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Final Fantasy VII Saved Games

PSOne DexDrive Saves

To use these with your PlayStation Final Fantasy VII, you'll need a DexDrive unit. Alternatively, you may play them on the PC using a PlayStation emulator; however, we do not provide information or support on doing so. It is also likely that these will only work on the North American version of FF6, due to regional variations.

Savegame 1 by Aether Knight

Disc 3 Save near Chocobo Ranch, with only the Northern Crater yet to play. All characters are at level 99 with maxed stats. All Master Materia equipped! All equipment in game set to 99 stock including 2 of EVERY materia mastered, max Gil, max Gold, 1 of each Chocobo at ranch. Both Emerald and Ruby are defeated.

Download this save.

Savegame 2 by nicolae6

A gimmick savegame, just so you can skip right to the date with Barret and see it with your own eyes. Just go to enter the tram to see.

Download this save.
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