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News from January 2009

Hope you didn't want FFXIII this year...

Final Fantasy XIII
...because the next installment in everybody's favorite RPG series has been confirmed to be a Japan exclusive for 2009. Sadly, North American audiences can't expect to try the first next-gen Final Fantasy until after April 2010... and if you're in Europe, well, don't hold your breath.

Oh, well. In the meantime, why not go pick up Final Fantasy Legend II? Or Chrono Trigger? Or Dragon Quest IV? Again?

Source: GameSpot
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Square-Enix to Remake Final Fantasy Legend II

Square Enix
First was FF III, then FF IV, and now... SaGa 2? The second game in the long-running SaGa series, the first three of which came to North America as Final Fantasy Legend I, II, and III, is getting a DS remake in the same vein as the recent re-imaginings of Final Fantasy III and IV. According to an advert in the Japanese manga magazine Shounen Jump, the game will come out in Japan later this year. No word on any other release.

Source: Kotaku
Posted in: Square-Enix News

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