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News from January 2008

New Final Fantasy XIII Info

Final Fantasy XIII
According to Famitsu, the storyline of Final Fantasy XIII will center on the roles of two races within a caste system - the Falsi are an extremely wise people that built the Cocoon protecting the city from the outside, and the Lusi are humans chosen to work for the Falsi. It's unclear where the game's protagonist falls in this cultural hierarchy, but the young woman shown as a friend of the main character is confirmed to be one of the Lusi. Details on the exact nature of the Falsi-Lusi relationship are unclear, but it will take an important role in Final Fantasy XIII's plot.

In addition, summons are revealed to be tools created to assist the Lusi in whatever tasks they need to perform, In addition to Shiva (as in Shiva the motorcycle), traditional Final Fantasy summoned monsters Ifrit, Siren, and Carbuncle are slated to be in the game.

Final Fantasy XIII has no release date in any region thus far, but Famitsu mentioned that FF XIII "begins in earnest" in 2008, whatever that's supposed to mean.

Source: RPGFan
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Slightly Late Fanfic Update

Caves of Narshe Site News
Due to technical difficulties, the latest fanfic update appears to have lived up to it's name. But at long last, Del, who is now talking of himself in the third person, has updated!

First up is evidence of his developing egomania and apparent split personality disorder is one of his own fics.In Final Fantasy I's fanfic section he has cursed us all with the Zulu parody Goblin.

Next up are four offerings to Final Fantasy VI. The first is "Fantasy in the Shell", which as indicated by it's title is a Ghost in the Shell inspired AU fic from Tetsuken, putting familiar faces into a cyberpunk setting. Manoftyr gives us "The Spinning Wheel of Fate", a fiction dealing with a character's own personal demons following the death and burial of a person who has played a key role in their life. Elessar has given us "For Glory", a short but intruging look into the character of General Leo via his orders to a sentry. Next, L. Cully gives us the poetic "Century Sleep", a piece of fanfiction that I wager even those who normally do not read fanfiction will enjoy. Finally in the FF6 section, Flik gives us two stories about a certain pickpocket. "Life on the other side" and "The Further Adventures of Lone Wolf"

In the Final Fantasy VII section we have a single offering from Shotgunnova, an exploration of the human side of the Turks in "Lovemore".

And last but not least, Shotgunnova's second fic of the update completes today's delayed offerings over in Final Fantasy Tactics with the tale of a knight who has made a desperate, and mistaken, move in "Twenty-Four Hours".

That concludes our update, so please, read them. Enjoy them. Comment here or in their original threads. Send abusive PM's to Del about the slow update so he can become depressed and finish the rest of his Vodka supply. And since the idiot who is meant to do the updates is not longer being a lazy waste of oxygen and bad jokes, why not submit your own fanfiction work at the site submissions section of the forums?
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Darth Vader and Yoda Playable in Soul Calibur IV

Yes, you read that headline correctly. It's probably safe to say that this will bring new fans to the series.

While the inclusion of the unlockable characters of Link, Spawn, and Heihachi in Soul Calibur II was a very popular move, the Namco series of fighting games has hit a low point recently with the critically reviled Soul Calibur Legends for the Nintendo Wii. Hopefully SC IV retains the high production values and tight gameplay of it's more popular predecessors while keeping the cast of characters diverse and entertaining.

Source: 1UP

Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary Book!

General Final Fantasy
With the 20th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series just a few weeks behind us, it's high time we had something great to mark the milestone. I'm not talking about a $40 rerelease of the original game--I want something to sum up and celebrate the entire series.

And now, thanks to a PM from Ronin, I have something specific to lust after. Square-Enix has released a 20th anniversary book to collect information and images from the past two decades worth of Final Fantasy games. For about 23 USD + shipping, Amazon will send you 207 pages of images, interviews, and never-before-released content.

Of course, you'd have to be able to read Japanese to fully appreciate the content. This book joins the long list of Square merchandise that is solely, or at least primarily, available to Japanese customers. If you want to feel better about that, go to the product page and make up comments to go with those 2/5 stars reviews.

Thanks again to Ronin for the heads up!

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SquareSound Music Competition

One of the CoN's affiliates, SquareSound, has announced a contest for the musically-inclined. The contest, A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu, will focus on arrangements of the many works of everybody's favorite video game composer.

Details are provided in the link, but, basically, all you need to do to enter is submit a MIDI or MP3 of your arrangement of one of Uematsu's works. Note that this isn't limited to his compositions for the Final Fantasy series!

And here's the part you've been waiting for: the prize. The creator of the winning composition will receive two tickets to the upcoming Distant Worlds concert where they can meet Uematsu in person!

The deadlines are 14 January 2008 for registration and 8 February 2008 for the completed submission. Hop over to SquareSound for more information.

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