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News from November 2007

Crisis Core Coming to US?

Final Fantasy VII
Still no official announcement from Squenix, but GameStop claims that Crisis Core will ship to US customers on 28 March 2008.

Hopefully, this means that something more specific will be coming soon.

AmaCoN: The Holidays Are Coming

Caves of Narshe Site News
Everyone knows the biggest gift-buying times of the year are all coming up. If you're not sick of the adverts yet, you will be. So, for our part, we've just released some new AmaCoN features that will make it easier for you to get your stuff, and for us to get our cash.
  • All of the game index pages now have AmaCoN links associated with the game.
  • All the AmaCoN stores for each country now have links to buy several different kinds of gift cards.
  • AmaCoN search has been upgraded.

Finally, the most fun new feature, the ability to take Amazon links you already have and make them AmaCoN links! If you have a public wishlist at Amazon, or want a specific item from any of our Amazon countries, you can plug in your information and have a URL given right back to you, which you can put into an email or post on your own site or blog - anyone who shops for you can use that link and CoN gets the credit.

Easy, fast, and always free; that's AmaCoN. If you haven't been, go now and make these holidays happier for both you and Climhazzard alike.
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