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News from December 2008

Dissidia Coming up in 2009 on the PSP

Dissida: Final Fantasy
If your Squenix fantasies revolve around a mash-up of popular characters duking it out in some bizarre interdimensional struggle between good and (yawn) evil, the recent announcement of Dissidia's upcoming mid-2009 release is the culmination of your crossover cravings. Dissidia is Squenix's latest swipe at the fighting game genre, last attempted with Ergheiz on the original PlayStation and The Bouncer on the PS2, in which the player will have the power to choose between good and evil and stuff and, presumably, play through the story as everyone from Sephiroth to Zidane (complete with that ridiculous tail) to either save the world (because we're good guys) or destroy it (because we just can't help ourselves and, plus, we got thwarted last time we tried, except for Kefka, who, by my count, is still in the lead) as agents of either Cosmos (good god) or Chaos (figure it out) in an epic excuse to pit your favorite Squenix characters against each other in a battle to the most points (or something). Also, there will be summons. (Surprise!)

Source: Google, NPWNFAA*

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Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds Concerts Continue

Distant Worlds
Maestro Arnie Roth, the music director for the "Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds" concert series, has announced dates and locations for performances of the show for roughly the first half of 2009. However, you're still out of luck if you're not in or near one of only four American destinations on this tour.

In April, those who are just thawing out in Minneapolis and Grand Rapids, Michigan each get a show; about four weeks later, there's a single performance in Baltimore. After that, the show swings across the Pacific to Singapore for a pair of shows, and then it's back to the American West Coast in July for two shows in Seattle and another pair in San Francisco. Of course, more dates may be added as time wears on, but I wouldn't count on seeing too many; only two shows were played in the States in the whole of 2008.

The setlist for these concerts appears to be pretty static, though of course it is subject to change in terms of both sequence and overall setlist. Some highlights, however, include full orchestral arrangements of the Final Fantasy Main Theme, Final Fantasy IV's "Theme of Love," portions of Final Fantasy VI's Opera score, and Final Fantasy X's "To Zanarkand."

To find out more about the schedule, setlist, or to buy tickets if you're in the area of one of the shows (prices appear to range from about $30.00 to $100.00 a seat, depending on which city you look), visit the official Distant Worlds site.
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Chrono Trigger DS in Europe

Chrono Trigger
Europeans can look forward to their first official taste of Chrono Trigger on February 6th, 2009. That's right, Europe's never had an official release for Chrono Trigger, ever, so this is the first chance many Europeans will have to enjoy the game legally.

If it's any consolation, Europe, Americans never got English versions of Terranigma or VibRibbon. Well, maybe that isn't much of a consolation. But hey, congratulations!

Source: Kotaku

Dragon Quest X Heading to the Wii

Dragon Quest
The title says it all. Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii recently revealed that the tenth entry in the popular Dragon Quest series will be on the Wii. There is no background storyline information available, nor do we know anything about the game's visuals, basic gameplay mechanics, or motion controls. There is also no word on connectivity between the DS's Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Quest X.

Horii also confirmed Dragon Quest IX's release date, which is March 28th in Japan.

Source: Joystiq
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Fanfic CoNtest 2008: Winners Annoucement!

Caves of Narshe Site News
Well, the Fanfic contest has closed, the result are in, and it's true to say that we didn't get many entries, but it's also true to say everyone who did enter has at least won something. Thanks to those who entered and a reminder for the next time to anyone else that the fact 100% of entrants won something is a good reason to enter future fic contests. Keep your eyes peeled (or even sign up to the RSS gizmo) in the future for any we do run.

The quality of the entrants made up for apparent lack of quantity, and the judges had a tough time in scoring the four quality fics entered into the contest by the three participants. We did not get any entries into the comedy section, for reasons unknown. Possibly the Large Hadron Collider providing us more than enough comedy by failing to work, or possibly just general credit crunch misery, but either way, there was no funny. We did get four entries from three people, and though sadly we can't give you a nice picture to look at like with the fanart, perhaps we can reverse the equation and have a thousand words equal a picture.

In descending order, our fourth place entry but third placed entrant, A Bards' Fallen Love earning a third place prize. The only non-FF6 entrant to the contest and the shortest, it is by no means a bad fic even if it was technically last placed, but Tesco was unfortunate to face very tough competition and only narrowly missed out on a higher placing.

The third and second places in terms of points went to The Shadow and About Being King. The latter story also won the General category, meaning that Lockpick wound up winning three prizes from the contest.

The winner overall in first place as well as the winner of the scene selection category however was Mirrors into Windows by MeaPortia, earning the overall first place prize in addition to the prize for the category win.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to them for entering. For those of you who are now reading the winners and maybe also browsing the rest of our fanfic library, perhaps you might feel inspired by what you read to submit your own fanfics to us or tell a friend who writes to do the same. In fact, watch this space. There might be something along to write fanfics about.
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Crystal Chronicles 'Echoing' on the Wii in 2009

Final Fantasy XIII may remain a far off dream, but the distant echoes of series spin-off Crystal Chronicles are quickly approaching. "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time" has been given an official release date of January 29 in Japan, and is expected to hit the North American market sometime this Spring.

Like the rest of the Crystal Chronicles series, the gameplay of Echoes will heavily rely on action-RPG aspects and puzzles, rather than the traditional turn-based combat of the main Final Fantasy series. Echoes will be available on both the Wii and the Nintendo DS, and the game will take advantage of the two systems' interconnectivity to allow online multiplayer. Additionally, Nintendo seems to have realized that we're tired of letting those dozens of Miis we made on launch day languish without a purpose in life; players of the Wii version will be able to import their favorite Miis into the game.

Source: GameSpot

I've never been a fan of the Crystal Chronicles series, but even I'm tempted by this. The short blurb about the story in the above link sounds like it could be interesting... as long as we don't find out that the heroine is sick because she ate dragon grass not once, but twice. Stupid princesses who eat dragon grass two--count 'em, TWO--times deserve what they get. Really, the Crystal Chronicles line always seemed to me like a kiddie version of the (occasionally) more mature main series storylines. These saccharine tales of precocious fourteen-year-olds aren't quite as cute now that I'm not fourteen, yanno?

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