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News from December 2007

Final Fantasy IV Sequel Announced

Final Fantasy IV
...but don't get too excited.

The continuation of Cecil's epic story probably isn't going to be within your reach. FFIV: The Big Whale Flies Again (okay, I completely made that title up; the real title is Final Fantasy IV the After - Return to the Moon) will appear in 2008 as a cellphone exclusive.

The story will follow the travails of Theodore, a young boy descended from Cecil's noble line.

Hey, at least we're getting FFIV DS, right?

Source: neogaf

Thanks to Crazyswordsman for the heads up!

My first reaction was a general blah to news of a sequel to any Final Fantasy game. Generally speaking, I don't think there's much room for two epic, world-shattering adventures in the same setting... and we've already seen the IQ-lowering power of FFX-2.

Then again, FFIV did leave some room for further development, and it sounds as though we're leaving the previous cast of characters behind. What do you think? Are we missing out on something?
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