. And somewhere in this chaos, Terra is waiting for you.

You should've equipped all new pieces of armor before entry. If you have Gau in your party, make sure his first Rage is something Float-inducing such as Ghost, Lesser Lopros, Aspiran, or Hornet. It will protect at least him from the dreaded Magnitude 8 attack you may encounter here. Save. Zozo is the most dangerous place you'll set foot into for a while, so make sure you're not caught with your shorts down.

First off, how to treat the enemies here. It's incomprehensible why these cretins wield the destructive power of Magic; there's certainly not a plot-related explanation given. But regardless, these inhabitants aren't going to give you random advice, allow you to raid their homes and take 300 Gil they contained in that bucket for over three generations, or sell you new stuff. They are here to kill you. It's up to you, but I'd say we kill them right back.

Veil Dancers should be your first concern, period. If they are alone, they start casting OFira, OBlizzara, or OThundara. Always. A focused single-target level 2 spell will probably kill a character. A multi-target spell will hurt your entire party more than anything you've encountered so far. Take them out ASAP when they're alone. If they come with other opponents, try to see if you can steal more DirkThief's Knifes from them and then end their lives.

Hill Gigas is your second large concern. They just hit stuff, hard. If you keep your HP up, they're not going to kill you, but keep in mind that a weakened character can quickly fall victim to a devastating physical blow like the ones Hill Gigas delivers. If you kill one, there's a 33% chance they will end things with a Magnitude 8 attack. This hurts about as much as a multi-target level 2 spell, and since I just spent quite some words detailing the fact you want to avoid that at all costs, know that once again this is the case. You can avoid this fate by changing the giant into an Imp with Celes, or let him sink in a Snare attack, only employable by a well-trained Gau. Darkwind is also an efficient way of dealing with the wall of muscle, but OBreak won't stop the Magnitude 8 attack. Cross your fingers and make sure you have four Potions or Celes' OCure spell ready.

Harvesters are next. They're weak fighters, but when allowed to take a third turn, they will use Shadow's Throw technique to hurl either a DirkDagger or a DirkMythril Knife at you. This is crazy high single-target damage that's likely to take a character down in one shot. It ignores defense and Row, so if you see it, you're in trouble. The only way to dodge around these flying blades of death is the Invisible status.

And that's where our fourth and final random encounter comes in! Gobbledygook are Zozo's cannon fodder; useless pieces of Hit Points that run into your sharp objects and die from them. Compared to their fellow monsters here, they are doubly pathetic. They serve a grand purpose, though. If you have any means of setting Confuse, use it! Edgar's ToolsNoiseblaster is far and entirely superior to Gau's Zaghrem Rage (OStone), but if you didn't bring Edgar, you have precious little choice should you want to employ this tactic. A confused Gobbledygook has a 33% chance of casting OVanish on a random character of yours. The Invisible status remains after battle and makes you immune to all physical attacks sent your way, including items Thrown by Harvester. Two characters under Invisible is good, three is grand, but four is generally unconceivable as you can't control which character gets to be the target, and a OVanish spell on an Invisible target is just going to remove the status.

So, welcome to Zozo! If you walk a bit into the town, you'll notice there are three buildings here. The one you passed is the smaller building, which has some treasure on top. The door says 'Cafe'. All the way to the north is a small building with only a clock to set. The final and remaining tower is what could be defined as the main dungeon, a construction even Gaudi didn't dare dream of. Twisted, man. I'll call the three buildings the Small Tower, the ToolsChainsaw Tower and the High Tower, for readability. Not that hard.

Enter the Small Tower first. A Zozo crook shouts gibberish over his counter. Ignore him and continue to ascend. You'll meet a split here: A door to the left and one to the right. The left one takes you nowhere, like studying philosophy. The right one takes you outside, where you climb a frightening stairway to the next level. Here, the left door is rusted shut and the right one opens to reveal an Ether. Now, you can track back!

The ToolsChainsaw Tower is the one you were meant to explore last. The trick is that there is a mysterious clock you can set. By collecting clues from the Zozo inhabitants, you could discover the time you needed to unlock a secret treasure. Here are all the clues you can find:
  • That clock doesn't have a minute hand. Of course, it never points to the right time, anyway! (This clue refers to the nearest clock, not the treasure clock. Examining the correct clock will indicate that the hand is at 2.)
  • The second hand on my watch is pointin' at 30.
  • The seconds? They're divisible by 20!
  • My watch's second hand is pointing at the 4.
  • Time, you say? It's 4:00.
  • Don't listen to the others! Trust me, it's 8:00!
  • Oh, it's 10:00! I'd better be getting home.
  • It's already 12:00.
  • It's 2:00.

With the options presented to you when trying to set the clock to the right time, it's clear that the hour must be 6:00, as all other options are stated by lying Zozo pigs. The seconds are not divisible by 20, and it's not 0:00:30. The minutes can be narrowed to only one option; the man who tells you there is no minute hand on that clock proceeds to say it isn't on the right time. Talking to the clock will reveal that the (minute) hand is standing on the two, in other words 0:10.

At any rate, after some trying here and there, it's clear that the real time is either 6:10:10 or 6:10:50. That is a 50% chance with no penalty for being wrong, but you'll quickly find out once you've tried one of them you know that the real answer is 6:10:50. When you reset the time to match this, a wall will slide away to reveal another pathway to a chest containing the ToolsChainsaw. It's a powerful new Tool for Edgar that is basically ToolsDrill on crack with the annoying 25% tendency to try to go for an instant-kill, which has a small chance of missing, and always misses against targets immune to one-hit KO.

Now, for the High Tower! It's the one to the southwest, with the Relic shop logo above the entrance. When you enter, another politician in the making is waiting for you to listen to his crap. Leave him. You take a stairway outside to enter the second level, where cycloptic thieves run rampant. There are a total of seven of them, repeating themselves in an endless polonaise of decay and horror. Walk amongst them to leave. Now you're outside again!

At the end of the first set of stairs, you can face south and be asked if you want to use the Crane. Using the Crane will simply let you descend to the previous level. The Crane was probably installed so you could easily return to the ground without having to wade through the thieves. Maybe the designers figured it would in fact be impossible to return by those means; by clever navigational skills it's very much possible though. Pressing on, stair after stair, will get you to a dead end! Granted, there was a room with a RelicBrigand's Glove on the way, but you cannot proceed. Time to pick up an ancient Zozo trick: Jumping between buildings. There is a small black entrance above the door you passed through to get outside. Enter it and face the west. Now, walk over there and jump! Twice!

The RelicBrigand's Glove, by the way, is a Relic for Locke that allows him to change his Steal command into Mug, which is basically Attack + Steal. The RelicThief's Bracer also boosts the chances of stealing through Mug, and the chances of stealing are just as high for Mug as it is for Steal. The only downside (and very rarely upside) of Mug is that it makes the weapon lose some special powers. None of the weapons you have at this point will lose any effect, but the following weapons do:

You get back inside on the other side of the building and continue to travel. Ignore the first partly-hidden set of stairs to your left; it will only take you behind some counter. The second one gets you to your needed destination: Further. There is a Hi-Potion and also an Ether hidden in two pots here. Leave this detour of a building and jump back to the normal one. Jump again and you'll find yourself in a huge set of swirling stairs. Climb them. When you find yourself outside again, climb those stairs too. Don't forget to find the ClawBurning Fist hidden in the small chamber here; the door is obvious. Eventually, you will reach Dadaluma.

Bestiary #288
Magic Atk.
Mag. Def.
Mag. Evade
Stolen Items
Dropped Items
Common: RelicJeweled Ring
Status Immunities
Elemental Immunities
Elemental Absorb
Elemental Weakness
Command Immunities
Dadaluma is...yeah, what the hell is he anyway? He's a crazy lying dog like the entire population of Zozo, charging at you as soon as he's finished saying he's going to let you by unharmed. He's some hybrid between a martial artist and a thief: The love child of a Harvester and an Iron Fist plus a load of anabolic steroids. Most of his attacks are physical, and his most powerful ones are thrown weapons. Your Invisible characters are relatively safe if he doesn't expose them with Shockwave, which is a weakish attack with the power to hit your Invisible targets. When he's taking enough damage to dive below 1920 HP, he'll use either a Potion or Hi-Potion three times and cast OProtect on himself. That's only slightly annoying for Locke, as all other characters are going to attack either with barrier-piercing attacks or those that are magical of nature.

There are some more twists and turns to Dadaluma's battle script! When you've hurt him with the Magic command two times, he will Throw one weapon and Jump in the air, being temporarily untouchable. He'll come down to damage a character for some minor physical hurting. He won't do all this if he has the Slow status, but since the only way to set it is by using Gau's Poplium Rage, there are much better things to set on Dadaluma.

If you've hit him with the Attack command four times, he will Throw two weapons. Such violence. Obviously, you're never going to use Attack that much, but if you brought Locke and Cyan and went Attack-happy for some reason, watch out. Finally, after 30 seconds, he will call some aid. God knows he needs it by then, if he's not dead already. He'll whistle for two Iron Fists that you'll never face alone and thus escape their one and only strength: Stone.

So yeah, you can imagine what to do. Try to nick that rare RelicThief's Bracer with Locke. Edgar can play with his new tools. Aura Cannon with Sabin. Cyan's Flurry will be better before Dadaluma has cast the OProtect spell on himself, but Fang comes out victorious after he's successfully done so. Even when Protect isn't in effect, the wait time might make Fang more appealing to you. Celes' OImp spell can seriously cripple Dadaluma, as it actually works on him. His physicals will now always do twice as much damage, but his Shockwave/Throw days are over, so if you have any characters under Invisible, you're destined to win. Have her pose as a back-up OCure caster if necessary, and if you choose not to turn Dadaluma into an Imp, you'll want her ready with Runic to disable Protect for the Lockes and Cyans of this world. Gau's Alacran and Acrophies Rages will set Stop on Dadaluma, turning him completely useless. Trillium also offers OBio, which will hit for CRAZY damage. Shadow can simply toss his stuff; his Scrolls (especially when RelicEarring-boosted) will come out stronger than his ShurikenShuriken, but you might not want to waste them on an easy fight like this. Expand Full Strategy

Yeah, when all is said and done, after a dungeon like Zozo a final boss like Dadaluma fails to impress anybody. Stepping over the battered corpse of the bandit king, you find yourself in a large room. There are two chests off to the sides here, containing rather nice items: an X-Potion and a set of RelicHermes Sandals. But most importantly, it houses Terra. I advise you to simply watch the scene yourself, and don't forget to take all your new sources of happiness and power with you. From now on, there will be a wizard/ghost character roaming the streets of Zozo as well as the Adventuring School in Narshe to explain how Magicite works. What great news!

Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy VI
Version 6
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